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How to remove the battery from an Acer laptop? 2023 Updated

What if your Acer laptop battery dies and you want to change it but you don't now how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop. In this article, I'll provide you detailed guide about it.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 8, 2023
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How to remove the battery from an Acer laptop

Acer laptops are reliable devices, and they go in the long run. They are best for gaming, office work, and student uses. However, sometimes you have to remove the battery. But, how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop? What if your laptop battery dies and you need to change it? So, I decided to cover this point as well and you can get your answers of removing the battery from the laptop.

Acer Aspire battery

Talking about the batteries, every laptop comes with two types of batteries like CMOS batteries and laptop power batteries. So, I will tell you first about CMOS battery and then I will tell you about battery changing method.

The CMOS battery comes with the power source of the computer flash memory. And, the CMOS battery work is to store and maintain the BIOS settings when there is no electricity. THE CMOS battery mounts on your laptop’s mother board.

Also, when you want to remove the laptop’s CMOS battery, you have to do it as you do on a normal battery. So, just remove the battery with the help of screw drivers. Here, I am going to discuss now how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop?

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How to remove the battery from an Acer laptop:

Follow the steps below to remove Acer Aspire battery:

1- First of all, turn off your laptop and disconnect the power cable from the system.

2- You will see two screws on the sides of the laptop, so you just have to remove them.

3- Now, once you have opened the system, you have to locate the system’s motherboard. And, you will so witness that the CMOS battery is in the same manner as your laptop’s large battery.

So, removing this massive battery from the motherboard is very difficult because one reason is that the battery is massive and the second is that it is placed on the mother board. Now, that is why I’m explaining how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop?

4- So, you will pull out this battery-free, using the fingers nicely. So, now you have removed the Acer laptop battery.

So, as we have talked about removing the Acer laptop, let’s talk about the reason why do we have to remove it? We only remove the laptop battery to change it of course and we have to change it because it doesn’t work anymore.  Or, because it dies out and you have no other choice but to change it. So, I will tell you how to fix an Acer battery that gives an error and doesn’t last long.

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How to fix your Acer laptop battery

As you all know, laptop batteries are made with lithium-ion, and so they calculate the charging that is remaining and remaining charging your laptop needs. So, after learning how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop, we are here to understand why your laptop/ computer stops charging.

So, let me explain it a bit before getting into the solution. As I said earlier, the laptop battery picks the charging that it needs or understand when it is full. However, sometimes, the laptop battery stops working or reduces the charging. Now, if that happens, here is how to fix it:

1- Shut down the Acer laptop first of all and remove the power cable.

2- Now, you will inject your AC power adapter.

3- You have to charge your laptop battery, and for that, you will wait until you see the blue light of the laptop turns on.

4- You have to start your system now.

5- Now, take the AC plug out.

6- You will click the battery options, and you can find these options in the battery options tray on the laptop.

7- See if your radio button is marked as high performance. And, if it is not, click on it to make it so.

Turning on the sleep mode

8- Now, you will see the “turn the sleep mode on” option on the left side so that you can set the system, and it can go to sleep mode whenever you don’t use the system or leave it on standby. (Don’t worry if you are still confused about removing the battery. I will tell you again how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop in brief below).

9- Now, you will select each column in the battery, and by clicking it, you will see a drop-down box. Also, you can remove it from the selection box and save the changes you made.

10- You have to click on the start button and type cmd in the bar without quotation marks.

11- To make your cmd.exe run as the system administrator; you will right-click the results and pick the option as “run as administrator,” and you will  press and enter your username and password as well.

12- After learning how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop, it is now time to fill the following line and click enter now: enter (powercgf.exe/hibernate off).

13- It is time to drain your battery entirely so that you will do so.

14- Finally, you will let your laptop charge and fill the battery. So, turn it on now, and you will see after using that you can now run with a good battery. So, the problem is solved now!

Before I conclude, let me give you a brief answer to our discussed topic today!

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How to remove the battery from an Acer laptop?

You will turn off the laptop and open the side screws of the computer. Now, you will see the battery on the motherboard, and you have to take it out with your hands from the battery casing. That’s how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop.

How to remove the battery from an Acer laptop?


So, now you know how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop, and now you can easily do it by yourself at home. And you also learned to fix your battery if it sticks at charging or dies so fast. Now, you can improve your laptop charging issues at home and enjoy time with Acer’s laptop.


Where can in find the internal battery in the Acer laptop?

The CMOS’s internal battery is present on the inner side of the laptop’s right side. You will see this better on the motherboard and it is large.

How can I take the battery out from the laptop?

You have to open the laptop after turning it off. And, remove the screws it has to hold together. Now, you will free the battery from there and gently hold it out with the help of your hands.

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