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How to factory reset MSI laptop? Step-by-step guide (2023)

Having issues with your MSI laptop and want to learn how to factory reset MSI Laptop? Continue reading to find out how to do it.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 13, 2023
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How to factory reset MSI laptop

While using your laptop, you have to factory reset your computer. There can be many reasons, like getting rid of some viruses or trying to sell them. But how to factory reset MSI laptop? This is a step-by-step method, and you have to get into the depth of it, which I’m going to do today. So, keep reading this article till the end because you will be able to factory reset your laptop at home and without seeking any professional help.

How to factory Reset MSI laptop?

As I said above, there are two main reasons you have to reset the MSI laptop, whether to fight the virus or whether you want to sell the computer. The primary step you have to take is, creating a back up of your data.

Because you won’t even be able to cry if you lose all the essential data as I did once, take it as a precautionary step before you sell it, or you can consider it a necessary stage of the troubleshooting procedure. So, you know the first step before you see how to factory reset MSI laptop.

Now, if you are confused that how you can create a back up and where, you can do so in cloud storage and hard drive.

Here is the most prominent option for cloud storage is Dropbox. It comes with  15GB and also 2GB of storage space. 

Now, after creating a backup of the programs and files, you will erase your hard drive and restore your system to the factory defaults. Now, we are ready to reset the laptop, so here we are:

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How to factory reset MSI laptop? Step-by-step guide

The manufacturers of MSI laptops have made this reset process very easy. MSI laptops arrive with already loaded recovery compartments on the drives. You can access this partition by pressing the  F3 key. Here is how to factory reset MSI laptop:

  1. You have to connect your MSI laptop to a power source. If the system runs, you will turn the power off and then turn it back on. 
  2.  Once you see the  MSI logo appearing  on the screen, you will now  press the F3 key because this will enter the System Restore interface.
  3. Now, it is time to Opt for “Troubleshoot” option, and so you will click Enter button on the keyboard.
  4. The next step is “Restoring MSI factory settings.”
  5. Once you find it, you will click on the System Partition Recovery option.  This system will encourage you to eliminate and format your hard drive.
  6. In the next step in learning how to factory reset MSI laptop is Click the “Yes” option and then continue the reset process.
  7. Once the restoring process starts, you must ensure that your laptop stays plugged into your power source. 
  8. Once you are done with the reset process, you have to click “OK” and then continue with the system setup.
  9. Select “Continue” to exit the MSI factory reset window as we are done with the process already.  
MSI boot recovery

To inform you about the MSI laptop’s new state, it is back to it’s original factory state. You can see the results in the form of your high-speed laptop performance. Your system’s performance will be pretty Much high after the reset. So, you can lack it back to sell it, or you can take the data back that you have created. Keeping your laptop driver up to date will ensure smooth performance of your laptop.

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Get your backed up data back!

The above method has already told you how to factory reset MSI laptop, and you have also learned to create a backup of your data on the cloud storage or hard drive. I already said above that you can shift your data and your programs once you have done resetting the system.

Of course, you will not do that if you want to sell your system because why create a backup if you’re going to gift someone all the personal information? Just kidding! But, if you want to use the system after MSI factory reset windows 10, by getting rid of the troubles, you are ready to play AAA games now!

Once you have learned how to factory reset MSI laptop, you can decide how you want to configure your system. But, for selling, do not install anything on the computer and let it be as it is, the buyer will decide what he wants to do with the system. Now, let’s see if all this process of MSI factory reset was worth it or not? Because you may have some questions about it.

MSI boot recovery-is it worth it?

However, like every picture as two sides, this hard reset MSI so has some consequences. Now, you can’t say that resetting the laptop is always a good and safe option. In some cases, It may be a good option but you have to see if you have another way left to sort out the problem or troubleshoot the issue.  

Even if you create a backup before resetting everything, your data may still be at risk. How about hacking the data you have made a backup of? If you know a little about black hat hacking, you will see the danger of your already saved data.

And, let’s suppose your system needs a reset, and you have created a backup, but what suppose you have not checked all the files before making a back up, and you miss something? Or, what if your backup data has some sort of the virus, and it damages the system’s health? So, it is always a good option to learn about how to factory reset MSI laptop by yourself whenever you need. But, make sure to try other methods before resetting your laptop if you want to keep the computer for personal use.

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So, you know how to factory reset MSI laptop, whether you want to troubleshoot any problem or sell the computer. You can create a back up and can reset the system by your own now.


Why factory reset a laptop?

You often need to factory reset your laptop if your system has some viruses or if you can’t figure out the issue. Also, it is a must for any user to factory reset the system before selling it.

Is it safe to factory reset a laptop?

If you have already backed up your data, resetting your system is safe. However, without creating a backup, you can only cry for data loss, so it is not safe then.

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