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How to change HDMI on a laptop? (Best Method 2023)

If you are into some technical stuff and have a laptop, you will know about the HDMI ports. Laptops mostly come with HDMI ports and the HDMI cables connected to them can send data.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 14, 2023
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how to change hdmi on a laptop

If you are into some technical stuff and have a laptop, you will know about the HDMI ports. Laptops mostly come with HDMI ports and the HDMI cables connected to them can send data. It is important to know how to change HDMI on a laptop?

Because other than sending video, audio, or other data, you may need to receive it. So, change HDMI ports for that. The below discussed details will tell you how to change HDMI on laptop and why to do that?

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1- Why to change HDMI on laptop?

Whether we talk about laptops or PC, our HDMI ports are for sending data and not receiving it. So, for receiving files, audio, video, you need to switch from HDMI output to input. And, often people don’t know this fact because they think the cable can do both. And, they think so because the HDMI cables connect from both sides to the device. And, they transfer the signals. However, this cable works when best if you connect it with a capture card.

So, if you want to get the input from any other device, change the HDMI. And, by changing HDMI, I don’t mean that you have to put a new HDMI port. No, that’s not it! But, you can use some additional hardware components to work as an input because HDMI ports cannot give input facilities by themselves.  So, how can you change or switch the HDMI from output to input on a laptop?

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2- How to change HDMI output to the input on a laptop?

You can switch HDMI output to input via a capture card. And, by doing this, you can enjoy streaming videos and receiving both audio and video files.

Even though the capture cards are pretty expensive if we talk about the high-quality ones. And, you can also buy a 4K LCD in the same price. But, as this is the need of the hour, we will discuss the output to input switch on a laptop through a capture card.

Note: We will use the capture card instead of an input HDMI to work as a substitute. We already discussed that you can’t change HDMI on laptop from output to input.

change HDMI on a laptop

Here are the steps below:

  1. Buy a capture card of high quality. You can buy the best one, Elgato HD60 A.
  2. Connect your USB cable to your capture card and the laptop or PC in a 3.0 USB port. Don’t connect on older ports if you want to get maximum performance.
  3. Plug the HDMI cable from one side to the console. And the other side to the capture card in the HDMI IN port.
  4. Now, take one more HDMI cable and pug one side to the HDMI Out port on the capture card. And, plug the other side to the laptop.

So, that’s how to change HDMI on laptop via a capture card. You will set the capture card and now you can receive signals and get the data input on your laptop easily. Even if you think you have changed the HDMI output to input, that’s not the case. You are receiving signals from the USB port help via a capture card.

Now, some would face the issue that they can’t switch or change HDMI on laptop with windows 10. So, the stepwise solution is given below.

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3- How to change HDMI on a laptop (windows 10)?

Before heading to the stepwise guide, make sure that your HDMI cable is rugged properly. This guide is also helpful for both Windows 10 laptops and PC.  

  • Press the keys Windows and P together on your keyboard.
  • Select the display option whether you want a full screen or a side screen.

Your system will detect the external display by itself. But, if somehow it doesn’t detect, go with the steps below.

  1. Click on your system start menu.
  2. Go to the settings icon and open the windows 10 settings there.
  3. From there, select the system option and go to the display.
  4. You will see a multiple display section, there will be a detect button there.  So, click on it. This button will detect the display that is connected externally.
  5. Now, you can also choose how to use the monitor.

You will also get a recommendation of the display settings, resolution, and screen size.

You can also use the laptop as the second device if you have two laptops or a PC. Also, you can do it wirelessly just by clicking the projecting to PC option.


So by using a capture card and connecting the cable with the HDMI In and the other cable with the HDMI Out to the laptop, you can take the input of the data you want from other devices. That’s how to change HDMI on a laptop.

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