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How To Unblock School Laptop Administrator? (Solved!)

Step by step guide on how to unblock school laptop administrator, unlock school laptop administrator on a Chromebook. Continue reading to learn.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 21, 2023
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How To Unblock School Laptop Administrator

Schools often provide their students and teachers with laptops under their custody for different projects. However, if you accidentally lose them or someone steals them, the first thing they do is to hack the administrator password and change it so that no one can track it. But, how to unblock school laptop administrator?

There are several ways of doing so, but before we get into those details, I suggest you read the article until the end. Because by the end of the article, you will learn how to disable school laptop block, how to unblock the school administrator, and why people block the administrator to prevent what causes? Also, I have some surprise information to share with you that not many people share, so stay engaged!

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How To Unblock School Laptop Administrator?

How to unblock school laptop administrator

To see how to unblock school laptop administrator, you will click on the start menu, or you can also press on X button along with the Windows logo button and then go to computer management, then go to local users, and then group users. Now, choose an administrator account and right-click and uncheck the checked box against the account disabled option.

Now, that’s how to unblock your administrator from the laptop. But, that was just a go-through method that I shared above. While discussing how to unblock school laptop, you must also know the reasons behind unlocking and the advantage you get! So, let’s check them out before discussing the unblocking methods in detail.

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Why unblock school laptop administrator?

Now, if you unblock administrator from the laptop, whether it is your laptop (stolen laptop, though I don’t take any responsibility about that, it is up to you how you take the information) or whether someone has hired you for unblocking, you can access any sites, passwords, or you can even access any school’s personal information only the admin can access.
And the only purpose behind unlocking the administrator is to access and collect important information about the school.
So, whenever someone tries to access the admin information, and you know about that, if that is your laptop, make sure to change your main password and keep the laptop away from them.
The following are some methods sure to unblock administrators from the laptop. However, read the following disclaimer before heading below because I don’t want all the admins or schools to approach me afterward!

Note: the methods discussed below are just for informational purposes, and we don’t mean to promote any hacking or privacy violation!

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How to get passed a school administrator’s laptop?

Here is method 1 of unblocking the admin from the laptop:

  1. Click on the start menu and go to the settings option from there. Or you can click on the Windows key and X key together.
  2. You will see a new window popping up in front of you.
  3. You can go to the computer management option from there.
  4. Now, by clicking on the computer management, you will open other pop-ups to expand local user groups.
  5. Now, you will choose the users, and then you will select the administrator account.
  6. Next step is to right-click on it and then go to available properties.
  7. You will see an account in the disabled box that will be checked. So, you have to uncheck it.
  8. And the last step is to save the settings, and you will click select and then apply settings.

So, this was the first method to unblock any administrator from the laptop, and if you are the administrator but don’t know how to do it, you can use this easiest method. However, the next method is also very simple, and this one is for Chromebook users, so have a look!

How to get passed a school administrators laptop

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How to unblock school laptop administrator on a Chromebook?

If you don’t have a windows laptop in the school office and you use Chromebook instead, here is how you can use the simplest steps:

  1. You will press Esc key, Refresh key and power button together.
  2. Or, instead of the above method, you can also insert USB screen and you can click on Ctrl and D keys together.
  3. You will now see a white screen and a welcome message on your Chromebook.
  4. This step will remove any admin restriction on the laptop and now, if you want to set any password for your access, you have to go to the admin settings and create a new one.

Now, I know what you just be thing about this procedure, but no! We did not reset the Chromebook at all! All your settings and documents will remain to save, and you can create a new password for your administration only.

How to unblock school laptop administrator on a Chromebook

So, as we have gone through these two most basic methods, there are some settings and warnings I want to share with you all!

After learning How to bypass admin on school computer, let me tell you that is the riskiest step to take, and by avoiding some errors, you can do it safely. Here are those steps below:

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  1. Once you have hacked the laptop or have changed the password, make sure not to share the information with anyone. Otherwise, the data can be leaked or hacked, and schools have very personal information that they don’t even share with their staff.
  2. Lets say that you have to get your laptop checked by the IT professional, and he has closely examined your system or has done some settings. The safest step after that is to set a new admin username and create a new password. This will decrease the chances of your system hacking.
  3. Sometimes, the schools have registered their laptops on the same network and all the designs are also closely monitored; often, they use screen monitoring software to keep an eye on whatever is happening.

However, this is the most insecure thing to do, and your system has a 90% chance of getting hacked. So, change the admin settings once you give the laptop to a new admin.


So, that’s how to unblock school laptop administrator, and you can do so for fair use only if you mean to change the admin access or remove it for some reason.


How do I reset a school laptop or PC?

If you have, unfortunately, locked out of the laptop or computer and can not access the system anymore, you will press the power button from the login screen, and so, you will also keep pressing the shift button and then troubleshoot. Now, go to Reset this PC option, and there you are!

Why to change the admin settings after getting the system checked?

Changing the laptop admin access is necessary after every close check-up or after changing the password because your admin access will allow them to hack the laptop.


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