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How to Charge Laptop Battery Externally?

Complete and comprehensive guide on how to charge laptop battery externally if you are facing any issues while charging it.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On April 4, 2022
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How to Charge Laptop Battery Externally

Is it true you are confronting the problem of your laptop battery? If the answer to this question is yes, you have already hit the righteous place for getting the answer to your question and moving to find the solution to this issue.

However, this article will help know “How to Charge Laptop Battery Externally,” while every possible method has been discussed in detail. Though, you must start to read this without wasting time.

On top of that, for exploring your knowledge about “How to charge your laptop manually,” you must involve yourself with this writhing for exploring your knowledge.

Use External Battery Charger

how to charge laptop battery manually

An external battery charger has been considered the best alternative to charging a laptop battery externally. In addition, you must be aware that every laptop company delivers an external battery charger for the ease of their users.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of all the notebook brands listed suitable chargers on their official website while updating it over time. Besides all of these, you can also easily purchase these types of loaders from the market. Besides this, you can go toward the option of a third-party charger.

However, at the time of its selection, you need to make sure whether this third-party charger is a perfect match for your laptop or computer or not. Though, a perfect match means this loader has all the connections present in your notebook. Moreover, it has been suggested that before purchasing a third-party charger, you must be aware of all the necessary connections and specifications that should be available in an external battery charger.

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Charge through Ac Adapter Hookup

Before charging your laptop with the help of an Ac Adapter, you would first examine your notebook. Does it have a port for making a connection with an Adapter?

Furthermore, if your laptop has carried out a superb port, then it is well and good, while in this case, you can straightforwardly develop a connect the AC Adapter of a notebook with the port of your device. In addition, if the connector is missing, you would need to open your violet and spend money to purchase a connector to create a connection between your laptop and AC adapter.

Charge through Portable Laptop Chargers

Portable Laptop Chargers

Most people value portable laptop chargers over others because they consider them a marvelous way to feed and prolong your laptop battery. Meanwhile, it can give you a tough time at the point of its section; thus, you must be careful while choosing a portable laptop charger.

On top of that, the specification you have to require in a laptop charger is that it must come up with outstanding output for power to boot up your notebook system.

Furthermore, it should be compact and portable, while the most important thing about a charger is that they have to deliver a broad range of the system.

Charge through Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Every laptop brand comes up with two different ports in their system, such as type A and B. In addition, both of these ports have been made for performing particular tasks and serving their audience marvelously. Nonetheless, the only purpose of port A is to deliver electricity which helps to load the following devices like power banks and smartphones.

Meanwhile, you can also create the connection of external hardware and Universal Serial Bus (USB) with the laptop by using port A. However, the primary purpose of port type B is to secure the power and assist you in charging your notebook’s battery without using a charger.

You can also use your smartphone battery or power bank to charge your laptop. Besides this, most laptops cannot charge without using any external source because they lack port type B. 

On top of that, the essential and crucial thing is that you must go through the booklet and learn how to use port type B along with a particular device such as port C.

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Charge through Power Bank

Charge through Power Bank

Power Bank is another technique that has been used to charge a laptop, and it’s a superb way to solve your problem. On the other side, you have to make sure that your notebook has carried out USB port C, and these things you have to do before purchasing a power bank or any external battery pack.

Furthermore, you can charge your laptop quickly. Still, for this result, firstly, you would have to connect your power bank to the USB port C. So, well, this method has been adopted because it’s an easy, component, and unique approach for charging a notebook.

On top of that, the thing that has to recognize is that this technique for charging your laptop cannot be applicable in previous versions of laptops.

Charge through Solar Charging Kit

Charge your laptop through Solar Charging Kit

A Charging solar kit is a fantastic option for charging your laptop, and it’s a popular as well most priorities method for this purpose. Meanwhile, you will get an opportunity to charge your laptop without charge. Nonetheless, the most crucial thing about it is that you don’t need to use electricity for charging your laptop, and the reason behind this is that you would use a solar panel.

The dependency of this process is on the solar kit, and your notebook is charged directly by the light of the sun, and that’s a remarkable strategy for those who are worried about how to charge a laptop manually. Though, when we move a step forward, you will notice that it is the most splendid way of charging a laptop; such as if you are facing an electricity shortage issue now, you can charge your notebook through it.

As well as, the solar kit has the power to convert the ray of sunlight into the form of electricity. Moreover, there is no hurdle for charging any brand of a laptop with the help of a solar kit, while this is the more reliable and flexible method to do this.

Use Auto Adaptor

Auto Adaptor

Auto Adapter is always the best option for those who mostly remain in travel, and they have to go all around the world regarding their work. In addition, you can attach your laptop to Auto Adapter with a cigarette lighter in a car.

Nonetheless, your notebook will keep on being charged as long as your car runs on its way. That is why; the traveler prefers an auto Adapter.

Using Your Friend’s Laptop

There is an excellent plan for charging a laptop, and it is that you can charge your notebook battery by making a connection of this with your friend or anyone else who has the same model of laptop as yours.

Although it’s a complicated process because it is rare that your cousins or friend have a similar laptop model, it’s not impossible. Besides this, you can also go toward the following strategies and preceding them to fulfill your needs.

Use Universal Adaptor

You can take the benefits of Universal Adaptor in that case where you don’t know what the actual problem is. Furthermore, if you are unable to load your notebook and at that point, you are getting the sound from this point is something is fishy in the loader of your laptop, you should use Universal Adaptor.

However, this is because the universal adapter has a set of loading pins, and it will help your laptop in the connectivity process by using the required loader. In addition, it also can charge different types of batteries along with discrete ranges of input.

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Use Travel Adaptor

Travel Adaptor

The terrific procedure that the majority has used for charging the battery of their laptops is the use of the Travel Adaptor. However, this adapter has excellent worth for audience belongs travelers such as businessmen, Researchers, Bloggers, Doctors, Interior designers, and many others.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that travel adapters come on the list of universal adapters. On top of that, you must be aware that this adapter has been used in specific places like aircraft, cars, and trains.

Moreover, you have to check whether your laptop is well-matched with your travel adapters, like universal adapters and USB type C. One more thing that is very necessary about it is to check out whether your aircraft or car charger is running and serving you in the best way or not so that you never have to face any problem on your way.

Furthermore, it has been observed that the loader of many vehicles smoothly performs their task along with the power code of your notebook loader. In addition, it can load the system of your laptop without being consumed with power.

Final Take Away Words

At this point, I want to conclude this topic based on “How to Charge a Laptops Battery Externally.” You can now implement all of these methods mentioned above on your laptop. Moreover, you can perform it on every laptop brand to charge its battery.

Nonetheless, after getting the solution to all your worries, it is appreciated if you could share this informative article with others.

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