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How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing? (2023)

Did you crack your laptop's screen while using it? Here is how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 15, 2023
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How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing

Whether you are a student or an employee, you need laptops nowadays, and they suffer with you! Yes, I said that right! You take them wherever you need them and so they face accidents also. Sometimes you crack the screen and hit what if you don’t want to replace it? How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing?

Because replacing can be more costly if you are on a saving mode these days, and of course, a new screen can’t replace the worth of the original one. So, keep reading this article till the end because you will learn easy steps to fix your cracked laptop screen at home!

How to fix laptop screen without replacing?

If you think of how to fix laptop screen without replacing, you have to open the laptop bezels and take the screen off. Now, you will fix the screen and pack the screws back and join the bezels.

Now, before I get into more details, first let me tell you what a laptop screen is and how your laptop screen ends up getting cracked?

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What is an LCD screen on a laptop?

Your LCD screen for a laptop is made up of a Liquid crystal display and comes in nixed forms for different laptops. Now, some of these display screens are active-matrix displays, some are touch screen displays, and some are backlit displays. Talking about their progress, many laptops have the latest backlit high-end displays.

Now, let’s get into some basic as well as the rare reasons for cracked laptop screens before we see how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing them?

Why do laptops screens get cracked?

The laptop screen gets cracked due to some primary reasons like falling or getting jerked, or there are some reasons that you may not know! Here are the following all the reasons why your laptop screens get cracked.

  1. The first and foremost reason for your laptop screen getting cracked is due to the pressure laid on your laptop screen. Whether your laptop is open or not, putting extended pressure can lead to a display crack.
  2. Second reason for your laptop screen crack is the loose or big size bag that is too loose to fit your laptop in. And, when your transport it, it gets jerks in the bag, and so, the display cracks.
  3. One more reason for laptop LCD crack is that if you open and close the laptop at a reasonable speed, there are chances of pressure on the hinges. Once your Notebook gets pressure on hinges, and the LCD gets cracked or bends from one side that also leads to breaking.

How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing?

To fix your cracked laptop screen, you must understand the nature of the crack on your screen. Now, I have some effortless and DIY tricks to help you fill up the gaps. However, please note that these cracks will be filled briefly, and you need some ingredients to fill them.

Now, you can fill up the cracks with the help of baking soda. Or, you can use sandpaper for that as well. Also, liquid adhesive or plastic bags will help keep up with the cracked screen. Now, the following are the ways to fix the screens and you need the following things to fix them.

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Things required

You need the following things to fix your laptop’s cracked display:

  1. You will need a table that is flat and even or anything that has an even surface. This will help you focus on work quickly, and you will get an actual space to work without making your muscles sore.
  2. Your laptop is packed with screws, and you need to use a screwdriver to open the screen with the screwdriver. So, you have to take care of the screen because you will find four or more screws that have packed the screen. This is an important step to learn how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing. It would help if you used a medium-sized screwdriver.
  3. You will also need a self clocking pin to open the takes that are either you are attaching the screen under screws. These tapes are also called spread stickers. Also, instead of pins, you can use needles as well.
  4. Now, you further need any sharp or pointed object to detach the screen and this can be a plastic knife or plastic putter razor.
  5. Finally, you have to keep a bowl beside you to put the screws in them.
How to fix laptop screen without replacing

Start fixing!

First of all, take off the power supply and remove its battery from the system to make sure your system has no electricity connected. Now, take a view of the display screen from sides and you will see tapes to attached edges. And, there will be screws holding them.

So, first step to see how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing is the removal of those screws. But before taking out the screws, you have to first inset that pin or sharp edge into the LCD to make it open. Now, you will see the screws visible and it will be easy to take them out.

Remove the tapes or stickers if there are any in the way, and you will now separate the screen from the bezels quickly. However, you have to hold the screen from the opposite side not to cause any more damage. However, there you will further see a metal casing that composes it.

So, you have to rotate the screen a bit to get a clear view of the metal case. Now, the net will come out of the casing, and you can see some links and sites. The first link will be the video link, and the second one will be the power adapter link.

Now, put another new screen, and you will reverse the method. So, you have to put the new screen between the metal chassis but the bezels back and tighten them with the screws you have taken out.

Now, you will turn on the system to see if this screen works fine. That’s how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing it because once the laptop is broken, you will need to change it and you can’t deal with the cracks. Because they keep getting lengthier, and you face total display damage if you don’t deal with them in time.


So, now you know how to fix cracked laptops screen without replacing them because you will need to fix them once in a while as laptops do get cracks.


How to fix laptop screen cracks?

You can only try to fix the cracks me hold them there for a limited time. However, you can’t fix it for good so you can use a tape to hold the liquid of the screen from spreading more.

How to replace laptop screen?

You can replace the screen by removing the screws and opening wide bezels. Now, take the screen out and put the new one with the reverse procedure. That’s how simple it is to change the screen at home.

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