How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool While Use?

A complete guide for a gamer on how to keep gaming laptop cool while use? Six simple ways to keep a gaming laptop cool. 1. Cooling pads for gaming laptops
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 20, 2023
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How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool While Use

A gaming laptop is used to play more intensive games. They own powerful processors and high graphics to play potential games such as 3D games. Gaming laptops are compact with powerful built-in features to run the software smoothly while gaming. From portable gaming to stylish designs, a gaming laptop is a flexible option for a gamer. But this standard limited size and processor usually overheats the gaming laptop. Overheating can produce certain lags while gaming or it can even reduce the lifetime of your laptop. You can also experience a loud noise and slow shut-down due to overheating.

So, a crucial question for gamers is how to keep gaming laptop cool while use. To avoid this situation, you should take some steps to cool gaming laptops.

I have summarized some fixes to eliminate the gaming laptop overheating problem in this guide. Let’s dig into how to keep the laptop cool while gaming.

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Six simple ways to keep gaming laptop cool While Use

Identifying and fixing the overheating issue at the start is best; otherwise, it can damage your laptop’s hardware. These are my tried and tested strategies to cool down a gaming laptop within seconds. You can try these fixes to cool a running gaming laptop from the best to a cheap gaming laptop. Some tips are very simple, but some are a little technical. However, the results of technical fixes are always constructive and long-lasting.

01. A cooling pad for gaming laptop

It is one of the best ways to cool gaming laptops. A cooling pad performs very well when a laptop overheats by providing the air circulation. A cooling pad is a flat surface; you must place your laptop on it. It reduces a laptop’s temperature from 3-10 ◦C with the help of fans embedded for cooling purposes.

There is a huge variety of cooling pads that cost not more than just a few dollars. The cooling pads of Cooler Master and Havit are very famous and reliable.

There is a single fan cooling pad that has a giant cooling fan. However, another cooling pad has four to five small fans to keep gaming laptop cool. You can purchase any type depending upon your laptop.

People, who have a laptop working perfectly, often use cooling pads. The cooling pads help their laptop to function under low temperatures. It increases the lifespan of a laptop. Hence, a cooling pad is the best cooling system for gaming laptop as it reduces temperature and prevents overheating at no time.

02. Close unnecessary programs

Operating multiple programs simultaneously reduces the power of the laptop’s processor. It is obvious that many side apps or files remain open in our laptops, and we are not even using them. These side programs drain the laptop’s power, resulting in overheating.

To avoid the situation, checking and closing unused programs is recommended. From Windows task manager, you can easily find out which app or file is consuming more power, and then you can easily fix them.

Experts also recommend keeping an eye on malware to keep laptop cool while gaming. Malware usually consumes so much power from the laptop. Different software is available to scan and remove malware from laptops. 

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03. Faulty fans

One of the main reasons for overheating of a laptop is faulty fans. Without proper air circulation, the laptop gets so heated that sometimes it is impossible to touch it. So, in case of overheating, check the working of laptop fans.

There are two situations in which you should check fans.

  1. First, the fan is completely silent in case of an overheating of a laptop. When you cannot hear any voice coming out from your laptop’s fan, it indicates that the laptop’s fan is faulty and should be changed.
  2. If loud noises are coming from the laptop and it is taking more than usual to shut down, it is also a signal that the fans are not working properly. You should check the fans immediately as it can decrease your laptop’s timeline.

So, laptop fans play a major role in cooling gaming laptops as they provide proper air circulation in the laptop and keep the gaming laptop cool.

04. Laptop surface

People usually place their laptops on beds, duvets, legs and cushions. However, hard surfaces are best for placing laptops. The position and the placement of the laptop directly affect the cooling system. There should not be any obstacle to the ventilation of the laptop. The laptop needs proper air circulation, especially while gaming.

So, the laptop should be on a flat, firm and clean surface while gaming. It will allow the laptop to breathe properly. It is one of the easiest ways for keeping laptop cool while gaming.

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05. Graphic settings

Playing games at HD settings is satisfying but also one of the main reasons for overheating a gaming laptop. You can reduce the load on the laptop by changing the settings to a low power mode.

The substitute for low graphics is an additional graphics card. Adding an external graphics card allows you to enjoy the game at high quality without overheating a gaming laptop.

So, by fixing the frame rate and changing the settings, you can lower the graphics card and processor load. The lesser the load on the processor, the smoother the game will be.

06. Cleaning of air pathways

Cleaning is the key to the smooth running of the laptop fans. Laptops gather dust inside, and the dust blocks the vents from proper air circulation. So, it is essential to clean the laptop.

There are two ways of cleaning the laptop to get rid of clogged pathways;

  1. Open the laptop and thoroughly clean the laptop. The experts recommend visiting any professional for the cleaning procedure of a gaming laptop. A professional person can clean your laptop and do a detailed checkup. There might be some other reason that is causing overheating of a gaming laptop.
  2. Avail the option of compressed air. Compressed air is perfect for maintaining the safety and warranty of the gaming laptop.

Proper air circulation is very important to keep gaming laptops cool. There are no possible ways to get rid of dust completely. So, cleaning is the best way to keep laptop cool while gaming. Cleaning a gaming laptop twice a year is important, but for me, the ideal scenario is to repeat the process after every three months.

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These are six different cooling tips for a gaming laptop. A gamer should know these tips to avoid any hindrance while playing games on the laptop.

Overheating a gaming laptop is normal and not new. So, it would be best if you did not tend to buy a new laptop after experiencing overheating. Jump on any of the fixes mentioned above and enjoy your next gaming session.

If you still have any queries, let me know in the comments below. I will try my best to guide you with my experience.


What are the causes of overheating of a laptop?

Insufficient cooling is the main reason behind the overheating of laptops, including gaming laptops. Before finding the solution, you should know why your laptop is overheating. Some common reasons for overheating of a laptop are; hindrance in air circulation, faulty fans, dust and bad thermal contact.

How to cool a laptop while playing games?

The best way to cool a gaming laptop is using cooling pads. Apart from that, lower the settings of the game while playing. Checking and cleaning fans is also very important to keep gaming laptops cool.

When should I consult a professional?

If you have tried the above tips to fix the issue but laptop is still overheating. It is time for you to seek a professional for your gaming laptop. There can be any defect in your laptop’s hardware or software.

Is it okay if my gaming laptop overheats?

Yes, the heating of a gaming laptop is completely normal and can be fixed easily. You can easily resolve the issue at home, or you can also visit a professional.

How to cool down laptop while gaming?

The above tips are very helpful to keep a gaming laptop cool. Some other solutions are; to avoid sunlight, don’t use a gaming laptop while charging, renew thermal paste, use a cooling fan for a gaming laptop and invest in a laptop stand.

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