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How To Reset Company Laptop For Personal Use? (Win/Mac/Chrome OS)

You got a laptop from your office or company, you can keep it for personal use. Here is guide on how to reset company laptop for personal use?
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 17, 2023
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How To Reset Company Laptop For Personal Use

If you just got a laptop from your office or company, you can keep it for personal use. And To do that, you must reset the system to wipe away all the stuff you don’t need. But, how to reset company laptop for personal use?

Is there a specific way to reset the company laptop, or can you do it the same way as the other laptops?

This is what I’m going to discuss today so read the article till the end to understand the resetting process of a company-provided laptop!

How to reset company laptop for personal use?

To learn how to reset company laptop for personal use, you will go to your laptop search bar from the lower left corner and type Reset PC. You will see settings for resetting and find the Reset this PC option that you will click. Now, click on Get started button and then select Remove everything, and there you go!

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How to convert work laptop to personal?

You can reset all the stuff in the system, which will be like a new one you can use according to your choice. And for that, you need to take some conscious step to avoid any loss of data.

That’s because you have the laptop from your office, so there can also be important data. So, here are the steps below to avoid any informational damage, and then we will proceed to reset the system.

  1. Is there any information about your office that you need?
  2. Does the system contain any information that the office will need later on?
  3. Do you want to delete any specific file or document?

Let’s say you are an office employee and got the laptop from the administrator. So, you must contact your IT  department first to clarify if they need any specific data that your computer contains. If not, you are ready to delete it all. This is the crucial step because your department does not always remember to create a backup before handing over the laptop.

How to convert work laptop to personal by creating a backup?

This is the second most crucial step before resetting your laptop or desktop computer. Now, whenever I have talked about resetting the laptop, I always talk about creating a backup first. And this is the thing here as well.

So, we will create a backup so that you don’t have to repent of deleting all the important and especially local files. So, you can use a USB device or an external drive to keep your data safe. Also, you can create cloud storage for backing up your data.

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The above-given article will also help you create a backup.

Work laptop personal use-wiping the very personal data

Many industries of companies don’t allow you to reset the laptop when they give it to you because they want to handle a single project or give you a laptop for temporary use.

That’s normal so you don’t have to worry if you need to keep your data in it. Make sure you know where you have saved your files or other data. Now, let’s say, it is time to return the laptop now what will you do?

You have to delete the exact files from the location you have saved them. And, go to search for .JPG, .PNG, GIF, .WAV, etc. Now, you will go to the browser in the laptop that was in your use, and remove all the saved passwords if you have committed any. Now, uninstall any programs that you have installed lately for personal use.

We are ready to reset the laptop now!

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How to reset Windows 8 laptop?

For Windows 8, you simply have to follow the steps below but remember, resetting he system may require some minutes or may be half an hour so don’t panic.

  1. Go to the system’s start button.
  2. Now go to the settings option from there.
  3. Go to Change PC settings from there.
  4. Select the option Remove everything, and now you have nothing left on the laptop.

You will now see that the Windows is all clean, and you can install a new Windows if you want to use it in the office or can return it the same way.

Now, let me guide you about how to reset windows 10 laptop for personal use. I have given a brief description in the meta description above.

How to reset Windows 8 laptop

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Resetting Windows 10 laptop

To reset Windows 10 laptop, you will go with the following steps:

  1. You will get a built-in function in Windows 10 so go to the start option.
  2. Go to the settings option from the lower right corner of the display.
  3. You can also type Reset PC in the search bar in the settings.
  4. Now, you can go to the Reset this PC option.
  5. Click on the Get started option from there.
  6. Now, click on Remove everything and you will see nothing left in the system!

If you haven’t created a backup, find a dear one to hug and cry now! Of course, I’m kidding! You can’t miss the backup procedure. Now, let’s throw our hands on MacBook but I wonder why would your industry hand you a MacBook? What if you resign the next day? Well, jokes aside and here is the shortcut to reset a MacBook below!

Resetting Windows 10 laptop

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Resetting the MacBook – The easiest trick ever!

To reset your MacBook, no matter if it is MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you will go with the following steps:

  1. Press R and Command keys together to open the Disk utility.
  2. Now, if you click on the Erase tab, you will delete the whole primary drive in the laptop. Which means the system is all reset.

Now, if you have an OS that is even older than Lion, you will need to erase the System disk too. And you will go with the same method and find the System disk by going through the settings.

Now, what if you got a Chromebook? How to reset company laptop for personal use if you have a Chromebook? Well, this is the easiest one here!

Resetting the MacBook - the easiest trick ever!

How to reset Chromebook for personal use?

Here is how to reset Chromebook right away after creating a backup!

  1. Go to the System settings.
  2. Now, go to the Power wash option and click on it.

You will see that the whole system is reset and you are now good to go!


So, now you k ow how to reset company laptop for personal use whether you have a Windows laptop like Windows 7, 8, or 10 or if you have a MacBook or Chromebook. You can create a backup, and you are good to go!


Is it necessary to reset the company laptop after personal use?

Yes, it is a must to do as your saved passwords or personal information are at risk then. Always delete the personal information and any files you have in the system.

Is it fine to use work laptop for personal use after work?

It is fine if you have a good idea out keeping the passwords hidden in the browsers or if you delete them right away or don’t save at all! And, also you need to delete any other personal files or information right away before heading back to work.

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