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How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? Step by step guide 2023

How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? Connect Nintendo Switch to laptop screen and have more fun playing your favorite games. Here is the complete guide.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On January 9, 2023
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How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop

When you can play Xbox One or Xbox X360 on laptops, why not play Nintendo switch on a computer then? Because playing such games on a bigger screen enhances the complete leisure. How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? This question has the most straightforward answer if you read the article till the end. And by the end of the article, you will learn the stepwise method of connecting your Nintendo to your gaming laptop!

How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop?

First, you will disconnect your Nintendo game HDMI cable from your TV. Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI input port on your Elgato HD60 HMDI capture card. Open game capture HD on the laptop. Now, press Home button on the controller and connect the USB cable. That’s how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop!

Now, this is the brief answer; I will share the step-wise detail below:

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How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? Stepwise method

Here is how to play switch on laptop:

1- As I said above, your first step is to disconnect your Nintendo laptop from the HDMI cable and disconnect it from the TV.

2- Now, you will plug your Nintendo switch cable into your Elgato HD60 HDMI input port of the HDMI capture card.

3- Then, you will open the gaming capture card on your gaming laptop.

how to play switch on laptop

4- It is time to turn your Nintendo Switch console on. And, you will press the Home button on the controller that you have connected to the laptop.

can i connect switch to laptop

5- Here is the last but not the minor step for sure. It is time to connect your USB cable with the Elgato HD60 as a connection between the laptop and the capture card. By combining the cable to these two devices, you will now see the Nintendo Switch game logo on the laptop’s screen. So, time to have fun now!

Now, what if you want to switch to the big screen on your Capture HD? There will be a full screen icon on the upper right corner on the capture HD. You will click it and so, it will switch to the full screen.

connect nintendo switch to laptop

However, beware of touching the mouse or keyboard keys while switching to the main screen. The entire screen will change into the full LCD screens here you can now play games.

Now, you know how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop. However, I’m not done yet. What if you don’t have a capture card HDMI? Does that mean you cannot switch your Nintendo game to the laptop screen? Or will you have to spend dollars on buying one?

Well, no! That’s not the case! I have an other method to share with you on how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? Read this easy guide below:

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Can you connect a switch to a laptop? No capture card required!

Using an HDMI capture card for switching the gameplay to laptop screen is a quick method. Even though you may feel confused at first by reading all those points, yet it is all about connecting two ports of cables together to the capture card and the laptop. 

However, never buy a new capture card if you don’t already have one because the rates of technical item are rising these days.

Here is an easy and solid substitute for playing your Nintendo Switch in the PC versions on your gaming laptop. Now, talking about the Nintendo Switch controllers, the best thing about these controllers is that they are compatible with laptops and PCs by leaving your tension free from learning new controls. I want to discuss one more thing while telling you how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop?

Many games on Nintendo Switch is available on the Nintendo Switch for Windows 10 devices. These games, however, exclude first-party franchises like Pokemon, Mario, Epic Games, Animal Crossing, etc.

Now, you will also find some famous online games like Minecraft that will allow you cross-save games between two devices. Let me explain it a little bit. You can start playing a game on your Nintendo Switch on your first laptop, and then in the middle of the game, you can take all the progress and continue all that progress back to your Nintendo whenever you are ready.

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How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop? Streamlabs application

Let me tell you one of the fastest-growing applications, Streamlabs, that works the best for your Nintendo streaming purpose. You can’t only play games on your Nintendo but can also stream your gameplay on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.

Now I will not get into that discussion of how you can stream on it because that’s a whole different thing here.

So, this tool is easily accessible for the IOS and Android devices and is the best substitute of capture cards.

Here is how to connect Nintendo switch using streamlabs app:

  1. First of all, you will download and install this tool on your mobile phone.
  2. Now, launch this app, and log in to whatever app you want YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Enable your mobile camera and the microphone.
  4. You will select your preferred widgets and press the next button shown there. You will see the widgets on your game screen once you start playing games. You must not overdo this step.
  5. You can arrange these widgets on the display screen and add text to them however you want.
  6. Now, return to the home screen to turn on the alert profiles. Check the default settings; if the default setting is off, you can turn them on.
  7. Now, you can select the settings menu and can click on broadcast option.
  8. Keep the display resolution 720 for sure, and the framerates should be 30fps. Also, maximize the bitrate 2500p.
  9. It is time to place the Nintendo Switch on whatever stand you have and the mobile on a tripod and now you will adjust the brightness.  Click off the auto brightness and take it to the maximum.
  10. Once you are done with the changes, you can click the recording red button the phone to start streaming!


So, you know how to connect Nintendo switch to laptop? And, by following the above steps, you can connect your Nintendo switch to laptop with or without a capture card.

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Can I stream from Nintendo switch to laptop?

Yes, you can install any streaming tool or Streamlabs app on the mobile and can launch it and stream your games on the laptop.

Can I play switch on laptops?

Yes, you can play switch on laptops by either using a capture card to connect the HDMI cable between laptop and Nintendo or can install streaming apps on the mobile and play on a laptop.

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