Do Laptops Have Motherboards? (2023)

Do laptops have motherboards? Laptop motherboards are designed specifically for the model of laptop. It is the main circuit that connects the components at one spot.
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Do Laptops Have Motherboards

Laptops are becoming popular after the latest pandemic, covid-19. People are shifting toward the digital world, and it is safe to say that laptop is a dominant gadget to cope with it. However, the curiosity about the components of the laptop is still there. The motherboard is also one of those hidden ingredients of a laptop. People are curious to know about the presence and working of a motherboard on a laptop.

This article has everything you want to know about the laptop motherboard. From the working of the motherboard to its replacement, this article is comprehensive enough to guide you about the laptop motherboard. 

Before digging into the in-depth information about the components and working of the laptop motherboard, let’s discuss do laptops have motherboards. If they had, then what is a motherboard?

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Do laptops have motherboards?

Obviously, laptops contain motherboards. In fact, it is one of the core components of the laptop. A motherboard is the backbone of the laptop, just like the CPU, which is the brain of laptop and desktop devices.

There are many motherboard manufacturing companies that design and produce up-to-date motherboards. Almost every motherboard has similar components and functionality, but it typically depends upon the model and type of laptop.

Some top laptop brands do not manufacture their parts and accessories, including motherboards. These brands prefer outsourcing from a quality manufacturer.

The well-known laptop companies, including Apple and Dell, do not manufacture their laptop parts. They rely on other companies for their gadget’s accessories and parts.

A gaming laptop has an entirely different motherboard from a standard laptop. So, the physical layout of the laptop motherboard differs from model to model, but the central idea remains the same.

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What is a laptop motherboard?

The central constituent of the laptop, the motherboard, allows the components to connect. It basically acts as a connection bridge between the essential parts of the laptop. A laptop motherboard also allows the laptop components to work with each other. Hence, a motherboard is the hub of the network.

A motherboard is also known as a system board, mainboard, and logic board. Memory slots, expansion slots, power connectors, processors, and firmware chips are some prominent parts of the motherboard.

What are the types of bridges in the motherboard?

There are two bridges of laptop motherboard:

North Bridge: located on the north of the motherboard, North Bridge is directly connected to the CPU. It communicates faster and uses for memory control. It is responsible for connecting components like CPU, RAM, and AGP.

South Bridge: located on the south of the motherboard, South Bridge is connected through North Bridge to the CPU. Its primary function is input and output. The South bridge is smaller in size than the north bridge. It connects the functions of sound cards, USB, and PCI.

What are laptop motherboard components?

Which laptop motherboard is best

There are numerous components in a laptop motherboard, and all are different from each other in their function and layout.

Below down is a laptop motherboard components list:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Cache Memory
  • RAM, the Memory of the Computer
  • Expansion BUS
  • Expansion slots
  • The CPU clock
  • Input and output system or BIOS
  • Switches and Jumpers
  • Storage connectors
  • FDD connector
  • The Chip Set
  • USB ports
  • USB headers
  • Network port
  • Serial port
  • The cooling fans
  • Backup battery/coin cell battery
  • Peripheral connector slots
  • Memory slot
  • Heat sink
  • Parallel port
  • Mounting screw hole
  • Inductor and capacitor
  • Integrated circuit

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Where is the motherboard located on a laptop?

In laptops, a motherboard is located inside the case, at the bottom. When you open the bottom cover of your laptop, you will see a large PCB board. It is the laptop motherboard. The shape and size of the laptop motherboard depends upon the model of the laptop.

How to replace a laptop motherboard?

Due to a slow processor speed, you cannot buy a new laptop, especially if you have a limited budget. So, what is the solution to this problem?

The solution is straightforward and cost-friendly. The fix is to upgrade the laptop motherboard. By replacing the laptop motherboard, you will enjoy a fast processor, updated hardware, and the latest graphics.

Before replacing the laptop motherboard, you have to take precautionary measures and be careful not to damage anything. You can replace a laptop motherboard by following the basic steps:

  • Unplug the laptop.
  • Remove its cover and external battery.
  • Also, remove the screws of the motherboard.
  • Release the CPU if it is removable.
  • It is time for a laptop motherboard replacement with a new one. Install your new laptop motherboard.
  • Reconnect and replace every part that was removed before.
  • If everything looks good, then your laptop motherboard is replaced successfully.

If you are unsure about the procedure, you can contact any laptop motherboard repair service center. So, switching a laptop motherboard with a new one is possible.

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Which laptop motherboard is best?

Dell, HP, Asus, and Toshiba have some quality motherboards that can even last for more than 20 years.

Form factor, RAM, RAM slots, slots, SATA ports, processor socket, CPU socket, storage, connectors, features, and GPUs are some specifications that you have to consider before selecting a top laptop motherboard.

Do gaming laptops have motherboards?

Yes, gaming laptops do have motherboards. You can even upgrade a gaming laptop motherboard to play specific video games. But before upgrading, know the model of the motherboard of gaming laptop. As specifications of each gaming laptop motherboard are entirely different.

What is the laptop motherboard price?

The laptop motherboard price starts from very low to the sky is the limit. The cost totally depends upon your priorities, specifications, type, and model of the laptop. So, you can check laptop motherboard price according to your laptop model.


So, this is my guide to do laptops have motherboards. I have gathered all the information you need about the laptop motherboards.

In a nutshell, a laptop motherboard is a powerful component that allows the laptop components to work together. And it can be replaced in case of any fault or damage.

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