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How To Fix Black Spots On Laptop Screen? Complete Solution 2023

How To Fix Black Spots On Laptop Screen? Complete guide on how to fix the black spots on laptop screen and the reasons which can cause it.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 6, 2023
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How To Fix Black Spots On Laptop Screen

You must have experienced black spots on your laptop screen once it gets a bit old. This bothers me a lot, but do you know how to fix black spots on laptop screen? Because this looks horrible on the screen and bothers you a lot and you definitely want to wipe it off.

So, lets get into the details because in this article, you will not only learn fixing the black spots on the screen, but you will also learn the reasons for these black spots.

Why is there a black dot on my screen?

There are several basic reasons that leave black spots on your screen. These reasons are given below!

Dirt or debris on your laptop

The black spots occur on the screen when a lot of dirt or debris gets collected. And, if this stays on the screen for a more extended period, you will notice that a black dot has appeared on the screen. Now we will discuss in detail how to fix black spot on laptop screen? However, right now, you can use a none saturated wet cloth of microfiber and macro-free cloth.

Now, with a soft hand, wipe the screen nicely and clean it until you get rid of the spot. However, this is not the only reason to have black spots on laptop screen; make sure you keep your system clean. Now, let me tell you the second reason for the black dot on the laptop screen.

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A stuck or a dead pixel

A stuck or a dead pixel

If you know about the tech a little bit, you may know about dead or stuck pixels. If you don’t know, let me tell you what a dead or stuck pixel is?

When you turn on the laptop or computer, the screen will spread color, and the pixels will pick and spread the colors to other pixels.

However, sometimes, one or more pixels fail to pick the color, and they turn black; this, you call them dead pixels or stuck pixels. While talking about how to fix black spots on laptop screen, this discussion was quite necessary. Now, let me give you a little tip to solve this problem.

You can restart your system and see if the black dot disappears. Because, by doing this, you will be able to spread the color again to the screen and hopefully, this time, all the pixels will pick them.

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How to fix black spots on laptop screen?

You can use a wet microfiber without saturating it and you can clean the screen with it. Or, if it is not going off, you have to give a gentle pressure on that area to make the stuck pixel move. Black dot removing software is also available online that will help you learn how to fix black spots on laptop screen?

I have already told you about the dead pixels above, and now I will tell you about the software programs that can help you for removing the dead pixels of the screen and other black spots.

For instance, you can use Dead pixels buddy software for locating and fixing the dead pixels. Also, you can use Jscreen fix and pixel fixer software to remove the black spots from the screen.

Now, I know I have talked about cleaning the screen above, but while learning how to fix black spots on laptop screen, you must use my tip. So, if your laptop is touch screen, you can use your stylus to clean the black spot.

Also, you can use the same stylus for Lcd black spot repair and I’m going to tell you how? Just be domestic for a while and wrap the same infamous microfiber I have talked about for so many times, on the stylus back side.

I’m not obsessed with that microfiber but it’s just how this trick works. So, rub that area you just have wrapped and make sure to be gentle with it. This will make your system screen clear and you will see no black spots now.

Also, if you are having a dead pixel issue, you can use the same stylus that you have wrapped and put a decent amount of pressure on the screen. This will make the pixel move to much extent.

Now, while we are talking about the dead pixels, I’m going to discuss some more about the software that you can use to get rid of black dot on screen.

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How to fix black spots on laptop screen with a software

First of all, you will need to download and install any software program in your system and turn it on. You can pick any software from the above list that I have discussed above.

 Let’s say you have chosen Jscreen software for the pixels problem. Now, you can use this link for Jscreen and then click on the launch option.

Please make sure that you have the latest Java version on your laptop or computer screen. If not, you can get it from the official site of Java and this is a necessary step.

 So, make sure your program is updated and the OS is in the latest version. Now, once you turn this on, it will turn off and on all the pixels on the screen.

How to fix black spots on laptop screen with a software

And, the black pixel will pick color immediately and the program will run the color through the pixels 60 times in a second. That’s how to fix black spots on laptop screen. Now you will click on the locate button and this will appear after the dialogue box.

So, your screen will go black and you have to rotate the window to find the dead pixel. Now, once you have found the dead pixel, click on the fix button on the software program and you will see the software work.

So, if you still see the dead pixels in the screen, and if they are more about three or four, contact your system manufacturer. The best thing is to have a warranty with your laptop so the manufacturer will take full responsibility.

However, please learn that sometimes manufacturers sell faulty systems that have several dead pixels. So, it is not always your fault!


So now you have learned how to fix black spots on laptop screen and why do they occur! Start following my above method a get rid of them!


What are the reasons for black Spots on the screen?

These reasons include immense pressure on the laptop, dirt staying on the screen for long time and dead pixels.

Can we use wet cloth on laptop?

Yes, you can! But make sure to drench the cloth fully and only use a micro fabric on the laptop with slight force only.

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