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How To Make Minecraft Less Laggy On Laptop? – 2023

A step by step guide- how to make Minecraft less laggy on laptops, Six easy fixes to reduce the lag in online games. Fix 1: change video settings.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 19, 2023
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How To Make Minecraft Less Laggy On Laptop

Entertaining yourself with an online game, but Minecraft lag is enough to steal the joy of the game. Lag is a visible hindrance between the player’s action in the game as an input and the server’s reaction as output. Minecraft players have to suffer the frustration of the lag, especially when they have no idea why Minecraft lags and how to make Minecraft less laggy on laptop. Distraction from a game is no fun, so the player’s next intent is to find a solution to fix Minecraft lag.

In the era of the digital world, laptops have almost replaced computers, so the popular game, Minecraft, is also being played on the laptop. But Minecraft can be slow and laggy even on laptops too.

This article will thoroughly guide how to make Minecraft less laggy on a laptop. But before that we will discuss the hindrance behind the lag so that it can be avoided in the future.

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Reasons for which Minecraft is laggy on laptop

It is believed that no one exactly knows the main reason behind the Minecraft lag, but everyone wants to know how to make Minecraft less laggy. We have listed down several reasons which cause lag in online games. By escaping these few reasons, it is possible to play Minecraft less laggy on laptops.

  1. A bad server leads to poor quality and speed of internet connection.
  2. High video settings in the game.
  3. Various side apps and files running in the background of the laptop.
  4. The unavailability of sufficient resources depends upon the power of a laptop.
  5. Inadequate RAM allocation for Minecraft.
  6. A huge number of mobs also affect the performance of Minecraft, thus leading to lag.

Irrespective of the type of laptop and the reason behind it, you can surely fix it. A gamer can easily avoid the problem by adopting the following suggestions to make Minecraft less laggy.

How To Make Minecraft Less Laggy On Laptop?

Before blaming the internet connection, many fixes are worth noting to avoid the lag.

Fix 1: Swap Video Settings in Minecraft

Playing high-quality video games is exciting, but that HD setting absorbs the potential of the laptop’s RAM and other functions. It automatically lowers online games’ speed, resulting in operating Minecraft less laggy on laptops. It is the reason that even Minecraft lag on a good PC.

The problem can be fixed easily by changing the video settings in Minecraft. The video setting will somewhat lower the video game quality, but smooth speed will balance it.

  • Open Minecraft.
  • Click the options category.
  • Select Video Settings.
  • Change the following keys accordingly.
  • Select Fast for Graphics.
  • Turn VSync OFF.
  • Turn OFF View Bobbing.
  • Turn Clouds OFF.
  • Turn 3D Anaglyph OFF.
  • Select 12 Chunks for Render Distance.
  • Select 12 Chunks for Simulation Distance.
  • Select the Minimal option for Particles.
  • Select 30fps for Max Framerate.
  • Select 50% for Distortion Effects.
  • Select 75% for FOV Effects.
  • Turn OFF Smooth Lighting.
  • Launch the game to observe the changes.
  • Check the present situation of lag.
  • Enjoy Minecraft no lag version.

So, Minecraft runs faster by setting the video game to a low-quality mode. It is certainly one of the best ways to play Minecraft less laggy on laptops.

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Fix 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft

Reinstalling Minecraft often helps in getting rid of the lag on the laptops. Even Minecraft windows 10 edition lag fix can be done this way. Minecraft for Windows 10 keeps on crashing due to lagging in the system.

Just follow simple steps to run Minecraft less laggy:

  • Uninstall Minecraft from the laptop or the system.
  • Go to Control Panel by reaching the Start Menu.
  • Click on Programs, updated in Windows 10 as Programs and Features.
  • Select Minecraft from the list of Programs.
  • Uninstall Minecraft with just one right-click.
  • It is advised by experts to restart the laptop or the system for a better result.
  • Again install the video game Minecraft from the official website.
  • Follow the instructions and sign in to Minecraft.
  • It is the perfect time to examine the condition of lag in Minecraft.

It is observed that through this fix, the system runs Minecraft less laggy on laptops.

Fix 3: Allocate extra RAM

Enough RAM is important for the smooth play of online games on laptops. An insufficient amount of RAM tends to lag in online games. To fix lagging in Minecraft, experts recommend 4GB of RAM. 2GB of RAM is the minimum to operate any laptop video game. So, extra RAM should be added to make Minecraft less laggy.

Follow the steps to make the procedure simple and easy:

  • Open Minecraft.
  • To check the availability of RAM, press the Pause key plus Windows key.
  • Go to Minecraft Launcher and open it.
  • Click Launch options > Advanced settings > Add new.
  • Click JVM Arguments.
  • In the box, Xmx2G will be written. The 2G is the representation of RAM Minecraft is using.
  • Convert 2G into 4G, 6G, 8G, or the RAM you can dedicate to Minecraft.
  • Save the change of the RAM.
  • Play Minecraft to notice changes in the speed of the game.

This fix to make Minecraft less laggy on laptops is tried and tested. A rapid speed will be observed after adding the RAM.

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Fix 4: Accelerate the Internet Connection

The essential step before playing any online game is the availability of fast internet. If the internet is slow, lag will definitely appear in the game. So, ensure your internet connection is strong and fast and the host playing should also have excellent signal strength. In a nutshell, fast internet leads to Minecraft less laggy on laptops.

Fix 5: Shut Down Unnecessary Apps

Unnecessary apps and slides opened in the background can drain the CPU power. CPU and GPU are very important factors behind any online game. So, to preserve the power it is important to close the side apps and documents to play Minecraft less laggy.

With only a few steps, you can fix this issue for a smooth flow of the game:

  • Select and open Task Manager.
  • Choose a file or app you are no longer using, and click End Task.
  • Do the same for the rest of the unnecessary apps and you are done.

Fix 6: Cleanup Disks

The practice of Cleanup Disks is very beneficial to provide more power to the CPU and RAM. It will boost the speed hence, make Minecraft less laggy on laptops.

Cleanup Disks need some steps to perform the task:

  • Search Disk Cleanup in the search bar.
  • Select the file you want to delete.
  • Enter OK and the file will be deleted.
  • Similarly, you can delete System files.
  • Select Cleanup System files and enter OK.

All these fixes will make Minecraft less laggy and you can enjoy your video game to the fullest even on laptops.

I’ve have listed possible fixes that can be done quickly to reduce the lag. Let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions or queries.

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