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How To Charge A Laptop With A Broken Charger Port?

Learn how to charge a laptop with a broken charger port. Find out about alternative charging methods and tips for troubleshooting common charging issues. Keep your laptop powered up and running even if the charger port is damaged.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 30, 2023
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How To Charge A Laptop With A Broken Charger Port?

Suppose you are on a fancy vacation with your friends. Suddenly, your boss wants an urgent email for an unexpected client. You open your laptop to type the email, but your laptop charger port is unluckily broken. Maybe while traveling, but you have no idea what happened. The cherry on top is your laptop charging, which is less than 5%. The worst scenario is that your boss has to wait for the email.

If you have experienced a similar situation, this article is for you. What will you do in this situation? This article will explain how to charge a laptop with a broken charger port. Apart from that, I will also list other alternative ways to charge a laptop without a charger. So, read the article till the end to overcome such situations.

How to charge a laptop with a broken charger port?

The charging port is the most important of all the laptop slots. The laptop charging ports and chargers are the root cause of converting electrical energy into direct current. That current is used to power the laptop battery. Without the current, there is no power in the battery, so automatically, the laptop will not respond. Hence, it ensures the life and working of the laptop, which is why you cannot compromise on a broken charging port.

Among the signs that indicate a broken port, two significant indicators are listed below:

  1. You can demonstrate a failure of electrical connection between both sources.
  2. You can experience a loose connection in the connectors.

These highlighted issues indicate that the laptop charger port is broken.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the broken charger port before possible solutions.

Why laptop charger port is not working?

Before proceeding further, you might think about the reason behind the broken charging port. A laptop charging port can break due to numerous reasons, but the top three reasons are detailed below:

  1. The external damage is one of the prime reasons for a broken charger port. The rough use of the device can lead to any external breakage or dislocation that can directly affect your charging port. External damage can also occur if the laptop falls. It can create a short circuit problem because the connector will damage. So, the port’s inner metal gets crooked and does not allow entering your charger’s pin.
  2. Another reason can be a dusty environment. Using a laptop in a dusty or airy environment for extended periods can clog the charging duct, so you should avoid dusty places while using the laptop. You can use compressed air or isopropyl alcohol to clean the laptop charger port.
  3. A poor-quality charger can also cause a short circuit in the laptop. So, it is recommended to use an enhanced quality charger designed specifically for your laptop model. Otherwise, you have to experience a broken charging slot.

Now, you got to know the reason behind the broken port; but the point here is what do I do if my charger port is broken?

Steps to charge a laptop with a broken port?

If you want to charge a laptop without a broken port, do follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Carefully remove the battery of the laptop. If you already know how to remove the battery, then it will cause no trouble. But if you have no idea about the battery, I recommend seeking guidance from the manual.
  2. A voltmeter will be required to test the positive and negative of the laptop battery.
  3. Connect with the power supply. Make sure the voltage output is approximately 30%.
  4. Moving forward, you must develop a connection between battery and laptop power supply. Use an ammeter to connect the two sources.
  5. After an error-free connection, press the battery source.
  6. Confirm the voltage from 1 to 1.5 amps.
  7. Now, wait for the ammeter to hit zero. The zero position of the ammeter indicates that the battery is fully charged.

These are some easy steps that you can practice to charge your battery in case of an emergency.

If you are not willing for the above method, you can opt for other ways to charge a laptop. I have summarized some practical solutions that can charge a laptop battery externally.

Solution 1: Use a laptop adapter:

A laptop adapter can save the laptop power. Use an adapter compatible with your laptop’s input voltage on either end. You can utilize a laptop adapter to change the current from 110 volts at 60 hertz to a higher voltage, according to the requirements of the laptop.

Solution 2: Use a universal power adapter:

If the charger port of your laptop is not fixed, then a universal power adapter is a portable and quick fix. Numerous companies are designing their universal power adapters with the latest and unique features. A travel adapter has the feasibility of interchangeable tips that support different brands and models of laptops.

Solution 3: Use a power bank

A power bank is a standard, convenient way to charge a laptop during need. Some incredible power bank options are available in the market, which you can check. Many power banks have USB Type-C ports, but USB Type-A and other ports are also accessible.

The power bank must be suitable and compatible according to the model of your laptop. Prior make sure the power bank should have 12v or higher voltage because the capacity of the laptop starts from 12v power. In case of traveling, always charge your power bank beforehand.

Solution 4: Use a car battery

If you are in a rush in the car and cannot manage to charge a laptop with a power bank or adapter still, you can charge a laptop without charger. You can use a car seat to charge laptops, smartphones, and tablets. A car battery does not demand any converter for charging the laptop.

The rental cars and latest models have built-in power outlets in the car seats. The built-in car seats enable easy access to USB ports so you can avail of all the USB cords simultaneously. You can benefit from a power inverter or AC adapter to charge your laptop in the car while traveling. I have also elaborated the confusion of, how to charge a laptop in a car. Do check out if you do not know the whole procedure.

As a preventive measure, do not abandon your laptop while charging.

A permanent solution:

All the procedures mentioned above to charge a laptop without a charger are temporary. You have to look for a permanent solution to charge your laptop. Get your broken slot fixed as soon as possible. You will easily find spare parts for your laptop if it is the latest model. But if the laptop is old, finding the parts will be a little challenging.

You can look at eBay, Olx, or any other local store to find matching replaced parts of your laptop. If you are not an expert in replacing laptop parts, I suggest you avoid experimenting with your laptop. Seek help from any repair shop and let the expert do the job.

Final words

The charger is indeed a crucial part of the laptop. Without it, a laptop can barely survive. So, we should take enough care of the charger and its port.

In case of damage, I have compiled enough detail on how to charge a laptop with a broken charger port. You can comment below if you still have any confusion regarding laptop charging. Laptops crunch is all time available to guide you.

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