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How To measure Laptop screen? – Complete Guide 2023

Measuring a laptop screen is very easy with an inches tape. And, you can easily measure it for a laptop bag. And, before buying a laptop bag, you must know how to measure a laptop screen size.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 17, 2023
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how to measure laptop screen

Whether a business person or a student, you often have to take a laptop to travel. And, for that, you need a laptop bag to carry it. But, you need to measure the laptop screen size first to buy a laptop bag. And, today you will learn how to measure a laptop screen with two different stepwise guides. This guide will help you get the perfect size of a laptop bag. And you will also, learn to take effective measurements of the laptop.  So, keep reading!

1- What is a laptop screen size?

what is a laptop screen size

Before we head to measure the laptop size and share those techniques, we have to learn what a laptop screen size is? Because all non-tech people confuse it with measuring the whole laptop. But, this is not how you do for buying a big-screen laptop. And, if you bought a laptop that states 17 inches, it tells about the screen.

For example, you have Alienware 17 laptop, and the description states Alienware 17 inches laptop. So here, 17 inches means the screen size and not the whole laptop. Also, you don’t need to take care of the full laptop size if you are looking for the screen mainly. Because we have nothing to do with it right now.

A whole size matters when you already have a laptop and now you are looking for a bag. I will talk about it later. First, let me clarify the screen measurements. Because, once you know the screen size, you can buy a laptop bag that fits 17 inches perfectly.

But, what if you don’t know what your laptop screen size is? We will measure it the following way.

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2- How to measure laptop screen?

Take an inches tape and place one corner on the left bottom of the laptop and the other on the top right side diagonally. You will get your laptop size.

That’s how to measure a laptop. Now, you have to take care of measuring the laptop from the bottom left to the top right side. And you will create a diagonal position. Placing the inches of tape equally from the left bottom to the right bottom is not a proper way of measuring a laptop. And the result will be an inaccurate measurement.

how to measure laptop screen

You have to remember one thing; the bezels are not a part of the screen. Yes, that’s right. Many of you mistake measuring the laptop screen from the bottom left bezel. And take the tape to the right top bezel. But, please make clear that the bezels are not a part of the screen. And, they do not add to the size of the screen as well. All they do is hold the screen together by creating a frame. So, they are just groove. So, “bezels are not a part of the screen”!

I have one more thing to discuss here. The standard unit to measure a laptop is inches and not Centimeters.But many retailers often measure it in centimeters. So, if you ever get confused with the units, here is what laptop sizes are like in centimeters.

3- Laptop sizes in inches and centimeters

Now, this guide I’m stating below is to help you with the laptop sizes. And, given below sizes are all those sizes that companies mostly manufacture. You can also try and measure them by yourself with an inches tape.

Laptop screen sizes:

  • 11.6 inches-29.46cm.
  • 12.1 inches-30.3cm.
  • 13.3 inches-33.78cm.
  • 14 inches-35.56cm.
  • 15 inches-38.1cm.
  • 15.6 inchss-39.62cm.
  • 17 inches-43.18cm.

So, that’s how to check the screen size of a laptop whether you want to check in inches or centimeters. If you want a more accurate explanation, let me help you with the discussion below.

4- What is the dimension of a 15.6 inches laptop?

Now, if you measure a 15.6 inches laptop diagonally, the external dimension is 17.5 inches. Here external means that we are measuring the close shut body of the laptop. And, 15.6  inches is just the measurement of the screen. Also, the width will be 16 inches and it’s height will be 11 inches.

If you have a 15.6 inches laptop by hand, you should measure it right away. And, you will get the same results as mine. Because these are the measurements of my 15.6 inches HP laptop and I have measured in inches.

So, the screen size is 15.6 inches and the measurements are different. This also clarifies the confusion that 15.6 inches laptop means the screen size of the laptop. And, not the whole body is the same size. But, the screen is what we have to look for.

Now, as we are clear with this discussion, let’s suppose you are buying a laptop bag. And, for that, you have to first understand the laptop’s measurements to get the perfect fit. And, secondly, you will indeed which bag is the right choice for you. I will explain it in the end.

5- How to measure the dimensions of a laptop?

If you are buying a laptop bag online, you have to measure the laptop’s dimensions. It will also help you if you go and buy the bag physically and don’t take your laptop with you. Now, we will measure the width, height, and depth. Here is how to measure the dimensions step by step.

Measuring the laptop width

To measure the laptop width, take the inches of tape and place it horizontally across the laptop. You will place it from left to right. Now, you got your laptop width.

Measuring the laptop depth

Take an inches tape and place it on the closed laptop vertically. You got your laptop depth now.

Measuring the laptop height

For measuring the laptop height, you have to close the laptop. Now, place the inches of tape from the bottom to the top. Now, you got the height of the laptop.

measuring the laptop height

Now, we are clear with the laptop sizes. We know what and how to measure while buying a laptop bag. So, before buying a laptop bag, there are some key points you have to take care of. Read them below.

  • You laptop bag must be of exact size of your laptop.
  • If your bag is a little loose for your laptop, the laptop will keep moving around which is unsafe for the system.
  • The laptop bag must contain cushions inside. This will protect the laptop from jerks and cracks.
  • Your laptop bag should have sections inside to keep the cables, headphones, and adapters. Because keeping them together with the laptop will result in scratches on the laptop body.
  • No matter how strong the laptop bag is, never put heavy material on it. This may result in screen leakage.

However, if you accidentally break the laptop screen, read my other guide to help with screen change.

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And if you still don’t understand the measuring of the laptop, check the video below on “How to measure laptop screen?”

6- How to order a laptop bag according to measurements?

how to order a laptop bag according to measurements

Now, while ordering the laptop bag online, you will tell the measurements differently. It will not be in the same way for telling the seller. So, this time, take the width measurement horizontally. And the depth of your laptop will be the height. So, you need to tell the seller about these two measurements, and the shopkeeper will show you the bag. So, that’s how to measure laptop size for a laptop bag. 

Now, note that your laptop must not be too loose from the inside. That’s because your laptop will keep on moving from the inside. And, this will result in bumps during jerks and falls. While talking about a laptop bag, let’s see what your laptop bag must be like?

1-The laptop bag must not be too loose. And, the system must fit perfectly without an extra cover. 

2-Always, buy a bag with inner cushions. Or, you can also call them laptop cushions. The side cushions save the system from sudden jerks. And, also look for a bottom cushion or bottom laptop pad. This will save the laptop from cracks and damages during sudden falls. 

Ending Words

Now you know how to measure a laptop screen whether you want to measure the width, height or the screen diagonally. By pacing the inches tape diagonally on the screen, you can now easily take the measurements and buy a bag for the laptop.

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