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How To Project Laptop Screen To The Wall Without A Projector?

Do you want to learn how to project laptop screen to the wall without a projector? Here is the complete guide on how to do this.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 27, 2023
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how to project laptop screen to the wall without a projector

Having friends at home and setting a movie night with a projector is like a dream. But everyone cannot afford a projector. Because that costs a lot! And at the same time, you can never get the same pleasure of watching a movie on the LCD.

So, what to do then? I have collected a lot of information and come up with some best techniques that will help you out. So, you will be now able to project laptop screen even without a projector!

So, let’s learn how to project laptop screen to wall with out projector in this article. And you will also learn different shortcuts and budget-friendly methods to use as substitutes of projectors. Keep reading!

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How to project laptop screen on the wall without projector?

You can project the laptop screen to the wall without a projector by following the steps below:

1- Collect the materials required that are card box, laptop, tape, pencil, glue stick, black paper, tape, a large size magnifying lens, and X-acto knife.

2- Take a card box that is big enough and place the laptop and a magnifying glass inside. Make sure that you keep the magnifying glass at enough distance.

3- Now, you will need a large size lens the same color as the laptop screen. Now, you have to take a box, a pencil, and lens like we discussed above. It would help if you turned that box on the table on the small side.

Also, you will place the large lens on the other side at the top. Then you will position this lens faultlessly on that box.

However, you have to be sure about placing the lens on the center of the side. After placing the lens on the box, take a pencil and mark the exact position on the box.

4- Now, you will place the black paper finely on the cardboard box and ensure that your box doesn’t get any light from the outer side.

5- Align the laptop nicely with the magnifying lens and place the laptop on the top of the cardboard box. Here is the step-wise detailed discussion about making a DIY projector for the laptop.

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Using a mirror and the correct cardboard box

Now, first of all, you have to line up the box with a light source. And, you will place a mirror too that will work as the magnifying lens. And, make sure to keep the phone at a good distance from the box.

That’s because the greater the distance, the best visuals you will get. You must have seen the cinema projectors at a visible distance from the screen. So, this is important to note. And, you will take a rectangular mirror that must be the same size as your phone. Because this will result in a good reflection from the phone.

Blacking out the interior and exterior

Now, you have to darken the exterior and the interior to avoid light interference. And for that, you have to use black matte paper or any black paper you have. Make sure to get it in the matte always, so it doesn’t reflect the gloss.

You have to paste it correctly on the exterior and the interior size. You can use adhesive or can go with the tape. You can also use black paint on the coated paper to the exact thing you need.

blacking out the interior and exterior

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Lens installation to project image/video on the wall from phone

Now, it’s time to install the lens in our DIY project. So, you will draw  circle with the pencil or marker on the glass. And, cut the glass carefully.  Now, take the circle glass out because this is what we will match with the magnifying lens. Leave the rest piece aside. Or you can remove the handle of a magnifying glass and use it.

lens installation to project image video on the wall from phone

Mirror installation in the projector

The box that we have made till now will project the picture on the wall in the wrong direction. So, this is what we will fix now.

By using a mirror, the wrong direction will be fixed by keeping the mirror perpendicular to the lens.

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mirror installation in the projector

DIY projector focus for laptop or phone

Now, you will adjust the leave to see the distance between the lens and the camera. You can get even better results by creating another box similar to this already made one.

To wrap the black paper around the box, you will leave some inches extra pieces to paste on the inner side and outer side of the box. Now, use adhesive to paste them and cancel any light passage.

Do not use any scales to calculate the measurement of the black paper and the box. This will create a difference, and the results will not be accurate.

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Creating a window to place the phone

Below your projector’s mirror, you will now take measurements of the phone screen. And, subtract the rectangle glass now. Take a hot glue gun and hold the phase 3 firmly on the box on the downside.

creating a window to place the phone

Just turn on your phone and play whatever you want and place the phone where you have made it’s section. This will reflect the screen on the wall and you will get a cinema at home!

Also, for laptop users, all the steps will go the same way, but you have to use a giant cardboard box. Because your laptop will take more space than the phone. And, instead of placing the phone, you will put the laptop there. The rest is the same.

Still got any questions? Here is a quick video on how to project mobile screen on wall without projector.

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And, if you have a laptop and want to project the laptop screen then try this method:


So, that’s all about how to project laptop screen to the wall without a projector. And, by following these methods, you can easily project the mobile phone screen or laptop screen on the wall now. So, invite your friends at home this weekend and surprise them with this DIY project!


Can we connect our laptop to the projector wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect the projector wirelessly with the laptop if you are using the DIY projector. Just put the black matte paper on the outer and inner sides of a big laptop size cardboard box.

Now, take a mirror and cut it the same size as the display screen. It has to be done in the same color as the laptop screen. Now, place it on one end of the cardboard box where you have to face it to the wall.

And, place your laptop in the box on the other end at a good distance. Now, turn on the laptop and the screen will reflect through the mirror and the display will be on the wall.

How can I project the mobile screen on the wall?

You can take a box and make a hole on one end. Now, fix a magnifying lens inside it and put the mobile phone inside the box on the other end. Now, turn on the phone, and it will reflect on the wall!

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