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How to Charge Laptop with HDMI? – 2 Easy Methods

Charging your laptop with HDMI can save you from running short of your laptop charger. Do you want to know further how? Go through this article for a simple idea!
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 18, 2023
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how to charge laptop with hdmi

Are you looking for answers to your questions related to how to charge laptop with HDMI? Well, let me clear that you are standing at the right place to get the answer to your queries. All of the businesses of daily life have been shifted to electronic devices to handle with convenience. Your laptop carries necessary data, confidential business details, crucial emails, assignments, projects, study material, etc. What’s your daily routine document that is not carried by your laptop?

Your laptop is a small world where you carry all of your necessary working details in this context. As you need food to live, the same is the case with your laptop. It requires sufficient charging to work appropriately. It is as easy to charge your laptop via using a charger as eating food! Then, what’s the purpose of this article?

Well, to err is human. Sometimes, you can forget to carry your laptop charger with you when you leave home for an institute or workplace. Alas, what will you do now by not finding your charger in the laptop bag? Stress cannot do anything, so try to stay calm in these circumstances instead of getting worried.

Here is a trick for you to be productive in this kind of scenario. You can use the HDMI port to charge your laptops! Do you know about HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)? If you have no idea about it, I’ll illustrate it to you comprehensively. It is a standardized port for video/audio files to transfer externally to other devices properly.

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Running Short of Laptop Charger?

Sometimes you go to meet your friends or relatives. There is a due assignment/project in school or university. You are already late, and now you are quickly out of the home by keeping your important stuff in the bag. What if you forget the charger of your low-powered laptop at home? Without charging your laptop, you cannot do tasks on it. It would be best if you badly charged your laptop to deliver your presentations, assignments, etc.

Following are the three alternative ways to charge your laptop when you find the charger defective or not accessible:

  1. You can charge the laptop by connecting it with a USB directly.  
  2. You can forget or misplace everything but the phone. Use your phone to charge your laptop if urgently needed.
  3. External battery can help you out in this challenging time to charge your gadget productively.
  4. The preferable way to charge your laptop safely is in the car when you have no laptop charger with you.

These all are tricks to follow when looking to charge a laptop’s battery without a charger. But, try to ensure to get your laptop’s charger when you are going out. If it is defective, try to fix it as soon as possible to give your laptop an authentic feed!

Is it Possible to Charge Laptop via HDMI?

Here is an interesting fact, you can charge your laptop with HDMI. However, it is not preferable to charge your laptop via an HDMI port but with no charger.

Sometimes, your laptop charger is defective and prevents its proper functionality due to some errors. Because of these predefined reasons, you can select an alternative way to charge your laptop.

This is not an era of waiting for the charger to get fixed and then accomplishing all tasks. All of the essential routine work have been shifted to the laptop. Hence it would help if you had availability of a laptop 24/7 for different activities. For this reason, utilizing an HDMI port as an alternative to a laptop charger is efficient and good to go.

The next question that can enter one’s head will be, “how to charge a laptop battery with an HDMI.” Well, you need to scroll down to get an acute answer about it!

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Ways of Charging a laptop by using HDMI?

Be careful when connecting the HDMI port with the laptop to give an instant power to it. Following are some methods that you can follow to charge a Laptop with HDMI. These will be explained with their steps so that you can easily pick the suitable way to charge your laptop quickly:

Method # 1

How to charge a Laptop with HDMI? If you do not have an HDMI port with a Laptop, you don’t need to get stressed because the following steps are for Laptops with no HDMI ports.

Stuff you require

Having no charger around or because of a defect in it, you will require the below-mentioned things crucially to manage an instant charging facility for your Laptop via HDMI:

  1. The elementary thing is to find if your laptop has a USB Type-C port.
charge laptop with hdmi
  1. Adapter cable for HDMI
hdmi cable
  1. Connector/adapter for transforming HDMI and Type-C USB.
hdmi to type c

Have you collected all of the above things around now? Perfect, let’s move towards connecting scheme to link all things together & manage a quick fix for the laptop charging issue!

Strategy to connect

  1. Link HDMI cable to LCD TV that should support HDMI in.
  2. Use HDMI to USB type-C adapter (or connector if available), & attach the HDMI cable’s another finishing with it.
  3. Add in USB type-C connector into your Laptop’s USB port. Wow, it’s done & you are all set to charge the Laptop via HDMI!

You can read further to select 2nd method if you have an HDMI cable with your laptop.

Method # 2

There’s a big wow in case if you already have a Laptop with having HDMI port. There is no need to go through many steps, as you have the most crucial element within the laptop.  

Stuff you require

  1. TV holding up HDMI in port
  2. HDMI cable (for sure)

Strategy to connect

  1. Connect the terminal of HDMI cable in your TV’s HDMI
  2. Connect the HDMI connector to your Laptop port.

Fantastic, you have gone through all the necessary details about how to charge a Laptop battery with an HDMI!

Is it Safe to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

While going through the article, you should ensure the safety factor of “how to charge laptop with HDMI cable.”

Frankly elaborating, it is not a safe method to pick when you need to charge your laptop. However, it can be an alternative way to power your device. But regular usage of this way can slow down the operational capability of the laptop. It would be best if you’d prefer to charge the laptop by using its charger.

HDMI comes with minimum voltage for providing you good quality audio and HD video. Charging your laptop once with HDMI is fine. But don’t try to do it regularly as it will risk your laptop’s good condition. It will be due to the lack of voltage required for laptop charging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I charge my laptop without a charger when I do not have some time?

Its simple answer is yes. It is not inappropriate in a sense to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable. You can charge a laptop with HDMI when you cannot connect its charger due to some problems with it. But, it is not an excellent way to link your laptop again and again with HDMI to charge it. Once or twice, you can use it when there is no charger around you or having some defect.

Q. Can I charge my laptop using one of the options, an HDMI or USB port?

You can use HDMI or USB for charging your laptop. They both are less in power as compared to the laptop’s charger. Try to charge a laptop via an appropriate charger designed especially for it. Just in case if you are running out of it, you can use either of the gadgets mentioned above for charging a laptop.

A Verdict of Conclusion

You sometimes select the way to charge your laptop by using your HDMI port or USB port. It is not wholly the thing that you should not adopt. But, if you are doing it frequently, then it is wrong in every respect. It would help if you preferred the charger for powering your laptop that comes with it for this purpose.

But, if you are going through some defect-based issues with your charger, you can go for alternative ways. Anyways, it is not recommended to utilize these methods usually. Hopes are high that this article on the topic “how to charge laptop with HDMI cable” would assist you phenomenally in forging ahead with your tricky charging solutions.  

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