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How to charge laptop with iPhone? (2023 Guide)

How to charge laptop with iPhone? Continue reading the article to know whether you can charge your laptop with iPhone or not.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 10, 2023
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How to charge laptop with iPhone

Using a laptop daily and charging it daily can use some issues with the charger. And, you may find it challenging to replace it when your model is outdated. So, you might be wondering how to charge laptop with iPhone? Because iPhones are mostly available in all the house no matter what model people have.

And, if you have this query, then I got you covered. Because today I will tell if you can charge your laptop with iPhone or not? And, if not, what are the reasons for that, so read the article till the end!

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How to charge laptop with iPhone?

While talking about how to charge laptop with iPhone, let me clarify that you can never charge your laptop with iPhone due to the USB A port that gives output only. Also, iPhone doesn’t have enough supply to charge a high battery of a laptop.

And lastly, if you somehow manage a laptop with USB port, your iPhone is still not capable of doing so due to the absent of the reverse charging feature. I know what you are thinking now! You may be thinking that iPhone 12 does come with the reverse charging feature so why can’t I charge my laptop?

Well, that’s because your laptop doesn’t like iPhone!(just kidding!) But for real, even if your iPhone 12 has reverse charging feature, it still supports only small device like MagSafe charging pack.  That’s all, you cannot charge your mobile phone, laptop or tablets with iPhone 12.

I hope I have made this point cleared first of all, so don’t fall for a trap of iPhone  charging your laptop if anyone ever says so! Now, it’s not like you don’t have any other options, how about using your android phones for charging laptop? I have something to share with you!

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Can I use my phone to charge my laptop?

As I have already discussed above how to charge laptop with iPhone  and now you everything about that, this is the next method I’m going to share with you. But, let me clarify you, I’m not too much in support of, or a fan of charging laptop with a phone.

That’s because you have many other options out there like using an adapter or a car battery to charge your laptop. But, I want to discuss this confusing topic so that you don’t mess up with anything!

So, please note that this is the least option you should try!

Now, let me tell you, you can use the most recent smartphones as your backup power supply. Obviously, as I said above, your smartphone batteries are not capable of holding nearly as much charging  as the laptop battery requires. So,  this typically  leads to some significant drawbacks to this mobile charging  method.

Now , the first thing is that, even if your  smartphone battery is completely drained,  it will still not take more than 30 minutes worth of charging as compared to the laptop. So, of you think how to charge laptop with iPhone or smartphone, you have to keep this point in mind. Because,  you see that 30 minutes charging from phone battery is not enough to charge a large laptop battery.

And,  if we think typically, you have drained your one battery to change the wither, which makes no sense to me at least. So, as I said, if your laptop battery dies and you are in the car; you can use this method of charging a laptop with a phone. And, later, you can recharge the cell phone.

But, laptops have USB A port, so how to charge laptop with phone?  

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can i charge my laptop with my iphone

How to charge laptop with iPhone? C port method explained!

Let’s forget about the iPhone and talk about smartphones. First, you will require a USB Type-C to inset the charging instead of getting it from the laptop. And you will need a USB Type-C cable and a USB Type-C port laptop. So that it gets possible to receive charging.

 The next thing is connecting your phone to the USB C port laptop you have. Now it is time to find your phone’s USB settings. This my a differ depending on the  Android or iOS system you are using.

However, while telling you smartphone method instead of how to charge laptop with iPhone, let me tell you both IOS and Android will work in this method.

Whatever your OS is, you must choose the option to provide power. After doing that, you will see that the smartphone battery will get empty quickly, and you will see that your laptop battery will instantly take charging.

So, this was a tricky substitute when you asked how to charge laptop with iPhone. However, even though I have explained this trick, I won’t say that you can try it regularly.

That’s because this may result in affecting the battery timing of your mobile phone. But, if you somehow get stuck in some situation where you only have a mobile and manage the USB C cable, you can try it.

The other substitute can be of a battery pack that is an purpose-built pack for the charging task.

Well, I’m not done yet, let me explain this trick in brief words now so you can get clarification if you any confusions left.

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How to charge laptop with iPhone? Alternative method

You can take a USB C cable with a laptop that has USB A port laptop and take your cell phone that is charged. Now, connect the cable with the USB C port of the laptop and connect the other side of the cable to the mobile.

 Now, on your mobile, you will find the USB settings and from there, you will select the power supply option to turn it on. Now, that’s it and your mobile will design vastly and the laptop will take charging quickly.


So, now you know the other quick option if you think how to charge laptop with iPhone andyou find that you can’t do so. You can follow this technique often but not regularly for your laptop charging.

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Can I charge my laptop with an iPhone?

No, you van of charge your laptop with an iPhone as they both have USB A ports that are responsible for giving any supply and not taking charging.

Why I can’t charge my laptop with an iPhone?

Your iPhone has limited range of sharing supplies, and the power or battery supply of your iPhone is more limited than the laptop battery. So, this will not be enough. Also, your iPhone has a USB A port, and your laptop also has the same port that does not work for taking charging.

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