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How to fix pink screen on laptop? Updated 2023

One of rarest and most technical problem among them is the pink screen. Here is complete guide on how to fix pink screen on laptop?
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On June 4, 2023
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How to fix pink screen on laptop

No matter how expensive a laptop you get, you have to admit that it troubles you a few years later. And, the rarest and most technical problem among them is the pink screen. So, how to fix pink screen on laptop? Because this is what you need to understand when this case happens.

And, a pink screen has two reasons that I will discuss with you all today. Also, I will share my personal experience of how I fixed my laptop’s pink screen. So, if you read the article till the end, you will get to know the reasons for the pink screen and the solution.

Why is my laptop screen pink?

The laptop screen is pink for some rare reasons, but they are incredibly annoying. Also, the following are the reasons for the pink screen on laptop:

Ribbon cables are the main reason

You may or may not know that ribbon cables are also the reason for the pink screen on the laptop. Now, these cables are located inside the laptop. And, if you have some knowledge and confidence to open up the laptop, you can do that yourself.

It was fun for me to operate these cables and fix the laptop. So, I enjoyed these steps, and I was happy that I got rid of the pink tint screen.

However, if you are not well experienced or don’t have any knowledge about it, you can hire some experts to seek help. So, if you think how to fix pink screen on laptop, you can check the ribbon cables in the laptop first of all. However, here is another reason now.

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Check the graphics card

If you have checked and repaired the ribbon cables, and still, the issue is the same, you can check the graphics card now. Because usually, there can be a problem with the connector cable.

 However, if you have checked it and fixed it already, you are more likely to have a fixed screen. But, if you have checked the connector cable and are sure that it works fine, you have to check the laptop’s temperature.

Because this can be a dangerous but expected case that your graphics card may have gone too hot. And so, while learning how to fix pink screen on laptop, you have to learn to maintain the GPU temperature to keep it normal.

However, if you have maintained the temperature and the system stays cool, but if the laptop screen turns pink, I have to say that you have a bad GPU. And, instead of getting it is fixed, again and again; you should spend once and for all and get a new graphics card. Also, you can take professional help to fix this pink screen.

Why is my laptop screen pink?

Your laptop screen may be pink due to the poor ribbon cables or the heated graphics card. Whatever the reason, I have some simple solutions for fixing the pink screen.

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How to fix pink screen on laptop? Here is an updated guide for 2022

Solving the link screen issue is no big deal now once you know the issue with your laptop. And once you have found it, here is how to fix pink screen on laptop?

  • Turning off and on the laptop.
  • Checking your system cables.
  • Updating the laptop’s drivers.
  • Disabling the hardware acceleration.

How to fix pink screen on laptop by turning it off and on?

Now, you may already know about this trick, and you may think that this trick is childish, but trust me, this works. So, if you have to process with any solution to fix the pink screen, start with turning the laptop off and on again. Sometimes, this error is just like a glitch in the system, and it goes away when you turn it off and on.

Now, here is another solution to this problem.

How to fix pink screen on laptop

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Update the drivers for pink screen on the laptop

You may not know, but sometimes, your drivers are also causing issues. And this happens when your drivers are outdated. So, in easy words, you can say that your drivers are outdated and they need your attention!

So, you have to update them and then as a safe step, you can restart your laptop. Now, see if there is a difference. However, here is another solution on how to fix pink screen on laptop?

Disabling hardware acceleration on laptop

Now, sometimes your hardware acceleration is the reason that you think why is my laptop screen pink? And, by hardware acceleration, please don’t misunderstand it as any hardware component. Because a hardware acceleration means software that helps the hardware run and perform faster without causing any lags.

So, this software runs while you use your system for whatever reason you want and it improves the system speed. However, let me tell you one important thing!

No matter how fast this software helps perform, it is one main reason for creating a pink screen on your laptop. Because too much work as programs run at the same time and so, the screen results in a lag.

But, you don’t have to think about how to fix pink screen on laptop anymore because it is just one step method. And you can turn it off by going to the settings, so you can now enjoy a transparent screen.

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How to fix pink screen on laptop by checking the cables?

This one may be one of the most common reasons, but it is also one main reason of common sense. Because this is where your mind may not go while looking for the problems.

And, this is because sometimes, the problem can be due to the loose or faulty HDMI cable, or any other cables that you have plugged in.

And, by fixing them or fighting them, you can quickly fix your link screen. However, This is not all! One of the second most common and ever simple reasons is given below.

Turning on the night light

If you find this reason for your laptop’s pink screen, you will never again question yourself how to fix pink screen on laptop because this is what you may slap yourself after finding out! ( I can’t stay serious throughout the article, I know, so I have to do it!)

Now, sometimes you can accidently press the night light on the laptop on, that will help you work in the dark. It is also safe for your eyes but remember, this light is also pink and it turns the screen pink! Yes, you read it right!

 You have to check it immediately before seeking someone’s help because you will become a laughing stock at the end! Just turn the light off and there you go! You have clear screen now.


So, you learnt how to fix pink screen on laptop without messing around and the above given reasons are going to help you find the solution at the end! Check your laptop right away!


Why my laptop screen gets pinkish?

That’s because of the faulty GPU, faulty ribbon cables or outdated drivers. And sometimes, your night light on the laptop is one such reason.

Can I fix my pink screen at home?

Yes, you can fix your pink screen depending on the reason and their solutions. You can update the drivers, turn off the night light, fix the cables or the faulty GPU.

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