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How To Access Laptop Camera Remotely (4 Best Methods)

How to access laptop camera remotely, four best and easiest ways to access your laptop camera remotely. 1. wake on lan, 2. using mobile phone...
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 21, 2023
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How To Access Laptop Camera Remotely

If you require security cameras and find it hard to invest in them, this article is for you. Because this article will let you use any extra laptop, desktop, or mobile phone as a camera remotely. But, how to access laptop camera remotely? I will tell you the four best and easiest methods to use your laptop webcam as a security camera in your home or office without investing! So, keep reading till the end if you want to save money on security cameras!

Why should you access laptop camera remotely?

Before getting into more details, let me explain why you must access the laptop camera remotely. And, the main reason is because, you have to save money. Let’s say you have an extra laptop or desktop in your house that’s not in your use but is still in the condition to serve you. So why not take advantage of that?
So, here are the best ways to access the laptop camera remotely.

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Virtual Network computing

A virtual network computing or VNC is a network that will let you connect the system from one place to another through the internet. And of course, the internet is a necessity for this purpose.
However, this software is amazing because even if you are in some country in Asia, and your other laptop or desktop that you will used as a camera will be in some countries in Europe, you can see whatever is happening in Asia in that location and can control the settings.
This is remote operating software and also, and it is complex to use. Now, if we talk about how to use it, you can go to the VNC site and can download and install the software from there on your laptop or desktop. In talking about the laptop that will be in your regular use, not the one that will work as a camera.

So, without any need for an email address or username, you will install it. Now the next steps about VNC are below:

How To Access Laptop Camera Remotely?

access laptop camera remotely
  1. Make sure the server software runs on the laptop and is linked to the network. The first time you use it, you will set your password to secure the system for you only.
  2. Now you will launch this software on the other system as well. While doing that, you will be required to put the IP address there. And you will also need to add the name there.
  3. After that, you will press the OK button.
  4. Now, the software will require you to enter the password once again.

Now, let’s say that this connection doesn’t work, you will need to check the server or firewall to see if the security has blocked the connection or not. Make sure to unblock it, and you are ready to use the display screen as your camera now.

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Using the Wake-on LAN method to access the camera

Now, to use the Wake-on-LAN method, you have to make sure that you have an extra laptop, as I said above, to use as a camera. And make sure it is charged and workable because you will trigger it later. This will also require a network card for functioning.

The network card will help in booting only if it gets the valid data stream with the valid Mac address. This data stream is named as magic packet. Now, you will also require a Wake-on-LAN tool, which is already available on the internet; however, you can go for Nuxball, Fusion, and Norsoft software.

Using the Wake-on LAN method to access the camera

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Accessing the laptop camera using the mobile phone

As I told you about using the software with the remote, you can use TeamViewer comes in both iOS and Android versions and you can use the mobile phone with the help of this software to switch between the laptop screen or the camera.

TeamViewer will let you switch on the PC and the camera from your phone by sitting at home only if you have well configured your mobile with the TeamViewer DNS or ID.

As I said above, you can find many software to do this job, however, Teamviewer is quite simple and easy to use.

Now, as I have discussed enough already about Teamviewer, let me tell you know how to use this software now? Let’s suppose that you are switching from your home computer to the office computer. Here are the next steps then:

  1. Switch this software on the office computer and now enter your ID.
  2. Now, you will be getting started.
  3. Get a stable internet connection.
  4. Use a network card that will support Wake-on-LAN.
  5. The system should be able to put on sleep mode or liberated, or you can shut it down.
  6. The laptop’s power cable should be connected to the power source.
  7. You have to install and configure and keep the app in the start-up menu to access it easily.
  8. After that, you will take note of the laptop IP address, DNS and BIOS. However, make sure that your network card supports these features because not all cards do.
  9. Now, you can proceed using Teamviewer.

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How to access laptop camera remotely and using it for live streaming

Now, as laptop webcams are also used for live streaming, in this last but not the least method, you will not need extra display screen. Because we will work on the same system. So, let me keep it short as it is a who ok method.

1-Go to your laptop browser and type the webcam monitor log address and the won’t number in the browser. If you are unsure about that, you will get into the camera settings on the laptop, so you don’t have to fuss about it.
2-The last step is to click enter to see a media player launching, and you can see or show the viewers a live stream of gaming or whatever you want. However, remember that the buffering will be there like other streaming channels.


So, here you are with enough knowledge of 4 different but easiest ways of learning how to access laptop camera remotely? You can stream your games now, or you can keep an eye on the staff or the kids by using this method.


Can I connect my laptop camera to phone?

Yes, by installing software like Teamviewer, you can connect the laptop camera and can control the camera through your mobile phone like a remote control.

Is it safe to connect the laptop camera remotely?

Yes, it is safe to connect your laptop camera unless you share the passport of the software you have installed with anyone.


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