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How To Charge A Laptop In A Car? 3 Easy Ways

Does your laptop battery die too quickly, and you are looking for alternative ways to charge your laptop while driving? Here is your guide on how to charge a laptop in a car.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 24, 2023
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how to charge a laptop in a car

Imagine you are driving, and suddenly you’re in urgency to mail a presentation or anything to your boss or client. By opening your laptop, you come to know that it is just dying in a while! What will you do? At this time, you need know, how to charge a laptop in a car?” 

Cutting to the chase, I can claim that there is no rocket science behind charging a laptop in the car! When you need to charge your laptop hurriedly while just having an option to use your car as the charging point, you can use any of the following methods to charge a laptop in the car. 

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How To Charge A Laptop In A Car?

There are three safe & practical solutions to charge your laptop in car.

If you think that car is not an appropriate place to charge your laptop, please correct your myth. You can quickly & effectively charge a laptop in the car. Instead of a fully charged battery, going on a road trip, or an extended journey, you need to charge your laptop after a specific limit of its battery.

Power your laptop battery before the message, “battery about to DIE.” You can go with a USB charger, an adapter, laptop power bank, power inverter, etc. Avail yourself of one of the previously depicted things that you are having in the car currently.

1. Utilizing A USB Charger

A USB charger is the most sensible thing to charge your laptop while being in the car. Having no access to any other things is not a big deal if you have a USB charger. It is easily found in the electronics market. You need to ensure that you will buy the one that can efficiently work with your car. 

One thing that you should be careful about is unplugging the USB cable before you start driving. It might not harm your car and laptop even if you leave for a day but you should take precaution.

2. Making Use Of Laptop Car Charger (Adapter)

There is always an adapter in the car, similar to a power inverter that can charge your laptop. The best thing about this charging method is that you don’t need anything else when plugging in your laptop’s power jack with this adapter. You are good to go with it now!

It will give you the same vibe as a laptop’s original charger & it will automatically lessen your worry. It can be a suitable & easily adaptable method to pick when you are looking for the best way to charge a laptop in the car. You can order it from Amazon or purchase it from a nearby e-market in an affordable price range.   

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3. Quick Assistance of (Laptop’s) Power Bank

Do you have an enormous power bank that can supply power to your electronic device efficiently? If your answer is yes, then this solution for charging a laptop in the car is for you, my friend. You can keep your power bank with you in the car whenever going out.

Try to prefer the power bank having more mAh power that can charge your laptop instead of the one that can only support mobile charging.

Will Powering Your Laptop in A Car Draw-Off Battery?

It is the same thing as charging a laptop with an HDMI cable in case of any emergency. Sometimes you forget to charge your laptop appropriately, then you can charge it via utilizing some other intelligent means. While driving the car, you can charge your laptop computers by the methods that are explained above.

But, it would help if you did not make it a habit to charge your laptop in a car. It can affect the laptop’s battery life badly.    


Q. Why charging a laptop in the car becomes super easy with a cigarette lighter? 

It is a convenient way to charge your laptop, but it is not a safe one. You cannot charge it directly with a cigarette lighter, but you’ll use an inverter having 12V (voltage) to charge your laptop finely.

End Note

Having a laptop with an impressive battery is phenomenal. But there will be a time when it will drain. You can use three effective methods that have been demonstrated in this article to charge your laptop in the car. Try to figure out the things that you have and go with that method.

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