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How To Make Your Laptop Touch Screen Without Airbar?

How to make your laptop touch screen without airbar? Method 1: touch screen monitor. Method 2: touch screen overlay. Method 3: voice assistance.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 23, 2023
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How To Make Your Laptop Touch Screen Without Airbar?

After the touch mobile screen era, it is common to buy a touch screen laptop. People who already have a laptop and cannot afford a new one sometime regret their decision; because touch screen laptops are in trend and have some really cool features.

Handwritten notes, drawing, a digital whiteboard, and faster navigation without accessories like a mouse are great features you can enjoy while using a laptop touch screen.

Airbar is the simplest and the standard way to turn the laptop screen into a touch screen. But the drawback of the airbar is that it is not accessible for all laptops.

In this guide, I have listed some airbar alternatives. It will help how to make your laptop touch screen without airbar. All these ways can turn laptop screen into touch screen.

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How to make your laptop touch screen without airbar?

You can change your laptop screen into a touch screen. However, an airbar for a laptop is one of the oldest and most valuable ways to do so. But airbar is not compatible with all laptops.

There are numerous other ways that fulfill your craving of a touch screen laptop. But before landing on the main topic, my prime suggestion is to check modern laptops with built-in touchscreens. These laptops have the latest graphics and up-to-date features, so they are worth buying. But most people cannot and do not want to invest in a new laptop just for this feature.

Here is a list of methods used to turn laptop screen into touch screen.

Method 1: A touch screen monitor

A new monitor is the easiest way to make a windows laptop touch screen. Select a monitor that suits your laptop’s display port, Thunderbolt 3 ports, or HDMI. You can attach your monitor with one of these cables and turn your laptop into a touch screen mode. Choose a lightweight and small touch screen monitor instead of a large touch screen monitor. It will be easy to carry too.

Some quick suggestions about the touch screen monitor:

  • Mention your laptop screen size along with a ‘portable touch display.’ Search the result and pick the best matching your laptop requirements.
  • Also, keep in mind that every touch screen monitor has some specifications. Some monitors require an additional adapter and connector apart from the HDM or display port. So, ensure the connectivity and ports before buying the monitor.
  • Understand display type according to your laptop. There is a range of touch screen monitors from IPS, in-plane switching to TN, twisted nematic.
  • Check the price range of your desired monitor. Small touch screen monitors are of $150 to $200. However, some cost around several thousand dollars. So, breathe easy and buy a touch screen monitor that suits your budget.

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Method 2: connect Android tablet or iPad to the laptop

Another fix is to connect your android tablet or iPad to the laptop. This method is helpful if you have an android tablet or iPad and do not want to invest in an additional touch screen monitor.

You can use apps like Splashtop, Air Display, and Duet Display to connect your tablet with your laptop. You just have to install the app. Connect both devices and start using your laptop as a touch screen display.

Sidecar is used to connect MacBook and an iPad. You can use a touch screen MacBook through an iPad.

This method is best for video calls from the laptop. You can transfer files or documents between both devices. This feature is also convenient for presentations.

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Method 3: A new touch screen

This technique answers can I change my laptop screen to touchscreen. You surely can turn laptop screen into a touch screen by replacing it with a touch screen. To feel like a tablet or mobile phone, a touch screen is indeed an excellent addition to your laptop. There is a diversification of laptop screens depending upon the laptop size and model. So, you have to hunt for the best matching your laptop requirements.

A new screen not only adds the touch feature to your laptop but will also improve the speed and efficiency of your laptop.

Here are a few simple steps that you have to follow to replace the old screen with a new one:

  • Remove the battery of the laptop.
  • Open laptop casing. Moving forward, remove the screws from the screen.
  • Unplug the screen from the motherboard and replace it with a new touch screen.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install a new screen.
  • Replace screws, close the casing, and attach the battery. Your new laptop touch screen is installed.

You can easily replace the old screen with a new one, but if you are unsure about the process, you should seek professional help.

MacBook does not support this fix as Mac has no additional touch screens.

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Method 4: Voice assistance

If you are not in the mood to use a keyboard or mouse and do not have access to the touch screen, then the voice assistance feature is perfect for you. Voice assistance allows you to control your digital device without moving your hands. With your voice, you can manage your laptop, either Windows or MacBook. It is an emerging and beneficial technology.

You can play a song, send a text, read news and search Google results with voice assistance. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are the most popular voice assistants.

  • To access voice assistance in Windows, search Speech in the taskbar. Scroll to the Windows Speech Recognition and click on it.
  • To access voice assistance in a MacBook, select System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click accessibility and then choose the voice control option.

So, Apple and Windows have a built-in voice control feature that you can use to make daily tasks easier.

Method 5: Touch screen overlay

Touch screen overlay is indeed an economical and time-saving option. An overlay is a sensitive, thin, transparent sheet used as a laptop touch screen. It is fixed over the screen of the laptop.

There is a variation of sizes in the overlay, so ensure the size of the overlay matches the laptop screen. Hence, a touch screen overlay is one of the easiest ways to fix a standard laptop screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make your computer touch screen without airbar?

It is possible to make your computer touch screen without the airbar:

01. By using a touch screen monitor.
02. By adding a touch screen overlay.
03. Connect your android pad or iPad to your laptops for connectivity.
04. By controlling the laptop with your voice.
05. By investing in a new laptop touch screen.

How to clean laptop touch screen?

Before starting the cleaning process, switch off your laptop. Use microfiber to clean the dust from the laptop. You can utilize a toothbrush to get rid of keyboard dust. You can use eyeglass cleaner to remove the sticky stains if necessary. Close the lid of the laptop when not in use. Try to clean the laptop screen twice a week.

How to make a non-touch screen laptop touch screen?

Luckily it is effortless to turn laptop screen into touch screen. You can use Airbar. It is trustworthy yet easy to process. Apart from the airbar, many alternatives of airbar are already mentioned in the above article.

You can add a touch screen, voice assistance, touch screen monitor, connection between laptop and pad, and touch screen overlay are some ways to make a non-touchscreen laptop into touch screen.

How to make laptop touch screen for free?

You can make your laptop touch screen by using the tool, airbar. It is a free tool and simple steps are needed to activate it.


Hence, I finalized the answer to the frequently asked question, how to make your laptop touch screen without airbar. All five methods mentioned above are perfect for turning laptop screen into touch screen. Airbar is undoubtedly an effective way but is not valid for all laptops. So, these are the possible alternatives of airbar to obtain a touch screen laptop.

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