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How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI? (Step by step guide)

Playing Xbox on big screen is fun but what if you want to play Xbox on your laptop. Here is complete guide on How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 9, 2023
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How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI

Playing games on Xbox 360 is a whole lot of fun. But, this leads to an addiction to playing on big screens. And, you can’t take your LCD everywhere because they are hefty. Therefore I’m going to explain, how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI to solve this problem for you. Because this is the only way to have a big screen without an LCD and I will tell you how to do that! So, keep reading till the end to learn the step-wise method of connecting your Xbox 360 with a laptop using an HDMI input.

How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop?

You can only do so if your laptop has an HDMI input port. Because all the laptops come with an HDMI output port. And this port is responsible for connecting your laptop to the computer system or the LCD.

However, there are a few laptops only that have the HDMI input port. And, let me tell you one important thing. Your HDMI output port will not work for connecting the laptop and the Xbox. So, once you have HDMI input, here is what to do.

  1. First of all, make sure that all your applications on the laptop are enclosed on the Xbox game.
  2. Now, you will use your HDMI cable so find the rear on the HDMI cable and plug your HDMI cable in it.
  3. You will use the other part of the HDMI cable for connecting to the laptop.
  4. Now, if you have already set the Xbox 360 for connecting it to the laptop display, and have inserted the cable to both devices, you will now see that your laptop  display will automatically show the Xbox 360 display on the screen. This means that connecting Xbox 360 to PC or laptop is not a complicated task.
  5. Now, you are good and ready to play your favorite game from Xbox on the laptop screen. That’s how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI.

Suppose your laptop doesn’t show the Xbox 360 display on the screen. That’s because there are many chances that this may happen to your laptop display. So, do not panic, and let’s see how to connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop?

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How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI (Fix display not showing)

If your laptop doesn’t show the display of the Xbox at first, that’s normal. You have to fix this prevalent issue by first rebooting both of your devices. Now, either both the devices are turned off or on, you have to keep them on the same status.

That means while solving his error and learning how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI, keep them both on. Or, you can keep them both off as well. So, connect your HDMI to both of them as well. You will only plug this cable to both the devices when your devices are turned on.

So, you can now turn on the HDMI in put port in the BIOS. Now, you kay think that how to open the HDMI input in the BIOS? Well, you can do a little research by going on the laptop company official website for the laptop you are using.

I am not stating that here because first, it depends on the model and I don’t know what laptop you have. And secondly, I am just covering the topic how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI. So, I don’t want to keep it lengthy.

how to connect xbox 360 to laptop

So, I was telling about the BIOS, so BIOS opens when you shut down the laptop and then press the BIOS button. Also, you will press this button when the system has started a backup. Now, if I tell you about the BIOS buttons, these are normally the function keys like F1,, F2,F12,F10 and then Delete and Escape.

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How to connect BIOS to laptop

To proceed and see how to connect Xbox 360 laptop with HDMI, see the steps to reach out to BIOS.

  1. Disconnect your laptop from the power source and then turn it off.
  2. Now, flip your laptop open.
  3. When your system starts booting, you will hold it for at least 5 seconds.
  4. When you see the BIOS menu on the screen, click on F10 button.
  5. You will see BIOS configuration options here and you can save the settings here as well. Also, one of the most utilized BIOS setups is booting from USB devices, CDs, and DVDs.
  6. Now, you can also undo these settings by pressing the F9 button while the system is still booting up. And, by pressing this key, all the settings will return to the default settings.

So, that’s how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI.

Let’s have a brief review of what we discussed above.

How to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI

Take an HDMI cable and a laptop that has an HDMI input port. Connect one side of the cable to the laptop and the other to the Xbox 360. You will see the Xbox 360 display on your laptop. That’s how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI.

Also, when you can’t see the display, you can do the BIOS settings and boot both the devices first. This is the same method I explained above, so follow that.


So, now you know how to connect Xbox 360 to laptop with HDMI. Now, you can play games on a bigger screen with Xbox, thanks to your notebook with an HDMI input port. So, connect with the following method and start playing!

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Can I connect my laptop to Xbox One?

Yes, you can connect your laptop with Xbox One or Xbox 360 only if your laptop has an HDMI input port. An HDMI cable will help you connect both devices, and that’s all.

Why does my laptop not connect with the Xbox game?

Typically, you have connected both of  your devices with the HDMI cable and if still it doesn’t show the display, boot both the devices.

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