Can A Laptop Be Tracked After Factory Reset?

Can a laptop be tracked after factory reset? After the factory reset it is difficult to trace the laptop as data is deleted. But you can track through laptop security software like computrace.
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Can A Laptop Be Tracked After Factory Reset

A laptop is one of the basic necessities of the time. People need a laptop for their studies, work, and entertainment. To avail the portability feature of the laptop, users are switching from desktop computers to laptops. So, people can carry their laptops easily.

But what if the laptop got stolen or missing? It is a fear that remains in the heart of laptop users. Factory reset is the first task of the thief, right after grabbing the laptop. There are numerous ways to track the laptop, but after a factory reset, the possibility decreases.

This article is about the question, can a laptop be tracked after factory reset? To find out the possible solution, stay tuned till the end.

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Can a laptop be tracked after factory reset?

A laptop can only be tracked after a factory reset if you have installed the absolute software. You have to be responsible for your gadget and have to install security software so that you can track laptop even after the factory reset.

Laptop security software works exceptionally well in tracing stolen or lost laptops. If your laptop has anti-theft software but is not active, then it is useless. You must ensure anti-theft software is functional before leaving house with a laptop. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to locate missing laptop.


There are numerous anti-theft software that you can install on your laptop. Computrace Lojack is your best friend in tracking a laptop. But what is computrace?

Computrace is security software that is designed to trace stolen laptops. It is embedded in the laptop’s BIOS and has many other features. It can be used to delete and lock files.

Laptop brands like Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, and Dell have embedded Computrace in the firmware of their models. So you can quickly locate your laptop.

All you have to do is enable Computrace in the laptop’s BIOS. After catching the internet, laptop will send you signal immediately.

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Enable computrace software

Make sure computrace absolute software is active on your laptop. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the computrace software:

  1. Switch on your laptop. If the laptop is already on, please restart it.
  2. When the laptop logo appears on the screen, press the F2 key button.
  3. BIOS will appear. Using the keyboard, scroll down and select the ‘security’ option.
  4. Click on Computrace(R) from the security options.
  5. After pressing the computrace, make sure it is ‘activate.’

And you are done. Anti-theft software computrace is activated on your laptop.


Preyproject is security software that is used to track devices, including laptops. You can set the alarm, delete data from the laptop, or you can even lock your laptop remotely by using preyproject. Prey can track different programs like; Android, Windows, iOS, and much more.

You have to download the preyproject on your laptop. After installing prey, adjust settings according to the instructions to make sure the software is active on the laptop.

An essential condition of preyproject is that it cannot locate your laptop without an internet connection. So, power on and internet connectivity are the two main requirements of prey for tracking a laptop after a factory reset.

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Download preyproject

Make sure preyproject login is active on your laptop. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the preyproject software:

  1. Download prey. You can also directly install prey on the laptop from
  2. Create a new account or complete preyproject login credentials.
  3. Access to the account to ensure that the software is active on your laptop.

Preyproject software is free however; paid versions are also available for large companies.


Adeona is free software used to track the laptop that may have been lost or stolen. Adeona tracking software is less than 3 MB and can be downloaded on Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Download adeona software

Simply download the software on your laptop. The software will run in the background, and it will send the IP address of the laptop after connecting to the internet. Hence, adeona laptop tracking software will keep your laptop secure.

A prominent feature for Mac users is that adeona will capture and upload user pictures through a built-in camera and insight capture. So, you can easily track your laptop even after the factory reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a laptop be tracked by IP address or Mac address?

A laptop can be tracked by IP address or Mac address only if it is connected to the internet. IP addresses and Mac addresses are unique codes or numbers assigned to a particular device after connecting with the internet. But changes in VPN settings can ditch you in tracking your laptop. So, it isn’t easy to track a laptop by IP address or Mac address after a factory reset.

Can a MacBook be tracked after factory reset?

Unfortunately, you cannot track your MacBook after a factory reset. After the factory reset, all information is deleted from the MacBook, so it will be difficult to track it with ‘Find my Mac.’

How to track a stolen Acer laptop?

You can track your stolen Acer laptop through the IP address. But, if the user has done a factory reset, it is impossible to track it with the IP address. Suppose you have any anti-theft software downloaded to your laptop. Then you can locate your laptop after the factory reset.

Can a laptop be tracked without internet?

Well, you cannot track your laptop if it is not connected to the internet. If your laptop is switched on and has an internet connection, then high chances are that you can track it.

Can a laptop be tracked if it is off?

No, a laptop cannot be located if it is powered off. You can only track your laptop if it is switched on and has an internet connection. Without these two conditions, a laptop will remain untraceable.

How can a laptop be tracked?

There are several ways through which you can trace your stolen or lost laptop:

01. For Windows laptops, use ‘Find My Device.’
02. For MacBook, use ‘Find My Mac.’
03. Use anti-theft or tracking apps like computrace and adeona.


I have summarized a comprehensive answer: Can a laptop be tracked after the factory reset? Some security software like adeona, computrace, and preyproject are helpful in tracking the laptop after the factory reset. The plus point is that all are free security software.

A laptop is a travel-friendly gadget. But this feature of the laptop can drag us into a theft trap. It is best to take precautionary measures beforehand.

Experts suggest downloading or installing any security software on the laptop. In case of any accident, you could track your laptop even after the factory reset. After stealing a laptop, the prime focus of the user is factory reset with the intent that the owner does not track it. Since, after factory reset, it is almost impossible to track and find a laptop. So, be responsible for your gadget.

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