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How To Right-Click On Laptop Without Mouse? (2023)

Having problems with your external mouse and have to use laptop's touchpad? Read this article to know how to right-click on laptop without mouse.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 14, 2023
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How to right-click on laptop without mouse

Mouse plays an important role when you use a laptop as you can right-click or left-click repeatedly. What if your mouse is not working, or you don’t have a mouse nearby? You need to use the laptop then. Then how to right-click on laptop without mouse? I will tell you today in steps, so continue reading this article till the end.

How to right click on laptop without mouse?

If you think how to click on laptop without mouse? You can use shortcut keys like Shift and F10 keys together and this will work as a right-click. However, if your laptop keyboard has a Menu option, you can click as a right click option.

Now, just for your ease, I’m telling you that if you have a new laptop, and your laptop has a Menu key, you will see it has a cursor printed on it. So, if you can’t find a menu key, you can see this cursor imprinted and so, click this key to right-click. But, you have to be on the exact page where you have to click it right. Now, let me tell you in detail how to right click on laptop without mouse?

right click on laptop

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Tapping on touch screen

Now, if you have a touch screen laptop, then doing a right click is relatively easy for you. All you have to do is hold the option or the area where you have to right-click and then save it for a few seconds. Then release it, and this will be the right click on your touch screen laptop. Now, let’s say you have a MacBook and you have to right click on laptop trackpad. The following method is how you can do it.

MacBook trackpad method

If you have made progress by switching from a Windows laptop to MacBook, the first thing you must be used to is the keyboard and the trackpad. So, if you take an in-depth look, you will see that the windows laptop has a trackpad and two buttons on the lower side. Now, these buttons will clearly state which one is the right button for right-click and which one is for left click. However, you may not know laptop right click on your MacBook keyboard.

Here is now you can do so in the followings steps:

1- Let me tell you that your MacBook has no buttons on the touchpad. So, you may wonder how you can right click on it. So, for that, you will press the very right corner of the trackpad.

This will be the right click on the MacBook. However, by pressing the very left corner, you will press the left click button on the MacBook. So, it is easy to press the right-click button on the MacBook. Also, note that these clicks will give sounds, so this will be even more satisfying to learn that your right-click worked. (I said that because this is what satisfies me).

2- Now, to inform you more about the MacBook trackpad, this is the most common thing hit may be new to some older MacBook users; your MacBook has a multi-touch sense trackpad. So for that, you have to place your two fingers on any area of the trackpad. This will automatically activate the multi-touch trackpad, and now, you can use both fingers.

right click on laptop without mouse

Right click on laptop with keyboard

Now, what if you don’t even want to press the trackpad and wish to use the keyboard only. You can do so by just holding the Ctrl button. Now, while holding this button, you will press any other key with the right-click. Please note that after pressing the Ctrl key, any other you touch, will work like a right click for you. Also, another best thing is that, you can use this trick on MacBook as well.

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Using a tablet to right click on laptop without mouse

What if you have a tablet or a touchscreen monitor? I know I have talked about the touch screen laptop above, but this one is quite similar yet, a little different technique for your tablets or touch screens.

Now, if your tablet or monitor is a touch screen, just press and hold the area where you want to do a right click. Now, you will see a circle around it to give you an option of right-clicking. So, just click on it, and there you go! So, isn’t this too easy as well.

Right click on laptop without mouse (Windows laptop method)

This method is as easy as taking a hair out of butter! (This example may sound weird, I know, but this is true!) You will see your windows laptop keyboard, and every windows keyboard has a trackpad, of course. And, even if the keyboard layout is different, there will be a trackpad with two buttons on the bottom.

 The right button will be a right-click button, and you have to press it once only. While the left button will be the left click button. The pressing will release a clicky sound as well.

However, what if you have a gaming laptop? Because some gaming laptops have flat trackpads, and they don’t have buttons at all. So, in this case, you will go with the same MacBook trackpad procedure. That means you will press the right lower corner for right click and the left lower corner for left click.


So, now you know how to right click on laptop without mouse, and you have learned how to do it on MacBooks, gaming laptops of any brand, and Windows laptop with different procedures. Now, you don’t need a laptop for clicking at all!


How can I right click on a laptop without right-clicking it?

You can do so by pressing Shift and F10 keys together and this will work as a right for you when you don’t want to use your trackpad or a mouse?

How can I right click on an iPad?

You can right-click on an iPad by pressing and holding the exact area where you want to click right. After some seconds, you will see a drop-down list there, and you can pick the right-click option from there.

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