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How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For PS4? – Easy Way

Are you a PS4 Lover and you want to enjoy PS4 on your laptop? You can make use of your laptop as monitor for your PS4 by installing PlayStation remote on your system.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On January 23, 2023
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how to use a laptop as a monitor for ps4

How can we use PC/laptop as a monitor for PS4? Are you a PS4 Lover and you want to enjoy PS4 on your laptop? You can make use of your laptop as monitor for your PS4 by installing PlayStation remote on your system. Also, you can do it in two ways. Whether with a video capture card or with an HDMI cable. However, both have different procedures to do so. And, the goal for both is to install the remote play on the laptop. The following guide will help you learn the step-by-step procedure. And, for that, make sure to read this guide thoroughly.

Check out your laptop first

Before you use laptop screen for PS4, check if your laptop can do so. That’s because not all laptops support HDMI input connections for PS4. So, you can go ahead if your system is supporting video input. HDMI connections are always one-directional. And, they don’t support any doublet link. At the same time, PS4 and HDMI ports are output links. So, they both are contrary as they are output links.

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How to use the laptop as a monitor PS4 with HDMI

Connecting PS4 with an HDMI covers different procedures. However, some are simple, and some are complex. But, when the goal is to connect and play, why do complex tasks? So, the following is the easiest way of connecting an HDMI cable to the laptop.

Connecting with HDMI

  • Download the remote play on the laptop or PC.
  • Now, turn the console settings on. And, go to your system settings and click on “PlayStation network.” Click this option, and you will see the account management option. So, tap it and click enable the ‘Active as primary ps4 option.’
  • After that, you have to go back to the console. Now, update the latest software version, 3.50. You will get the update option in system settings.
  • Once you have done it, you need to enable the remote play connection. So, go to the settings and enable it as well. Make sure your console is on. That’s because you will need for PC or Mac connection. So,  let’s leave it on and in the rest mode.
  • So, next is turning on the PS4. And, for that, you can go back to the settings. Now, you will see power-saving settings here. Click the option and go to the “set features available” option. This will turn it on in the rest mode. From there, you can enable your PS4 for connection.

Remote play helps the users to play PlayStation games on different devices. So, this is a necessary thing to know. And, without this app, you cannot play PS4 on any other device except PS4. So, this is how important it is. Now, let’s get back to the PS4 connections.

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Wired and wireless connection on PS4

Now, we discussed downloading the PS4 remote play earlier. So, now, to use laptop screen for PS4, go to your PC settings. And set the display resolution as required. The heavy-duty the system, the better the display quality will be.

Now, you have to connect the PS4 controller and the desktop. However, you can connect it both wirelessly or with an HDMI cable. For the wired process, plug in the HDMI cable. While for wireless, connect it with the remote controller buttons.

So, click on the PlayStation and the Share buttons altogether. Click it for a while, and the white light starts flickering. You will see the pairing option in the connecting list. So, you can connect it from there. 

Or, for a USB cable, you can connect the cable after flickering the light. And, click the same buttons here too. Now, wait 5 seconds for the device pairing. And, if in some case it doesn’t connect, repeat this method.

Now, to use laptop screen for PS4, go to the PC/MacBook. And add the credentials in the console settings. Now, you are ready for the PS4 gameplay.

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How to use the laptop as monitor PS4 with VCC

Now, this is another method of connecting a laptop with a PS4. And, for this, you need a laptop, a video capture card (VCC). And, you will need an HDMI cable that is for dual-use. So, after collecting all the requirements, follow the steps below.

VCC connection for PS4 gameplay

  1. First of all, you need to install the video capture card. And, you will do it with the USB port. So, install it on your laptop or PC. And, the best deal is to install the high-end VCC. Now, take the HDMI cable and connect one side to the console. However, make sure to connect it with the out-HDMI. And attach the in-side HDMI to the VCC.
  2. Now, turn on the console and makes sure that VCC software runs on the PC. So, you will see the console on your display soon. And, that’s it. This is how to connect your PS4 with a laptop/PC. And that’s how you can play it.

So, here is how you can easily use a laptop as a monitor for PS4.


Connecting your PS4 on any big screen is not a problem now. And, you have two options to do so quickly. Also, you can go with any options and can connect the game. Both methods are simple and take a few minutes only. You will need no mess of wires, and no lengthy installation is required.

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