Is 64 GB eMMC Enough For A Laptop?

Is 64 GB eMMC enough for a laptop? Embedded MultiMedia Card has less storage. To run multiple projects simultaneously, 64 GB laptop is not recommended.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 22, 2023
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Is 64 GB eMMC Enough For A Laptop?

While browsing for a laptop, many factors and features must be considered before making a decision. Screen size, battery, price, storage capacity, RAM, ROM, and so on are factors you cannot ignore while purchasing a laptop.

Storage is one of the elementary factors for the smooth working of a laptop. 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB are different hard drive options. If you are curious about 64 GB eMMC, you landed on the right page.
This article is a comprehensive answer to is 64 GB eMMC enough for a laptop. Before digging into the topic, let’s clarify what is eMMC.

What is eMMC storage?

Embedded Multimedia Card, eMMC storage is used in smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, and tablets. It is an embedded device that is used in many compact devices. The main reason to use eMMC is its small size and affordability. EMMC-equipped devices have an additional memory card slot to increase the internal storage capacity.

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Is 64 GB eMMC enough for a laptop?

In cheap laptops, usually, 64 GB eMMC is embedded. Now, the latest laptops have much higher storage than 64 GB. Laptops with 64 GB eMMC are designed to perform standard or low potential functions like watching movies, playing games, and enjoying Spotify. These laptops are not intended to perform storage-consuming functions. If the buyer already knows this feature and the objective of the buyer is to perform essential functions only, then 64 GB eMMC is indeed a perfect option.

My honest recommendation will be to explore other possibilities within the range because 64 GB eMMC is not entirely enough for a laptop. You will have to add more storage capacity to your laptop. You cannot even fit all your apps in 64 GB. Also, there is no guarantee of quick speed in the future. So, I think replace 64 GB laptop with more storage one.

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I have shortlisted some factors of laptop having 64 GB eMMC. After going through these factors, it will be easier for you to make a final decision.

  1. Storage:
    The storage of a 64 GB eMMC laptop is shallow, even for a smartphone. Such laptops do not work smoothly for daily basis work. Storage insufficiency can also produce lags on your laptop. So, invest in your laptop wisely. You can look for options like 128 GB eMMC laptop for everyday work.
  2. Price:
    The price of a 64 GB laptop is more reasonable than the other laptops. The feature of less storage and less powerful processors makes it economical. A 64 GB laptop is suitable for students due to its affordability factor.
  3. Battery life:
    The battery life of a 64 GB laptop is long-lasting, and it can last for a few hours. This feature is excellent for frequent laptop users and students to consider a 64 GB laptop.
  4. Speed:
    The speed of a 64 GB laptop will be low due to its small RAM. If you want to run multiple programs or files simultaneously, a 64 GB laptop will respond slowly. It is recommended to delete unnecessary files to avoid lag. It will lighten the storage, and the programs will run faster.
  5. Portable:
    Among the pros of a 64 GB laptop, compact size is the one. The laptop’s small size is best for portability, especially while traveling. This feature of the laptops also attracts students as they have to carry a laptop daily.
  6. Reliable:
    A 64 GB laptop is unreliable due to its storage space. The information is completely lost if the hard drive arm fails. It means you will have to back up the files and applications or opt for other ways to keep data secure in a 64 GB laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 64 GB eMMC good for gaming?

For a gaming laptop, high storage and more powerful processors are required. However, 64 GB eMMC is low storage and is usually slower. So, 64 GB eMMC is not a gaming laptop. At least 512 GB of storage is required for a light gamer.

Is 32 GB eMMC enough for a laptop?

It depends upon the usage, for which purpose you are using the laptop. You can edit videos and photos with 32 GB Memory. You can use it for basic tasks like browsing, Netflix, etc.

Is 128 GB eMMC enough for a laptop?

128 GB eMMC is enough for a laptop if you want to use the laptop for low functioning. If you wish to run a significant amount of files or have an intention to perform multiple tasks at a time, then 128 GB is not enough. Do your best research about the pros and cons of a 128 GB laptop, as eMMC storage cannot be upgraded.

Is 64 GB eMMC enough for windows 10?

For windows 10, 64 GB eMMC is enough but the speed will be slow. 64 GB is low storage and windows 10 will take most of the storage. So, it will be difficult for you to proceed further with other files and applications. I will recommend considering at least 128 GB of RAM, as 256GB is recommended for daily laptop users.

eMMC vs. SSD, which storage option is best?

eMMC stands for Embedded MultiMediaCard, while SSD stands for Solid-state drive. Both storage types have their own components, features, and capacities. But in the debate of eMMC vs. SSD, SSD consistently ranks higher due to its storage and speed. SSD is more expensive than eMMC. SSD can be upgraded, but eMMC is not. So, it depends upon the use and priorities of the buyer.

Final Thought

So, you got the idea about is 64 GB eMMC enough for a laptop. 64 GB laptop is suitable for operating essential functions but cannot be used for multiple tasks.

However, in the light of the above explanation, I will suggest to look for other options. Because 64 GB eMMC cannot be upgraded and speed will be slow. It is such a low storage capacity. The decision is now up to you.

In detail, I have explained, is 64 GB eMMC enough for a laptop. If you are still confused, I am happy to help in the comments too.

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