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How To Make Stolen Laptop Untraceable? 3 Easy Ways 2023

How to make stolen laptop untraceable? Thieves use several tricks to avoid investigation and make laptops untraceable. So, this is what we will get into.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On June 3, 2023
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How to make stolen laptop untraceable

Theft exists in every country and in every city all over the world. Human nature varies and you can’t guarantee their behavior. But, what you can do is, protect your expensive stuff to avoid such incidents. However, talking about the theft cases, these thieves are way smarter than us and they know how to get rid of any traces that they have left behind.

As laptops are found in almost every house, school, college and offices, their disappearing case are also getting on a large scale. Also, these thieves use several tricks to avoid investigation and make laptops untraceable. So, this is what we will get into.

I’m sharing best ways to make your laptops untraceable and so, this article will be for informational purposes so hope you will take care of the morals and will understand how they do it and how to beat such thieves.

How to make stolen laptop untraceable?

You can make your stolen laptops untraceable in the following three ways:

  • Using VPN and proxies.
  • Reinstalling the OS.
  • Formatting the hard drive.

Use VPN and proxies for making laptop untraceable

how to make your computer untraceable

We all know about VPN these days and they are a life changer in true means. So, you can use VPN for any app you want that is not available in your countries. However, people use these VPN for several illegal purposes. And, so, they use it to remove the track of the stolen technical objects. 

But, let me clarify one thing here as well. You have to buy a premium VPN to remove the track of the location you are with your laptop. Because all free VPNs also somehow save your data and they are susceptible to leaking your information as well.

So, if you are a thief and reading my article, let me tell you that the cops may be finding you now! (Even though I’m not supporting any theft or promoting them at all)!

Now, the question is, how to connect VPN to change location? You can connect it by turning it on and selecting the country you want.

And, the best thing is to change the device time according to that location as well. Now, I have been using paid VPN for years. First I used Nord VPN for different apps and gaming and now I’m using secure line VPN as well.

I have to say these are the most secure ones and you can try them for sure. This is not a promotion so you can go for any paid VPN that you have nearby.

Also, I want to tell you one more thing about the secure con connection when you connect it. You can type in the browser you have and see how secure your connection is there. This is a safe way to make sure that your connection is secured.

So, investing in a paid VPN is worth it, now let’s get to the next easy way on how to make your computer untraceable?

Formatting the hard drive

Formatting the hard drive is another safe step to make your laptop untraceable. And, let me tell you, by doing so, you will lose all the data. However, this is what you have to expect in the first place.

That’s because you never know what tracking device your laptop’s owner might have installed in the laptop. Pity for them who have done so much to keep their laptop safe and here I am discussing to format the hard drive.

Well, let’s not be emotional about that because we are talking about the technical ways that will be helpful for those who have to track the device back. So, keep it on a positive note, please!

Once you format the drive, the laptop will be blank like new and now you can install whatever you want.

how to be untraceable

Reinstalling the laptop OS

stolen laptop what to do

You may be unaware that Windows 10 and 11 have an anti-theft utility like the Find my device tracker that tracks the location, these trackers will auto-lock the device when they sense some unauthorized activities on the laptop.

So, you have to install a new operating system to use your laptop. So, by doing this, you will not need to enter any login details and this will be a safer step for you. Also, by doing so, you can get rid of any kind of GPS trackers that can track your location.

However, I have one more thing to clarify here and this is bad news for the thieves as well. Even if you follow the above steps or any steps that you find about removing the tracker from the stolen laptops, some departments are still ahead of you.


So, you learned how to make a stolen laptop untraceable in three different steps. And, you can follow any one of the above steps and remove the traces of the stolen device on your responsibility or you can use this information to recover any stolen laptop.


Can I make a laptop untraceable?

Yes, you can make a laptop untraceable by using paid VPN and changing the location and time according to that. Or, you can reinstall the windows to avoid its default tracker, or you can format the hard drive as well.

Can cops track the stolen laptop?

Yes, cops can track the stolen laptops from the hardware or software of the laptop. The windows installed on the laptop have a default security tracker that the police accesses. And, there are sometimes chips in the laptops that help the police track the location.

What do the thieves do with the stolen laptops?

Their first attempt is to sell the laptop to someone who can pay them high. Because they are afraid of being tracked so they remove or reset the laptop in the first place. And, pretend to be the owner and sell them.

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