Are Gaming Laptops Good For Graphic Design? (Everything Explained)

Gaming laptops do come with high-end specs to cover most aspects of your daily life .But, are gaming laptops good for graphic design? Continue reading to find out.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 17, 2023
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Are Gaming Laptops Good For Graphic Design

Gaming laptops do come with high-end specs to cover most aspects of your daily life like office work, school or college work, or working on several projects. But, are gaming laptops good for graphic design? Because they have high-end specs so why not?

So, I will answer this why not, in this article today. And, if you read the article till the end, you will learn the specs that are needed for graphic designing and you will learn what specs play an important role in a graphic designing laptop. So, wear your specs if you need and here we go!

Are gaming laptops good for graphic design?

Talking about, are gaming laptops good for graphic design, yes they are! And, the reasons are the high-end CPU, GPU, and RAM used for high-end gaming. So, yes, yes, you can use any high-end gaming system for graphic designing.

Now, as I said that I will tell you what to look for, in a graphic designing laptop and what specs play an important role in graphic designing laptop, here are the details about the high-end gaming laptop or a graphic designing laptop.

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Are gaming laptops good for digital art?

Talking about any digital art or graphics designing, or any type of video editing, you will need a portable display, a long-life battery, and heavy-duty internals. Now, while talking about the heavy-duty internals, check out the requirements for your graphics designing work below:

  • You will need to check an operating system
  • RAM that must be compatible, at least 8GB and up to 16GB (memory). 
  • CPU.
  • Color Accuracy. 
  • The storage drive you to need.
  • Laptop speed.
  • Type of display and the size you prefer.
  • Webcam in the laptop.
  • Display resolution.
  • A dedicated or integrated graphics card.
  • Your laptop’s processor.
  • The laptop‘s hard disk speed.

A high-end laptop has all the above capabilities and so, your graphics designing software can run flawlessly on such systems. However, you need to look for brands and models because these internals differ from model to model. (I know you all know this but why can’t I talk about it then?

Kidding of course!). Among all the amazing brands, I prefer MSI gaming laptops and Alienware for these graphic designing purposes. I know Alienware serves for five hours if we talk about the battery life of the system.

But, this will be enough for video editing or using apps and software like Photoshop. Also, these two brands create aesthetic laptops so why not pick them?

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The gaming laptop for Photoshop or graphic designing

Now, while discussing the brands of gaming laptops and the models, I’m creating ease for you by mentioning the best gaming laptops for graphic designing below:

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch.
  2. Lenovo Z70.
  3. Acer Aspire VX 15.
  4. Asus Rog G75 2VL.
  5. Acer Nitro 5.
  6. Dell XPS 17.
  7. Dell Inspiron 15R.
  8. Acer Predator 17.

If you check the specs of the above-mentioned gaming laptops, you will be the answers the question are gaming laptops good for graphic design?

Now, what if I give you the exact detail of the hardware specification for your graphic designing task? Here we go again so read below:

  • You will need a Corei5 or i7 processor.
  • A display screen that can be of 15 inches or even larger depending on your choice. The resolution of the screen should be 1440×900 pixels minimum.
  • A RAM of at least 8GB and a maximum of 16GB is what you will need.
  • You will need a discrete video card for 3D projection and video editing of course.
  • Get an external storage device that is thrice to your internal storage.

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Laptop for illustrator and Photoshop

Laptop for illustrator and Photoshop

Now, while talking about the laptop for illustrating and for Photoshop work, let me tell you one thing. Any laptop with the above-discussed hardware components can do the best job for you for graphic design tasks.

Now, you can run Photoshop in any laptop with 4GB RAM as well so it does not require a lot. And, any gaming laptop that comes with at least 4GB RAM can do it for you.

So, you don’t have to spend a lot more on buying an extra laptop for graphic design when you already have one such device at home! How is that?

Now, if you want me to be more clear about what I’m saying, let me say “any laptop that runs Fortnite game flawlessly is your laptop for graphic designing!”

Now, I’m sure that you are clear with the concept of using gaming laptops as graphic design laptops. So, I already told you about the specifications that you need to look for in a gaming laptop and the requirements for a graphic design laptop.

So, let’s talk about their operating system as well because an OS is the soul of a computer system and you need to know which OS will work with your Photoshop.

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OS required for graphic design

Most commonly, graphic designers choose the OS according to the design software they are using. And, some amazing graphic designers prefer using older versions of the OS like Linux, Windows XP, 7 XP Pro, and Mac OS X. Now, you will get the best and flawless results by using your new apps or freshly installed software in OS X.

So, you got to learn everything you needed to for graphic design on a gaming laptop.


Now you know are gaming laptops good for graphic design or not and you can now work on gaming laptops for graphic design instead of buying a whole different system.


Do gaming laptops run Photoshop or another similar software?

Yes, gaming laptops can run Adobe Photoshop or several other editing software because they take only 4GB of RAM.

Are gaming laptops a good choice for video editing?

Yes, gaming laptops are the best choice for video editing because they have heavy-duty internals for high-end graphics games and good battery life. So, you can take advantage of this internals and can handle loads of work.

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