Do laptops have graphics cards? (Explained for beginners) – 2023

Newbies in the laptop world, have many questions regarding the components in the laptops. And, I have seen many asking do laptops have graphics cards? Continue Reading this article, I've answered your question in detail.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 9, 2023
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Do laptops have graphics cards

Those who are new in the laptop or computer world, also have many questions regarding the components in the laptops. And, I have seen many asking do laptops have graphics cards?. So, if you keep reading the article, I will tell you whether all the laptops have graphics cards or not. Also, I will get into some essential details about the graphics card so I’m sure you will learn something new!

Do laptops have graphics cards?

Yes, all laptops and computers have some type of graphics card, and they also differ in their capacity. However, all the laptops have integrated cards, and not all have dedicated graphics cards. So, now you know do laptops have graphics cards.

Do laptops have GPU

As I said above, all computers or laptops have graphics cards, which work as a backbone for computer systems. That’s because without a graphics card and no display screen tuned in. So, all the computer or laptop systems need a graphics card if they have to show display results.  

Also, all the PCs and whatever display devices have graphics processors no matter what comparability. I said about the compatibility because there are many graphics cards out there and all PCs with display capability have to have a graphics card. If your system doesn’t have a graphics card, it will not show anything on the screen.

Now, you have learned that do laptops have graphics cards? It is time to learn more about the graphics card, and I will share some vital information.

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Do all laptops have graphics cards? A dedicated graphics card?

A dedicated or a  discrete graphics card( though they are the same thing) is a chip in the laptops or computer CPUs, and this chip is responsible for handling the sole purpose of any high-end graphics game.

Now, if you want to use your laptop or computer for regular tasks like school or college work, or use it instead of your cell phone for YouTube, you can go with the graphics card already in your system.

However, if you are a professional or want to do some editing work or gaming, dedicated graphics is a must if you are a gamer or a professional video Editor.

Now all the dedicated graphics cards are not created equally. You can also get weak models, and, you can also find high-end models with beast performance.  So, when you think do laptops have graphics cards, then there comes the dedicated graphics card in the discussion. This is all about the budget and the requirement you have.  Naturally, the more powerful a dedicated graphics card on your laptop, the more expensive your computer would be.

Do all laptops have graphics cards? Why buy a dedicated graphics card?

Now, talking more about the dedicated graphics card, it comes with many more dominant factors than any built-in integrated card. If you don’t know the essential purpose of a dedicated graphics card,  a dedicated graphics card allows you to set the graphics settings or the quality settings on the game from low to high and maintain high FPS.

The display quality or the graphics quality here will depend on how powerful your dedicated graphics card is and the higher your graphics card quality is. You will be able to enjoy the game containing high FPS.

Also, please note that not every game requires a dedicated graphics card. You can play most of the online eSports titles on good built-in integrated graphics cards.

Along with that, let me also tell you that your dedicated graphics card is also an exception for video editing rigs. A sound-dedicated graphics card gives assuredly that the timeline, the preview generation, and the scrapping rendering of several tracks are done rapidly. Now, you know do laptops have graphics cards or not.

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What types of graphics cards are there?

You may have heard about two main brands  of graphics cards that are NVIDIA and AMD. So, I am a fan of them both, and I have something to talk about them. These are the brands that manufacture dedicated as well as integrated graphics cards.  

You can search for your favorite graphics card online or can get them from the stores as well. So, you can either opt for an integrated card if you have everyday tasks to do, or you can also go with the dedicated cars if you are a gamer. Also, you can find from the G3D mark that even if you buy the weakest dedicated graphics card, it will still run better than any high-end powerful integrated card.

Who is a dedicated graphics card best for?

Taking about the best usage of a dedicated graphics card while learning do laptops have graphics cards, I have the brief answer for that. An average user who does watch YouTube videos, scrolls Facebook, and does office or school/ college tasks, can go with the integrated graphics card as it is more than enough for the person. It is entirely up to the user how powerful a card they want.

Now, a professional editor or a gamer of a software engineer will use a dedicated graphics card because an integrated card will not work for them. So, they can even go with the least or the most powerful dedicated card to meet their needs. And this depends on them what they need the card for? So, here we are with all the most searched or asked terms about do laptops have graphics cards.


Now you know do laptops have graphics cards? And, you also understood today the difference between a dedicated and an integrated graphics card and what works with whom?

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Can I play games on the office laptop?

You can play low graphics quality games on the office laptop. Because they are not meant for gaming, their processor, graphics, and RAM are not enough to handle high-end games. So, on the whole, it’s a no for you!

Do gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards?

Yes, almost all the gaming laptops come with a dedicated graphics card, and that’s because they must run games that interested cards cannot run.

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