How Many GHz Is Good For A Laptop? (Everything To Know)

What is a processor speed and how many GHz is good for a laptop? Many newbies may not know about this while buying a laptop so let me help with this topic.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 21, 2023
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How Many GHz Is Good For A Laptop

As we have been learning since school, the CPU is the computer’s brain. And the best system comes with a powerful CPU and performance speed. This speed is considered as clock speed and checked in GHz. So, how many GHz is good for a laptop if you want to buy a new laptop for work or gaming?

Many newbies may not know about this while buying a laptop so let me help with this topic today. If you read the article till the very end, you will learn what a clock speed is, what is a processor core, and I will also explain what processor speed is considered good for gaming? So, read the article till the end, especially if you are a newbie to gaming!

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What are processor cores?

If I keep it simple, processor cores are singly processing units that take instructions from every computing task. It works with the clock speed to quickly process the given information and temporarily store it in the RAM. However, this information is temporary in the RAM and is permanently stored in the hard drive. These days, most processors arrive with multiple cores to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

So, you can edit any file, watch or edit videos, send files, etc. You can handle heavy-duty tasks as well. So, the more cores, the more performance you can have. Also, a good clock speed will transfer the data quicker, so you can enjoy a speedy performance. I will talk about the clock speed in brief detail below as well.

So, if you are a gamer, you will need a higher speed and multiple-core processor along with the hyper-threading technology. So, you will get high productivity and this will allow you to edit video with several editing software, create several documents, open several tabs at the same time.

Now, as we are discussing how many GHz is good for a laptop, let me tell you about the clock speed and then get to the recommended speed or GHz because talking about clock speed here is necessary.

What is a good speed for laptop processor? Understanding the cores first!

Now, you don’t need to be confused about “clock speed.” Because you can consider it as the speed degree of the processor that it takes to interpret the information or task given to it. So, a clock speed is the processor’s speed to pick and process the information.

And, as there are tools and units to measure speeds, this speed is measured in GHz. And, the more you see, the higher the performance speed it states. Currently, 4.0GHz is considered a very good speed. Now, let’s talk about the GHz of the processor that you need.

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How many GHz is good for a laptop?

Talking about how many GHz is good for a laptop? The best processor clock speed is 3.5GHz or 4.0GHz, which will let you handle multiple heavy-duty tasks with a very good response. So, if you are a gamer, you look for these clock-speed processors to enjoy light fast speed.

Let’s discuss this in detail now as I will discuss clock speed for laptops and desktop users.

What is a good GHz for a laptop?

Good GHz for desktop computers

As is said above, 3.5 to 4.0 GHz is a very good clock speed for your laptop, including the hyper-threading methods. And, as I already discussed above, the more notes you get, the more pressure you can put on the laptop, and so, multiple cores with 4.0GHz will give you a monstrous performance, and you will enjoy it!

However, as we all know, that laptop has limitations compared to a desktop because it is smaller in size. So people prefer it because of its mobility, yet, there are laptops with multi-core and even quad-core processors to give you the best performance of the laptop. So, you can indeed play Need for Speed and several heavy-duty games without stuttering.

However, talking about the limitations of the laptop, I’m going to tell you about desktop computers as well.

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Good GHz for desktop computers?

We all know how powerful desktop computers are as compared to laptops. There are indeed more powerful and have more robust hardware, and you can enjoy more processing performance if you choose a good speed for the processor.

People often ask, and I have seen them talking is 2.5Ghz good? Well, if you are into multitasking and want to enjoy extreme speed, this will not work for you. However, if you are into compromising mode, you can go with this speed, but this will not give you the best performance.  So, I recommend you to have 4.0GHz, and you will not desire anything else.

However, having a single thread performance is even more important than the clock speed! Let me make it simple for you, having multiple cores means that your system will understand several tasks quickly while having single threads means that you can process every task separately real well!

Now, as we have talked about the processors, you have already gained enough knowledge to pick one of the best laptops for you. Now, let’s sum it up with this knowledge.


Now, you have gained all the idea that how many GHz is good for a laptop, and so you can pick multi-core processors with 3.5 or 4.0GHz to get the best out of your laptop or desktop system.


Is 1.2GHz considered a good speed for a laptop or computer?

Talking about the speed, 1.2GHz is a basic speed that will do a just fine job for your system. However, if you want to take full advantage of a laptop for gaming with a high-speed processor, go for a better clock speed, like 3.5 At least. However, many latest laptops also come with a 4.0Ghz clock speed now.

Is higher GHz better for laptops?

GHz is actually the speed of the laptop, which should be high. The higher number will represent high speed, while the lower number will represent low speed.

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