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How to turn on Asus laptop without power button? (2023)

Your Asus laptop's power button stopped working? Here is guide on how to turn on Asus laptop without power button?
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 11, 2023
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How to turn on Asus laptop without power button

Having an Asus laptop for work or gaming is a blessing. You can’t keep your hands off the comfortable and user-friendly keyboard. But what if the power button stops working? How to turn on Asus laptop without power button when your laptop power button gives up?

This is what I am going to discuss today because I had the same problems and I searched a lot for that. So, I have found some solutions you can follow, only if you read till the end!

How to turn on Asus laptop without power button? Let’s dive in!

You will find some websites that will tell you how you can turn on any laptop without using the power button.  But, they mostly tell you the processes that require you to open the computer’s chassis entirely, which is a mess. However, as I’m recommending this process, I will tell you in detail how to turn on Asus laptop without power button and how you can successfully do it without opening the laptop lid.

I will also tell you about the lid method below so you can pick whatever method you want. But before that, let me tell you that the plastic power button on the laptop keyboard is made to press another button on the lower side. So, when you press the plastic button, you hit the lower button.

And,  you can see that if you remove that plastic button from the top.  There will be a press-able button underneath. If that’s so, you can get a screwdriver and press the button without  tampering with another motherboard. Here is the stepwise detail of using the motherboard for turning on Acer’s laptop.

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How to turn on Asus laptop without power button

To learn how to turn on Acer laptop without power button, you will: open your laptop chassis and see the port where your laptop power button ribbon cable is already plugged. And you have to disconnect your laptop’s power button.

So, you will now need a small conductor to short-circuit the power button. You will short-cross the 1st and 3rd pins in your laptop’s power button port.

However, if this doesn’t work for your system, then you can also try to short all of the pins at the same time.

You don’t need to worry as this will not create any damage, so you shouldn’t worry. If you do the  short circuit correctly, the laptop will startup in no time.

So, while checking bow to turn on Asus laptop without power button, if you will open the computer at every attempt or short-circuit at every time, your laptop might get long-term hardware problems. And especially if your system is older or you are not prepared to change the system then.

So, keeping this in mind, if you want to repair the power button, I have another solution for you, as I said above!

Shortcut for turning on the laptop power button

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Turn on Asus laptop with lid

Here is another method to turn on ASUS laptop without power button; once you are running the laptop on, I suggest you check your laptop BIOS system and look for a “Power On While Open lid” option.

Let me tell you that in some laptops, this is only available when the system is on sleep mode,  so you will need to change the settings even when your computer is OFF.

However, if you don’t like this option, you can leave the laptop on and put the system to sleep when it is not in use, and you can close your system lid and click the Enter key once you open your laptop to turn it ON.

Turn on Acer laptop without power button using extension or wall sockets

This method will work for every use, whether you use HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, or even Toshiba laptops. Now, I know that you will love this option most of all because this method will help you avoid doing short circuits on the system.

You will need any cable that you can connect the power button to your laptop motherboard. You will disconnect, then leave that cable unplugged. Now, you have to take out the battery from your laptop and also plug it into the socket. By doing this, your laptop power will turn ON.

Now, if your laptop power is ON,  you can return the laptop battery into the system, disconnect it from the socket if you want to, and there you go with the laptop powered on! Isn’t that easy than doing a short circuit? However, I’m still not done yet!

I have one more trick for your question how to turn on Asus laptop without power button? Read this quick and final trick using the function keys!

Shortcut for turning on the laptop without power button

In this method, you first have to shut the system and then again turn it on. After that, you will press the delete key or you can also press F2 key once you see the boot screen pop up.

Now, let’s get to the Advanced Settings option on the display screen of the laptop with  the arrow keys. And, you will tap Enter then go to the Power Management, or you can go to the ACPI Management option there.

Then, you will tap Enter, then select the BIOS Power-on. Now, you have to adjust the timing however you want. Finally, you will tap F10 to save the settings.

Here I will go to the Resume by going to the Alarm/Power on, by RTC/Auto On Time/Power-on BIOSoption. But you can also do something related, tap on the or ­ option and change the value from disabled to Enabled; also, you can set the desired time for your laptop to turn ON daily automatically.

  1. Click on  F10 again and then exit.
  2. Wait for some moments until the laptop restarts.


So, now you know how to turn on Asus laptop without power button, and you can go with any of the above methods to solve the issue and turn it on!


Why does my laptop power button not work?

Your laptop button may not work due to the dust that got stuck there for along time. Or, there can be a dead power button due to a hard press. However, sometimes it just get stuck while pressing suddenly so you can fix it by pressing again.

How to turn on the Asus laptop forcefully?

You can turn on the laptop by taking out the battery once the system is shut down. Now, put the battery back and connect the AC adapter and turn it on.

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