How to fix pressure marks on laptop or computer screen

Laptop screens see extremely sensitive material on laptop. So, you can only make them go longer if you take good care of them. Also, a little pressure on the laptop lid or a hard press on a screen can create pressure points that are not healthy for your laptop.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 2, 2022
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How to fix pressure marks on laptop or computer screen

Laptop screens see extremely sensitive material on laptop. So, you can only make them go longer if you take good care of them. Also, a little pressure on the laptop lid or a hard press on a screen can create pressure points that are not healthy for your laptop.

So, in this article, I will tell you some points on how to fix pressure marks on laptop or computer screen? Because every other person today has pressure marks on their laptop or computer screen. So, keep reading to understand the reasons and tricks to handle pressure marks. 

How do you fix pressure marks on the display screen on a laptop or computer?

Unfortunately, you cannot fix the laptop pressure marks whether it is about the laptop or computer. So, once it is damaged, you have to replace it with a new one. However, it is not something that you cannot avoid at all. By understanding some significant reasons for pressure stains on screen you can pretty much avoid such incidents. Here are some main reasons for pressure marks.

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Reasons for pressure marks on laptops or computer screen

Now, there are several reasons why laptops or computer screens get pressure marks, and before we head to the solution, we will talk about these reasons, so read below:

Too much pressure on the display screen

The first and foremost reason for pressure marks is because you somehow apply too much pressure, as we discussed above. And, as you know, LCDs have liquid crystal packed between the screen that leaks when the pressure gets too much.

So, when you apply pressure somehow on the screen, it will physically alter the crystals. And, sometimes, you can say that LCDs get cracked when they are delivered.

Pressing the touchscreen too hard

Talking about the touch screen, you know it all functions around the touch. So, it is more likely to get a screen damaged due to excessive use. And a hard press is the reason for the screen damage.

 So, by avoiding the hard press, you can save the screen from further damage.

Here are some more problems you will face when the screen gets pressured. These are below:

Screen flickering

You often turn on the laptop or computer and see the screen flicker. This is mostly due to the loose video cable. And, often that’s because of your cracked video cable.

So, if you video cable is cracked, just change it. And, if it is loose, you have to tighten it and it will be showing a clear display screen.

Sometimes this is also due to the refresh rate. So, you can set the refresh rate according to your need and see if the flickering goes. Mostly, systems work around a 60Hz refresh rate.

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Cracks on the screen

Sometimes, you accidentally drop the laptop or hit the screen with any hard material that damages the screen. Or, if it does not damage, it will at least get cracks then.

 So, if this happens or if the liquid is leaked into the screen, you have to buy a new screen, unfortunately. Because the cracks or leaked screens cannot be fixed so, this is the only solution.

Buzzing sounds in the system

Often you hear the buzzing sound from the computers. These buzzing sounds are produced from the power cable when the electricity voltage is not fixed or is not stable.

So, it is best to keep a computer system voltage regulator so that your system doesn’t make strange sounds. Also, this irregular voltage can turn your hard so take care of this point.

Stuck or dead pixels

Some of you might have seen a black dot on the screen that stays there and doesn’t go away. This is a dead or stuck pixel that does not light up. Sometimes, you can put subtle pressure on the screen to light it up.

This has worked for me. Or, different programs transfer the color to this pixel, and it turns up with light. But, I will not talk about them as I have another more straightforward solution. You can keep the system running and keep doing your work and you will see the pixels with gain color in a little time.

Resolution error

Sometimes, you will experience a poor or changing resolution of the display. If this keeps happening, that’s because of the graphics driver that is in poor condition now.

However, you can fix it with the software updates or by reinstalling the software. But, if you still face the same issues after all of this, you have to get a new graphics card.

Also, sometimes,  battery is also the reason as it alters, the display resolution when you are charging your laptop. That means you need to change the battery first.

Here is how to fix pressure spots on LED screen:

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How to fix pressure marks on laptop

  • You have to place the laptop or computer LCD on the table and remove the panel by taking out the screw one by one. Keep the screws in front of your eyes so you can see them easily.
  • Now, you will remove all the wires from both the sides because you will need to remove the connectors of the speakers.
  • It’s time to remove the lower side screws from where the device holds the sources of the PCB. Now, you will disconnect the cable to their upper PCB.
  • Now, you will remove the LCD brackets by taking out their screws.
  • Now, ask someone to help with this step please because now you will remove the display with two vacuum cups. So, as the Panel is susceptible; you have to get someone who holds the display nicely and put it in a safe place.
  • You will unclip the mount now. These mounts hold the bracket that is holding the screen.
  • Now you have a white panel in front of you. So, there will be sheets as well. These are diffuser sheets in LCDs that distribute the light. Take them out carefully and place them on a clean surface. It makes sure there is no dust.
  • The central part of the screen is in front of you now. So, I will now witness some tiny mirrors that are some of the backlights of the LED. The best thing is lock them in the place using their locks or you can even go with glue.
  • It is time to repeat the process once again. So, you will go with my discussed points in reverse order and assemble the LCD once again. Also, be careful with placing the LCD back because this is sensitive. So, make sure to take some help from someone who already has some ideas about this work.


So, now you know that there is no way on how to fix pressure marks on laptop screen. But, you can read the above points to avoid these marks on the screen.


Can you fix the pressure stains on the display?

No, you can’t fix the pressure stains on the display screen as no company has given such solutions yet and there are no hacks either.

What is a dead pixel on the screen?

A dead or frozen pixel is the pixel that sometimes doesn’t pick a light when you turn on the display. However, putting a little subtle pressure on it several times can help.

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