Do Gaming Laptops Overheat?

Frequently asked question of a gamer is do gaming laptops overheat? Gaming laptops overheat because they contain high-performance processors and specialized graphics cards.
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Do Gaming Laptops Overheat?

Do gaming laptops overheat? You might have heard this question from a regular gamer. People who love video games either play or find solutions to avoid overheating.

It is a myth that the best gaming laptops do not overheat. Almost all laptops get hot when gaming, but overheating time can fluctuate depending upon the type and model of laptops. It takes a little longer for a good gaming laptop to overheat than a cheap gaming laptop.

You cannot control the gaming laptop heating issue, but you can educate yourself about the reasons behind the overheating. There are also some possible quick fixes to avoid overheating.

I have written down everything you need to know about the gaming laptop overheating complications in this blog.

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Do gaming laptops overheat?

The answer to this frequently asked question is, yes, gaming laptop overheats. The prime reason for overheating is powerful processors. High-performance CPUs of gaming laptops are designed to operate even at high temperatures.

Apart from the processors, gaming laptops also use specific graphics cards. Graphic cards also generate enough heat during usage.

Heating up of a laptop during the run of high-end software or video games is expected. But if the laptop often shuts down, it indicates something is wrong in the system. It is best if you adopt timely safety measures to prevent damage to the laptop.

Why do gaming laptops overheat?

Although gaming laptops have powerful processors to perform challenging tasks yet overheating issue is real. The ideal scenario is to play video games or perform high-end operations without any lag and disturbance.

There are numerous reasons due to laptop gets hot when gaming. I have compiled some principal causes of gaming laptop overheating.

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Multitasking is basically using numerous programs simultaneously. Multitasking is a significant factor behind overheating and lag. Running multiple programs and apps at once drains a lot of the energy of the CPU. It can produce excessive heat in the system.

It is suggested to close all the unnecessary files or browsers before playing video games. In case of overheating, the easiest and most helpful fix is to close all the side apps or programs that are no longer in use.

Position of laptop

The physical position matters the most, not only in gaming laptops but in all laptops. It is indeed satisfying to play video games in the cozy bed, but it blocks the airflow. Without proper air exchange, the gaming laptop overheats.

Position of a laptop while playing video games should be on a flat and sturdy surface. It will allow hot air circulation from the bottom of the laptop with the cold air. So, the placement of a gaming laptop should enable maximum airflow.

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Laptop fans

A laptop fan is one of the significant causes of the overheating problem. Fans also assist the laptop in airflow. They circulate and exchange hot air with cold air.

Fans are already installed on the laptops. It can be a larger cooling fan or numerous smaller ones. You can also purchase a separate fan to upgrade the gaming laptops cooling system.

Sometimes there is any fault in the fans due to which weird noises produce from the laptop. In such a case, fans do not work correctly because gaming laptops overheat. It is recommended to fix the faulty fans so that you can avoid gaming laptop overheating.


Sometimes laptops collect dust, and dust particles stick to the laptop’s vents. There are small holes called vents in the body of the laptop. The purpose of that vents is to exchange air.

Dust particles can enter from these vents to the inside of the laptop. The dust particles can accumulate in the internal components, leading to overheating. Clean the ducts of the laptop with a brush once or twice a month.


It is also possible that you have installed hardware-intensive games on your laptop. So, the laptop’s hardware does not match the game’s requirements and produces heat.

It will be beneficial if you will adjust your laptop’s components according to the requirements of the game. Every video game has some specific requirements that operate only under some specifications.

A gaming laptop is also expected to overheat because you are playing games at high settings. You can change the game’s settings from high quality to a laptop’s hardware friendly. It is a beneficial gaming laptop overheating fix, and you should have to try it too.

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What are the signs of gaming laptops overheating?

It is common for a laptop or, in general, for a gaming laptop to get hot. But if overheating increases continuously, the problem should be fixed before any damage.

Some signs indicate an alarming situation. So, gaming laptop cooling solutions should be adopted as early as possible.

  1. The laptop is taking longer than usual to perform regular tasks.
  2. Fans are continuously making strange loud sounds.
  3. Some parts, especially the bottom of the laptop, are hot for even touch.
  4. Irregular lines pop up on the screen of the laptop.
  5. Applications are freezing, and then an error bar appears.
  6. Frequent shut down of gaming laptop with an error message ‘Thermal Shutdown Occurred.’
  7. Fans are spinning faster than usual.
  8. A slow or no response from the mouse, speaker, keyboard, or other accessories.
  9. Unexpected and sudden error messages while performing basic tasks.
  10. Certain lags will disturb your activity.

The last sign is a complete decline in the overall activity of the gaming laptop. You can experience all these or some signs in old gaming laptops and even in new gaming laptops.


The overheating problem also decreases the lifetime of the gaming laptop. To avoid overheating, get your hands on gaming laptop cooling pads, cooling stand, cooling fans, and sufficient airflow.

I have elaborated the details of do gaming laptops overheat. By following the above guidelines, you can limit the overheating of a gaming laptop. 

If you are curious about gaming laptop with best cooling features, do check out Gaming Laptops With Best Cooling Systems. It will help you to find the best option for a gaming laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my gaming laptop so hot?

Overheating a gaming laptop is not new. It is because a gaming laptop’s processor and graphics card are very powerful. You cannot get rid of overheating a gaming laptop, but you can restrict the heat by adopting some measures. Ensure that the gaming laptop cooling system is upgraded and suitable for your laptop.

What are gaming laptop overheating solutions?

The fixes of a gaming laptop are easy and can be done at home.

01. Place the laptop on a flat and hard surface.
02. Reduce the graphics settings of your game.
03. Replace faulty fan with new ones.
04. Fix the internal cooling system of your laptop.
05. Clean your laptop every now and then.
06. Invest in a laptop cooling stand.

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