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How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop?

Step by step guide on How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? with pictures.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 11, 2023
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How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop

MSI has always been famous for its sparky components and heavy-duty laptops. However, another and the most notable reason for the fame are the regional or per-key backlit keyboards. These keyboards allow you to change their color. But, how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? This is what I will get into the details, so if you have MSI gaming laptops, gird up your loins because you may get some new experience after reading this article!

How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop?

Any laptop that you order arrives with all the essential drivers and the required software that you will need to control the lighting on the keyboard.

If you didn’t already know, let me inform you that every laptop with RGB backlighting comes with software that helps you choose or change the lighting, and you can adjust the brightness of the keyboard lights with that as well.

Now, as I’m going to explain how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop,  you need to look for the software in your MSI laptop start menu. Mostly, you will see this software with the company name that designed the keyboard.  So, you can easily find it.

Let me tell you one more thing primarily; Steelseries design these MSI keyboards; however, this is not always the case. But, I have an MSI Steelseries gaming laptop, so that I will tell you about MSI keyboard light control for the Steelseries Engine 3 model.  But, the method given below will work for other keyboard series as well!

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How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? Stepwise easy guide

1- First of all, you need to go to the Start menu and from there, you will search for Steelseries engine keyboard software.

msi keyboard light control

2- Now, from there, you will see an option with the name  MSI P -Key RGB Keyboard, so you will click on that option.

3- After clicking that option, you will find the keyboard and its default lighting configuration. So, you will click on that configuration button on the bottom-left side of the display.

how to customize msi keyboard

4- Again, on the left side in the lower corner,  you will find a Configurations window. This will open up in front of you, so you can choose any default formats or layouts from there if you want.  

msi change keyboard color

5- Now, while learning how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop, our next step is to make our new or own configuration. And for that, you will click on the New button that you will see at the bottom of the list at the left side.

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After that, you have to type any name of the configuration that you want. This means that you have to name your name configuration. However, at the same time,  you can also restrict any applications you wish to auto-launch that configuration with, and finally, you will press the Save button that you will see on display.

msi laptop change keyboard color

Now, it is time to modify your keyboard lights however you want. As I’m talking about how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop, here is a quick overview of the tools that you will use for modifying or customizing the keyboard color.

  1. Select: This option will allow you to customize or change the color and brightness of each key on the keyboard. Also, you can choose a specific zone for that as well.
  2. Group Select: A group Select option will allow you to choose multiple zones or keys simultaneously for customization. 
  3. Magic Wand: With this option, you can select all keys or zones that share a similar effect on the keyboard.
  4. Paintbrush: This option allows you to create or paint any effect onto a zone or key.
  5. Paint Bucket: Paint bucket option will let you paint any effect onto any touching keys or zones.
  6. Eraser: If you are bored with an older effect and want to change it, you can erase that effect from a zone or keys you have selected already.
  7. Effect Picker: This option will let you select an effect from any designated key or a zone of keys.
how to change keyboard color on msi

If you look at the image above and right under the tools section, you will see an effect color picker and dropdown. This drop-down will show you a list of the effects you can apply on the keys, and the color picker option will choose the hue of that effect. 

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So, here is the drop-down list if you want to see how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop:

  1. Steady: By selecting this option, you can pick a single hue for your selected key or zone.
  2. ColorShift: This amazing option will give multiple hues that will sweep across your selected keys or zones.
  3. Multi Color Shift: This option will allow you to change between four hues on your selected zones or keys.
  4. Reactive Key: This option will Assign your keyboard an effective and rest color to the selected keys that will apply whenever you press or release.
  5. Cooldown Timer: This option will switch the keys from a ready mode hue to a remarkable down hue period on a shade.
  6. Disable Illumination: This option will turn off any RGB you have created or have turned on.
  7. So, you can make any changes you want in the keyboard color, so you can save those changes by clicking on the save option. It is on the bottom left side of that display in front of you.
how to change msi keyboard color

How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? (Summary)

Let me tell you briefly how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? You can go to the laptop start menu and go to the settings. You will see the keyboard software mostly of the laptop company name. Click on it, and you will see a drop-down list with many options.


So, now you know how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop? You can enjoy changing colors on your backlit MSI laptop no matter what model and can have fun!

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Can I customize my laptop keyboard lighting?

Yes, you can go to the settings from the starting option and open the software that is for keyboard color customization. You can choose any colors or affects you like and then save the settings.

How to make an MSI laptop keyboard of different colors?

The simplest way to know how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop is simply to go to the system settings. You can find the keyboard software there and can click on it for further options. You can

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