Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? [2023]

Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? Talking about the comparison between the gaming laptops and standard laptops, there is a lot to talk. Continue reading this article to know more.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 9, 2023
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Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops

Talking about the comparison between the gaming laptops and standard laptops, there is a lot to talk about because there are many points to consider. But the most import point is, do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? This is the point of discussion today. So, get ready to read the differences that make a gaming laptop last longer than the standard laptops and see what makes it a better choice?

Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

Yes, gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops due to their high-end internals. Their better battery life, sturdy body, and capability to fight for the long term make them better than standard laptops. So, do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops, you know now.

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Average gaming laptop life span

Normally, gaming laptops are designed sturdy to last for additional years than many office-based or normal laptops. As mentioned above, these laptops have a solid inbuilt feature that can withstand increased temperatures, and their keyboards are built to tolerate more impact.

Talking about do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? Let me tell you, the lifespan of a gaming laptop is always more than a standard laptop. Also,  even though both these laptops handle demanding tasks.

If I talk about the gaming laptops’ exact lifespan, they last for roughly three years at least. However, if you take proper care of the laptop, you can also expect it to last for at least five or more than five years. 

However, let me clarify that your system’s CPU or GPU will get outdated after four years, so you have to make some upgrading in the system. And, your laptop battery, RAM or fans may also for your attention to replace them.

Now, while discussing do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops, let me tell you that gaming laptops offer a high level of stability; also, it is not strange for them to last for ten years if you take good care of them.

So, you will not need to give up the gaming system because your primary components get outdated. So, you can upgrade your gaming laptops are enjoying a long period of flawless work.

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Are gaming laptops durable?

As I said above, gaming laptops are durable and sturdier than standard laptops, and they tend to last longer than regular laptops. Let’s talk about this point in detail, and let’s see what factors make this gaming laptop sturdy and more long-lasting than others.

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Life of the hardware components

Unlike your consoles, PC or laptops cannot manage or optimize the gaming setup to run for more than six years.

One of the best things is that a laptop is way smaller and lighter than any PC. And to make it light end thin, the laptop manufacturers mindfully adjust their elements. So, the laptop components are placed in a shared space with each other, and so the variants of your desktop components will run slower than they are supposed to be.

However, if you see the positive side, this gap between the components is smaller, and the credits go to the newest technological developments.

If you properly maintain your laptop and don’t overload it or rely too much pressure on it,  your hardware is more likely to take more than ten years. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, while discussing do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops, I’m not done discussing why gaming laptops are long-lasting.

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Lifespan of GPU in a gaming laptop

Now, the first and most important thing about the GPU performance check is to see what is the starting performance of the GPU. And, also check your GPU performance with the track of the competitors.

Now, if you think, how about you can check your GPU and compare it with the competitors; it will help you to reach them. Although this website is not 100% legit to show the results and you because of so many computer systems checking and giving because results, still this site gives you the closest results and is great for getting a general impression show how GPU fares against one another.

However, let’s say that if you want to see a GPU handling a particular game, the most specific outcome is to Google it. Now, what you have to do is to make sure that your in-game benchmark works perfectly on the following:

  1. Your laptop gets immediate FPS distributions, including the maximum, minimum, or average FPS values.
  2. Also, make sure it shows the exact in-game settings that are used for the benchmark.
  3. It must show the perfect configuration of the computer or laptop used for testing.

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Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? – Discussing RAM

Now, whatever gaming laptop or computer you buy these days, they come with enough RAM for your gaming. You may already know that 8 GB RAM is the perfect RAM that will give you a good start for the gaming cause. Also, if you buy a laptop with 8 GB RAM, you can also get an additional RAM that you can install it on your laptop whenever you need.

However, a 4 GB of RAM laptop will not give you excellent performance, and you should upgrade it. Otherwise, you will get into some FPS hits and this will be annoying because your screen will stutter.


So, now you know do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops? And, you also know the basic reason of why do they last longer and by using your taking laptops with care, you can make them run for more than five years. So, how long will you make your gaming laptop survive?

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How long do gaming laptops last?

If you take good care of your gaming laptops, they tend to survive for five years at least. However, this also depends on how long lasting your gaming component are how you use them.

Are gaming laptops better than normal or standard laptops?

Yes, gaming laptops are heavy duty, that withstand extreme use and they heat control components that are better than normal laptops. Also, you get sturdy design, and customizations as well.

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