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How To Reset A Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On? (2023)

Complete guide on how to reset a gateway laptop without turning it on to deal with any issues which prevents your system for startup.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 16, 2023
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How To Reset A Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On

Gateway laptops are an excellent deal, but as they are machinery; they are sometimes expected to be trouble. What if you go to the office in a good mood, and the laptop doesn’t turn on? How to reset a Gateway laptop without turning it on because you wanted to deal with some viruses in the system?

Well, for whatever reason you wish to reset your Gateway laptop; I got you covered. And, I’m going to share a stepwise guide, so if you read the article till the end (which will take less than five minutes!), I will also tell you a quicker and safer than creating a data backup! How is the deal then?

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How to reset a gateway laptop without turning on? Why reset your computer?

Now, before I tell you how to reset a gateway laptop when powered off; I have some details to share that is worth it, so don’t skip the article from here. Now, the first thing is Why do you need to reset the laptop? Well, several reasons lead to resetting the computer, computer resetting getting viruses in the system.

You often can’t track where the virus came from, and the only solution to keep the other stuff safe is resetting the laptop.

I know you must be thinking show your data can stay safe when you are already resetting the laptops, but I will tell you later. So, troubleshooting the problem or having slow speed with time lead to resetting your computer.

And so, it is suitable to gateway laptop hard reset to keep the data safe. Now, in one way, resetting is not safe at all, and that is when you do so without creating a backup.

Now, what if I tell you that you can do better than creating a backup of everything and then downloading again from the cloud. So, this method is called a system restore, where you don’t lose any files and documents and have to reinstall any programs you have recently in the system. This was a time-saving technique so lets get into it before you learn how to reset gateway laptop without turning on?

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How to reset gateway laptop without turning it on?

Here is how to restore gateway laptop without turning it on: create a back up or restore the file and programs you want. Now, backup everything else that you are afraid of losing. Click on reboot and then you will see a proceed option so just proceed and confirm resetting. 

Performing system restore for backup

Now, don’t mind me saying “system restore for back up” because it is like creating a back up to secure it. So, you will reboot your system for that. And, if you think how to reboot gateway laptop, you can find another guide; I’m not adding it here to avoid excessive length.

After rebooting you will press the F8 key, and you will do this as soon as the laptop starts. Now, you will see Advanced boot options, and from there, you can go to Safe mode with the command prompt option.

After that, you will click open System restore utility, and you will go for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 with rstui.exe, and for Windows XP, you will go with systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and now press enter.

Now you will click the enter button. Also, you must select the files or documents and then restore them To keep them safe from permanent loss. And you will also see their date and day in front of them. Now, once you have selected them,  click on the next option.

So, you will now click on reboot, and that’s how it will take only a few moments to reboot. So, once the rebooting and restoring us done, delete all the unnecessary programs that your system has.

Also, please remember that one of the converted files may have created the situation leading you to reset the laptop.

So, make sure your saved files and folders are all safe from any viruses or issues. And now you are ready to see how to reset a gateway laptop without turning it on?

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reset gateway laptop without turning it on – Step-by-step

Before you start resetting your laptop, you have to create a restore set up, so you will follow the steps above. Now, make sure that your computer is plugged in before you will need to get a lot of power. So, after that, you have to press the F10 and Alt buttons together on the keyboard. This will appear as a system logo on the screen.

Now, you will choose the Restore Operating System to factory defaults, and you will see the proceed option. So click on it and proceed. So, once it is started, you will see that the restore is formed, so everything from the laptop is deleted.

So after that, you will reinstall your laptop Windows and all other programs you need on your laptop.

So, that’s how to reset gateway laptop without turning it on, and you will see that the system looks precisely new. So, you can sell it if you want to sell your computer or can install the apps and programs you want and run the system. Also, the laptop performance will be even faster and stutter-free, and you will enjoy them.


So, now you know how to reset gateway laptop without turning it on. So, you can just create a back up or restore your needed data and reboot the system! You can do it at home quickly now!


Is it reasonable to reset your laptop?

Resetting your laptop is not bad if you have to get rid of slow performance and figure out any virus.  But, it is bad if you have not created any back up of your necessary data.

Is it necessary to reset your laptop before selling it?

Yes, it is necessary to reset your laptop because this will wipe away all your data from the laptop that is a safe step to avoid any information intending or loss.

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