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How to fix rainbow screen on laptop or computer (Complete Guide)

Sometimes you use your laptop or computer on a typical day, but when you open it, you sometimes see a rainbow color or pattern on the display. In this article I will tell you how to fix a rainbow screen on the laptop or computer because this issue leads to much confusion.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On April 27, 2022
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How to fix rainbow screen on laptop

Sometimes you use your laptop or computer on a typical day, but when you open it, you sometimes see a rainbow color or pattern on the display. In this article I will tell you how to fix a rainbow screen on the laptop or computer because this issue leads to much confusion.

They often believe that this is due to some sort of pressure led on the display. For a moment, even if we believe that this happens to the laptop because you accidently put some pressure on it, what about your desktop system then? You have already placed it on a place and not changing it’s opposition daily right?

So, if you keep reading this article till the end, you will learn the reasons why your laptop gets a rainbow screen and what is the solution?

What is a rainbow screen?

Rainbow screen is actually vertical or horizontal rainbow-colored lines or patterns on the display screen. These lines can be either on one side of the display, or can be on the whole screen. Before we get into solution, you first need to understand the reasons for this glitch.

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Reasons for a rainbow glitch screen

Now, there can be different reasons for a rainbow glitch screen. Sometimes your video cables can be faulty or damaged, giving a poor display connection. Or sometimes, your outdated graphics drivers are also a reason.

And damaged ribbon cables are also one main reason for the rainbow screen. However, you can’t say that only one thing is responsible for your rainbow display screen. A faulty adapter connection with the display is also one such reason.

So, you can also go to the Bios of your laptop or computer and see the software or hardware problems there. I will get into details about it later below. Let’s start with the first step.

How to fix a rainbow screen on laptop or computer?

You can fix the rainbow screen on the laptop or computer in the following ways:

Restart the system

Turn off your computer or laptop for 15 seconds. Now, restart the system and see if the rainbow disappears. Sometimes, a highly temporary connection is why your screen glitches in rainbow colors.

Also, you can even turn off your system for 30 seconds and turn it back on. You will do this when your system still shows rainbow colors even after turning it off for 15 seconds. If your OS has an issue, restarting will solve it more likely.

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Beta display update

Sometimes, your system’s beta display gets an update and this is when things start getting worse. Because this update sometimes malfunctions, your display gets weird lines or patches. Of course, you can fix that.

Go to the device manager on your laptop or computer and uninstall the updated display driver. Also, you can install third-party software like one of the best software IOBIT that will help you get rid of the problem.

So, once you have installed this software, you have to install the older version of the display driver. Now you will see that the rainbow static screen is clear now.

However, you can also boot the system in the safe mode, which will block the third-party software. I found this trick helpful for my screen. So, you can try this once as well. Check if the display still glitches; here is another solution.

Check the external settings for rainbow screen

If you system had any minor issues, the above point would have been enough for you and so, you can try them first before heading over to the next solution.  However, if you have already tried the above technique and it didn’t work, the problem is either with your system’s display ribbon or with the graphics adapter.

First, it is better to seek help of a professional if you are not a technical minded person. But, if you don’t want to spend on it, you can open the system and tighten the loose ribbons or cables loosened.

 Also, if you believe that your display has something to do with the colored lines on the laptop screen; you can connect the laptop/computer to an external display. See if the problem occurs there as well.

And, if it does, you can boot the system to troubleshoot the problem. If things still don’t seem to work for you, don’t worry; I got you covered with some more solutions.

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Here is how to fix the rainbow screen on the laptop

You have to make sure that your system gets enough power sources because that can cause discoloration. And, if that is also not the case, degaussing your laptop screen will help.

Degaussing means removing any magnetic effects from the laptop or computer screen that are unwanted or extra. For example,  you must have experienced once in a lifetime that when you keep the magnet close to the screen, the screen soon gets discolored or gives rainbow colors. This is the most common reason but is the most popular reason too for the rainbow patches or colors on display. You can degauss the screen in the following ways:

Using a soldering gun

You can remove that rainbow of death by using a soldering gun. Please make sure you have a soldering gun and not a soldering rod that you will use.  Now, turn its nib downwards if it is not already there. I turned the gun on with a turned-on screen and took it close to it from the top.

You do not have to touch the screen with it.  Just keep holding it at a mere distance at a 90° angle with the screen. Now, take it from the top side to the middle and take it to the right or left side.

Once you do it, take the gun away from the screen for 5ft at least.  Now, repeat the same procedure. You will need to do it twice or thrice and that’s it. You will see the results.

using a soldering gun

Use drill with magnet

You can use the same technique by holding your high RPM drill and attaching a piece of magnet to it. Now, you will keep the drill 2-3 centimeters away from the screen. And, take it to the affected part on the screen and then turn the drill on.

You will see the screen blurring but don’t worry about that. Repeating this method two to three times will remove the rainbow from the screen.

use drill with magnet

Also, in the plug-back transformer method, you will do the same with the plug-back like the drill method above.

How to fix rainbow screen on laptop or computer


So, that’s how to fix rainbow screen on laptop or computer either by checking the settings or by doing it practically by using a simple and easy method like drills, soldering guns or adapters. Now, you can sort it out at home easily.


Why does the laptop get a rainbow on the screen?

The rainbow can be due to many reasons but one reason can be the poor graphics adapter connection. So, make sure the display adapter is connected well.

Is rainbow harmful to the screen?

Yes, it is, the rainbow can reduce the screen transmittance, defects a visual’s experience and results in screen color distortion.

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