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How to factory reset Acer laptop? – [Easy Way 2023]

How to factory reset Acer laptop? This is the question people search for when laptops cause issues. And resetting a laptop is necessary in such cases.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 11, 2023
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How to factory reset Acer laptop

How to factory reset Acer laptop? This is the question people search for when laptops cause issues. And resetting a laptop is necessary in such cases. As you can not avoid this step once in a while, better to learn about it. So, check out the step-wise guide below for that. And, you will also learn why do you need to do a factory reset to Acer laptops? Read below!

How to factory reset an Acer laptop with Acer care center

Among several other techniques, let me explain this one first. You can reset your laptop using the Acer care center app. Now, read the steps below for the procedure.

1- First of all, go to your laptop search box. Now, type “recovery” in the search box. You will see the Acer recovery management app.

2- Click and open the app. And click on the get started option. This option will be next to the heading “reset your PC.”

3- Now, you have to remove everything. Just click on remove files/remove my files. And, this will remove all the extra files. Also, in this way, you get your drive cleaned.

4- Click on the reset option now. And, once you have reset it, there will be options on the screen. So, keep following the options and you will get set to use the system.

However, this is not the only method to reset the system. And, many people also don’t have an Acer care center app. So, if you don’t have it, you don’t need to install it now. Let’s go to the next method in that case.

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How do I reset my Acer laptop to factory settings

This method will help you reset the system through Windows 10 recovery environment. However, I’m talking about Windows 10; this method goes for all windows. So, if you think about how to factory reset Acer laptop Windows 10, read below!

1- Make sure to turn off the system before you proceed. And, if you have any USB or printer connected, put them away.

2- Click on the power button once. Now, click on function key 10 and Alt key together. You have to press the latter two keys when the Acer logo pops up. And, this step will take you to the “choose an option” page.

3- Now, first, you will click on the troubleshoot option. This will appear on the screen with two more options. So, ignore the rest on that page.

4- After clicking on troubleshooting, you will get more options. So, click on the “Reset this PC” option. Here, you will get to the next page. And, now you have to click on “remove everything”. When you get this page, there will be two options. The first one will be” just remove my files.” And the next one will be “remove everything.” So, you have to choose this option of your choice. (If your laptop takes a restart during this method, don’t panic. This is normal.)

5- Once you are ready to reset the system, click restart. And, after that, you can go to the onscreen instructions. But, before this, you have to wait for language and reign setting options.

So, that’s how to factory reset Acer laptop via Windows. But, while following both the methods, take care of the following things.  

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Important note:

  • Before you reset the laptop, you must create a data backup. This tip is for everyone no matter you use PC or laptop.

Once you have done the reset, update your laptop drivers. This will protect your system from any malfunction or lags. And, the speed will also be improved and smooth.

  • If your driver, particularly, motherboard driver is outdated, the laptop will turn off automatically. So, make sure to keep the drivers updated. And, for that, you can follow two techniques: manual and auto.

For manual, go to the driver’s manufacturer site and install the update. And, for automatic updates, install “driver easy”. This will keep checking the progress of the drivers. And, you don’t have to keep checking by yourself. The update will also be done automatically.

Why should we factory reset Acer laptop?

Now, resetting is not limited to Acer laptops, but to all PCs and laptops. So, let’s be general here. You need to factory reset the system due to malfunctioning. Here, malfunctioning means Bios or windows crash. Or, sometimes, the system does not respond or shut down automatically. In this case, you need to give your system a fresh start. And, such types of lags or crashes need to be wiped away. And, only resetting can help get rid of them.

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What does a factory reset do to a laptop/PC?

Factory reset wipes all the data from the system, making it clean. And, this helps you run the laptop/PC flawlessly. You also experience a better speed after reset. Most probably, the first method of reset doesn’t work for everyone. (I’m talking about the Acer care center app method). However, the Windows method is the best, tried and tested for laptops/PCs. The same method goes for other OS.

How the factory reset is good for laptops/PCs?

Now, as you learned that how do I reset my Acer laptop to factory settings? Let’s read about the advantages it provides to the users.

Factory reset helps boost the speed of your system. No matter if your laptop isn’t new, resetting will make it. But, it will only help if your system isn’t having any other technical issues. And note that factory reset is helpful only if you have created a backup. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to cry due to the loss of all the data. So, better to create a backup before you proceed with the idea. And, the system will take a fresh start.

 You will get a lot of space once again. You have to reset the system due to the extra and unwanted programs. Sometimes, you don’t even know that they exist in the system. But, they take up space and slower the speed.

So, that’s how you can factory reset Acer laptop if you have trouble with the performance.

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