How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop? [2023 Updated]

Are you thinking about “how much storage do I need on my laptop”? Then, this article will help you find the best & optimal storage needs according to your requirements
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 12, 2023
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how much storage do i need on my laptop

Are you thinking about “how much storage do I need on my laptop? Then, this article will help you find the best & optimal storage needs according to your requirements. Some folks buy a new laptop but get worried about the best storage space they need. As a student or a professional, you must know about the maximum storage requirement on your computer.    

Storage know-how is also necessary to free your laptop if you have extra storage than what you need. This article will help people from various sectors get appropriate information about how much storage they require for their laptops? 

Is 256GB suitable for me, or should I move towards 1TB? For having these sorts of questions in mind, you will be able to find the answers today with us!  

It would be best to consider laptop storage capacity while buying a new laptop or upgrading the already existing one! Without wasting time anymore, let’s get straight into the article that will help you know “how much storage do you need on your laptop”?

Is SSD Preferable or HDD?

SDD: Solid-State Drives

HDD: Hard Disk Drives

Before discussing SSD & HDD storage, you need to know shortly about these 2 drives. For this reason, their abbreviation is illustrated above, enclosing their meaning inside. For answering the question, “how much storage capacity do I need on my laptop” HDD or SDD are integral factors to point out.

The selection of SDD or HDD will directly impact your laptop’s performance. HDD is comparatively cheaper than SDD in price. Hence, HDD has a slower speed for reading/writing. If you need a proficient laptop with an increase in speed, you need to pick SDD. For random working, there is no big deal if you will pick HDD.   

SSDs are highly durable than HDDs in comparison. The enhancement of the reliability factor is exceptional in SDD. But, the only con of SSD today is its expensive range. The best thing about HDD is its lots of storage to ensure maximum storage capacity at a lower price. I will prefer the one that cost-effectively fits your needs without bothering your budget much.

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How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop To Stream?

It is a question asked mainly by streamers about storage requirements and the maximum need for them. Today, you will concisely get an answer to it.

SDD has reduced the game’s loading time for gamers specifically, which was very hard to do by HDD in the past. It will not better your stream quality, but it’ll increase your storage capacity.

For pro streamers, 256GB is good to go. 1TB-2TB is more than enough storage space for the folks to keep efficient storage space in their laptop for storing extensive movies, games, videos, etc.

Storage requirements for different work laptops?

Let’s get straight into that how much storage I need on my laptop for the following with a concise & factual detail:

For Students

how much storage do i need on my laptop for students
How much storage do I need on my laptop for students?

Being a student is blissful nowadays. You can carry all your books’ weight virtually, my friend! There is no need to stress your shoulders anymore. But it would be best if you had a crystal-clear idea about storage in a student laptop. For regular students, 256GB-512GB storage capacity is sufficient.

If you are a student with having computer science major, you need 256GB for casual programming & projects. Being a professional CS student, you need to upgrade your laptop storage by 512GB. Don’t long for terabytes, as they will not add any worth to your work, only if you need the quickest coding grips!

For Programming

how much storage do i need on my laptop for programming

As a programmer, you think many times about how much storage I need on my laptop for programming? Now, you will get an appropriate answer to the query that often comes to your mind! You cannot get less than 128GB SSD as a programmer. There is no need to get more than the baseline of 256GB-1TB SSD being a top-notch programmer.

For Gaming

how much storage do i need on my laptop for gaming

For an average gamer, 512GB is sufficient to utilize on the gaming laptop. But if you are a pro gamer intending to install AAA title games or heavy games like these, 1TB is essential for swift operations.  

For Graphic Designing

how much storage do i need on a laptop for graphic designing

In graphic designing, you should prefer SSD over HDD due to its high reliability and durability. Strive to get 512GB SSD (or 750GB HDD) at least for speedily working. You can jump up to an extra storage capacity for efficiently storing heavy files of your work.

For Video Editing

how much storage do i need on my video editing laptop

As a video editor, your laptop’s internal storage requirements may vary according to your editing tasks. But, on average, you will require a 256GB hard drive at minimum & 1TB at max (only if you need exceptional storage to secure your gigantic files).

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For Photography

how much storage do i need on a laptop for my photography

Photography requires a lot of storage space in your laptop. For a lot of photos, you need to get a 1TB storage capacity for keeping your files safely on the laptop. You can require more space than 1TB, depending on your workload.    

For Using Social Media & Web Surfing

how much storage do i need on a laptop for media and web surfing

If you are not a professional but fond of using a laptop to stay updated on social media, you do not require a high storage capacity. You can good to go with the storage capacity ranging between 256GB-512GB and even less than it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is maximum essential storage on a laptop for business? 

For commercial purposes, storage capacities of laptops vary from one to another, considering the needs. If you need to store only your necessary emails & docs, you should prefer not more than 512GB. On the contrary, if you have massive projects surpass on the laptop, you can go for 1TB, 2TB, and so on.

Q. Is memory (RAM) more important to consider instead of a storage drive?

RAM is an essential thing to check while wishing for the best laptop. But it does not mean that you can neglect the quality of HDD/SDD, which will store your data by enhancing the storage capacity of your device. Both factors are equally essential to get the best of the best!


Concluding this article, “how much storage I need on my laptop,” it is preliminary to claim that it will give you a possible idea about your storage requirement while using a laptop. It will depend highly on your budget as well as your needs. 250GB is sufficient for average user tasks of daily routine. For professional work, you can go from 512GB-1TB, depending on your job. Experts prefer SDD as it is durable and noise-free. But it is comparatively expensive than HDD. Try to grab the one that will cater to your needs exceptionally!  

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