How Many Laptops Can I Bring On A Plane? (Things To Consider)

Planning to have a trip and want to know "How Many Laptops Can I Bring On A Plane?" Continue reading to find out how many laptops you are allow to take on plane.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 19, 2023
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How Many Laptops Can I Bring On A Plane

Lithium-ion batteries and power banks are banned from being In airports as there are a lot of chances of exploding, and so, they risk lives. But, laptops are allowed at airports. However, how many laptops can I bring on a plane? This is the question that many laptop users think about before traveling by air; what if you are taking some laptops as a gift for your sibling or a friend?

So, I decided to cover this topic today, and if you are unaware and curious about this topic, read the article till the end because I will also clear your misconceptions!

How many laptops can I bring on A plane?

How many laptops can I bring on plane? If you are thinking this, you can bring as many laptops on plane as you want because the Airports for local flights don’t bound you about that! The only thing they don’t allow is the separate lithium batteries.

There has been a misconception for a long time, and many people believe laptops are not allowed in Airports and some airports only allow one or two laptops at maximum. So, let me say that it is not at all!

Yes, you read it right! You can take as many laptops on the plane as possible because there is no restriction. And the reason why many people believe the above-said misconception is that such places do not allow separate lithium-ion batteries due to explosions.

However, the things that are banned are power banks and separate batteries. But, you can take the batteries on plane if they are inserted in any device like mobile or laptop. This is safe, and no one can question you about that!

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Laptops on international flights

Talking about the international flights, you are free to take as many laptops in the bag as you want. However, if you take a maximum of two laptops at the airports, you can go without paying anything. However, if you are taking more than two laptops, you will need to pay a customs tax then. However, the tax depends on different countries, and the tax ratio can be from 10-50% depending on the number of laptops.

However, the Airport customs staff can ask you about the payment proof of the laptops you as carrying, particularly when they are more than two. And that’s also because First of all, they want to make sure that the laptop is not stolen and that people also buy laptops from Europe, so they check whether it is from Europe or not. That’s because laptops in Europe are affordable as compared to other countries.

Laptop restrictions on International flights

Taking about the restrictions, this is mostly believed that you cannot pack the laptops in checked luggage. And, this is not true at all! You can take the laptops in the checked luggage, and it approves you to take the removable or removable battery laptop in the checked luggage. This luggage will be protected and taken under personal battery devices check.

Now, talking about these laptops under checked luggage, TSA and FAA approved the laptops transport, or you are traveling with several laptops in the USA and several other countries, let me tell you that not all countries allow you travel with laptops. So, you better conform before traveling to, allows to take the laptops with you or not?

Moreover, I have one more thing to talk about. FAA suggests you pack the laptops in the bag within the soft stuff to avoid breakage.  Also, you have to turn off the laptop and make sure that no power is given to your laptop “AT ALL” while traveling as it is dangerous. And, if you can, take the battery out of the laptop. However, this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to take the laptops in checked luggage.

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Things to consider for taking laptops on the plane

Now, before you take the laptops on the plane, you should know something. When you take your laptop to the airport, and it is time to check the stuff, make sure you take the laptop out of the bag and put it in the bin for the X-ray that will be available there. And, if you have more than one laptop, you will use different bind for different laptops to check.

Also, if your laptop bag has arrived from TSA, you don’t need to take it out then. That’d because the TSA-approved bags have a laptop sleeve with a zipper that doesn’t bother the x-ray. And, you can place the laptop bag as it is in the bin. Also, this is a tried and tested method, so that you can try it.

I have some more important points to share once you know how many laptops can I bring on plane. So, once you are at the airport, ensure you only take out the laptop when TSA security asks you. That’s because the staff there is always alert for any explosive material, and if you take any device out of the age without being asked, this can put you into the trouble of investigation.

One more important thing is, keep your device charged when you are traveling and going from the airport. That’s because if in some cases, the security needs to check the device, whether it is a mobile or a laptop, they may ask you to turn it on.

And, the climax can be horrible in case your battery is dead and you cannot turn the system on! So, you don’t even want to think about it right? Then keep the devices charged even if you are not going to need them.

Now, apart from all these discussions, there is an important point to discuss. Can you use the laptop on the plane? Well, let’s get into it too.

Things to consider for taking laptops on the plane

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Can I use my laptop on plane?

Now, this is one important thing to talk about. Well, yes, you can use laptops on the plane; however, there may be some flights that don’t allow them. Also, if you have a laptop with you on the plane and you want to use it, make sure to keep it in airplane mode.

By doing that, you will still be able to use the Bluetooth in the system. Also, some flights offer free Wi-Fi, so you can also take advantage of it.


So, now you know how many laptops can you bring in the plane, and you don’t need to worry about the number of laptops if you take care of the steps mentioned above. So, you can travel with your laptop now!


Is it safe to use a laptop during flight?

This depends on the way and the time you choose to use the laptop. You must not use it while the plane take off and land and keep the laptop on flight mode. Then it is safe to use.

Can I take my laptop in the airport and for flight?

Yes, you can take it to the airport and on the plane, but it must be turned off, and the lithium battery shod be inserted and not taken out.

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