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How To Fix Laptop Charger Port?

Stop struggling with a faulty laptop charger port! Our simple guide shows you how to fix it at home. From identifying the problem to step-by-step instructions for various brands, we've got everything you need to get your device charged and back to work. Say goodbye to charging headaches and hello to a fully powered laptop.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On June 2, 2023
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How To Fix Laptop Charger Port?

Your laptop charging port is broken, and you are considering buying a new one. Hold on and go through this article before making a final decision. This guide will highlight the laptop charging port repair issue. Meanwhile, it will explain how to fix laptop charger port in an elaborated way. Step by step guide will be detailed enough to make you understand the whole procedure. Before finding the solutions, you must identify the problem’s root cause. So, I will also narrate some common issues and their economic solutions.

How to fix laptop charger port?

Often, you open a laptop for work and want to connect the charger to the charging port. But what you experience is laptop charger port broken. The good news is that you can quickly fix laptop charger port at home.

The essential requirement for Laptop charger port repair is a screwdriver. With a screwdriver, you can fix laptop charger port in no time. The procedure to fix the charging port depends upon the model and brand of the laptop, as the internal component’s location varies according to the laptop brand. To overcome the issue, I am narrating the step-wise process of fixing the laptop charger port of various brands. So, how to fix a charger port on a laptop will no longer be an impenetrable question.

Examine the laptop charging port

If you are facing any of these factors, it indicates that the laptop charging port is faulty and should be replaced immediately:

  1. Even though a laptop is connected to charger, the window continuously indicates that laptop should be connected to a charger.
  2. The laptop is not consuming power, although it is connected to the charging source.
  3. A laptop is not connecting with the charger. But the external condition of the charger and charging port is looking excellent.
  4. The battery does not switch on the power light and is not connecting the charger to the laptop.

Is the laptop plugged in properly?

It may sound surprising but let me tell you, it is an essential step that should be done before replacing or fixing the charging port.

  1. First, check the battery position. Ensure the battery is set correctly and connected with all the contact points of the laptop.
  2. Connect the power cord/main cable of the charger to different sockets. It will help you determine whether the laptop charging port has an issue.
  3. Check the AC power input. Removable chords should be perfectly inserted into it.
  4. The damage or fault in a DC jack is expected as it is used daily. DC jack is the port in which you insert your charging cable.
  5. Also, you cannot ignore the dust in the charging port. An accumulation of dust in the charging port can raise many problems, including connectivity issues. So, consistently clean the laptop and its charging port once a month.

After all these verifications, if the laptop is still not working, there is no doubt that the laptop charging port broken or the charger port is loose. You have to take an instant action to fix loose laptop charger port or change it with new one. 

How to fix charging port on laptop?

If the DC jack of your laptop is broken, you can fix the charging port by replacing it. Beforehand, be confident about the complete procedure; otherwise, I will not recommend taking a risk. YouTube is the best teacher, so learn the process while watching the videos. You can also seek help from the manual of your laptop. Try to keep the manual with you when changing the port.


The complete procedure is listed down below in simple steps:

  1. Detach all the screws to open the laptop. A laptop has numerous screws. It isn’t easy to locate all of them at once. Consider the manual to find the location of the screws. After separation, conserve screws at a secure place. You do not want to hustle by losing the screws.
  2. Separate the laptop’s parts, including battery, hard disk, RAM chip and optical drive.
  3. Carefully separate the plate connector.
  4. You must remove the laptop’s keyboard and LCD for the next step.
  5. After removing the essential parts, the DC power jack will be in front of you.
  6. Replace the old faulty and power jack with a new one.
  7. If a laptop needs cleaning of internal components, don’t think and do the cleaning process.
  8. Now, it is time to reassemble the laptop parts. Follow all the steps of disassembling in a reverse way.
  9. Bravo! You are done; power on the laptop to observe the changes.
  10. The process can be simple and complicated. It depends upon your willpower and expertise. If you are a beginner in the digital world, then it is not your cup of tea; consult an expert for help.

Fix HP laptop charger port

If your HP laptop charger is not working, this guide is for you. You should follow the step-by-step directions instead of laptop charger port replacement. Before further proceedings, you must have a multimeter. A multimeter is a convenient tool to check the charger of almost every laptop.

For the precautionary measure, I will recommend not touching the multimeter’s probes with bare hands while checking with them. It may cause an electric shock and can harm you.


Follow the simple steps to fix an HP laptop charger port:

  1. First, you must adjust the multimeter to a range of 20V.
  2. Fix the red probe of the multimeter inside the pin.
  3. Fix the multimeter’s black probe on the top of the charger pin.
  4. Check the voltage of the charger. It must be around 19V.
  5. If the voltage is 19V, then the charger is fine, and there must be any fault in the internal components of the charging port.
  6. If the voltage is 0V, it indicates any problem in the laptop charger that should be checked further.
  7. To further check, you must check for 220V to justify the results.
  8. To examine the power cable card, put both (black and red) probes of the multimeter in the holes of the cable.
  9. If the voltage appears around 220V, then the cable is perfect.
  10. If the power cable card of a laptop is faultless, but the multimeter is not showing the voltage. Then, there is any other issue with the device or the charger.

Fix Samsung laptop charger port

You can quickly fix the charging port of a Samsung laptop at home in no time. But, if you do not want to take the risk, I suggest seeking help from the Samsung laptop service center. They do their job as laptop charger port repair or laptop charging port replacement.


Copy the steps to fix a Samsung laptop charger port quickly:

  1. For the first step, you must remove the battery of the Samsung laptop.
  2. While loosening the screw of the hard disk, remove the cover from the device.
  3. Now, also remove the hard disk by releasing its screws.
  4. Along with the hard disk, there is a RAM chip. Remove the RAM chip after the hard disk.
  5. Remove all the other remaining screws from the board.
  6. While opening the back cover, open the laptop.
  7. Take your time and carefully open the back cover. Otherwise, you can damage your device if you try to open it hastily.
  8. Replace the broken laptop charging port with a new one.
  9. A laptop charging port replacement is an effective way to fix the port.

Fix Toshiba laptop charger port

If your Toshiba laptop charging port broken, then do not worry. You can efficiently perform the activity of laptop charger port replacement at home.


Follow the simple steps mentioned below to replace or repair the charging port of the Toshiba laptop:

  1. Remove all the screws from the laptop battery.
  2. Use laptop back cover remover to separate the back cover.
  3. Replace the faulty charging port with a new one.
  4. You can easily access a new charging port from amazon, aliexpress, daraz, olx, or another authentic store.

What is the total cost to fix laptop charger port?

The repair cost depends on the model and the laptop’s condition. If there is a minor problem with the charging port, the price will be less than 20 dollars. But, if the issue is severe, where the charging jacks have a direct link with the motherboard or complications can also be in a specific part that demands the operation of the system as a whole. So, in such cases, the prices increase. The cost can fluctuate from 50 dollars to 400 dollars. After observing the laptop’s condition, your technician can give you a better idea about the laptop charger port repair cost.


How to fix laptop charger port? It is a vital question for frequent laptop users, so I had to explain the procedure. I have compiled all the primary methods for different brands. So, you can quickly fix the laptop charger port at home. If you want to trust an expert for the changing process, go ahead. I have mentioned the price range too. But the prices will be directly proportional to the problem.

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