Razer gaming laptops are going to be more costly next year, Razer CEO says

A piece of bad news follows all the Razer gaming laptop fans. And, this will be no less than a nightmare. Spilling the tea, we are talking about the Razer laptops' increasing price from the coming year!
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 1, 2022
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razer gaming laptops

A piece of bad news follows all the Razer gaming laptop fans. And, this will be no less than a nightmare. Spilling the tea, we are talking about the Razer laptops’ increasing price from the coming year!

Razer gaming laptops have been a good selling deal in the gaming world. And, every gamer out there knows about the heavy-duty specs it comes with. The most famous one among the competitors is the Razorblade 15 gaming laptop.

Well, the fear is that it won’t be the favorite deal anymore in the coming year. But, before you think its a rumor, let me put more dark shades to the news. Unfortunately, the news is confirmed! Yes, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has broken this news and broke the heart of many fans.

While there is already chaos about the shortage of the products, gamers had another problem. The chip shortage is no less than dark times for the users. And, during this pandemic, gaming was like the only hope for many frustrated gamers. What can be done now?

The CEO tweeted the bad news coming ahead

To follow the news, you can find the source on Twitter where the CEO tweeted. The narrative of his tweet was that he had a meeting about the upcoming gaming line for the following year. And, he stated about the “significant increase” in the laptops’ components costs. So, keeping in view the prices, the company has to increase the rates.

Note that Min-Liang Tan said this about the next-generation laptops. Also, he included Razorblade in this category as well. So, if you already have Razorblade 15 on your gaming table, that’s good luck!

He posted the tweet on 30th November 2021. And, the CEO tweeted at 10:28 AM if you can’t help your curiosity about it. The tweet had 44 comments from the Razer laptop fans right away. And, there were 159 heart reactions from the Razer gaming laptop lovers. Looks like the fans will not stop admiring the laptops despite the rising prices.

If some of you aren’t aware, Razer is already an expensive laptop selling brand. The cheapest one here starts from $1,299. This price is for Razer Stealth 13 gaming laptop. And, the most famous one, Razer blade 17, already ranges up to $3,699. So, even if the CEO has not given the rough estimate of prices, we can assume it. Next year, we can expect Razerblade to hit up to $4000 in all! So, this will be one of the most expensive ranges then.

Expected release of processor and graphics card

What’s more is the expected Intel Core’s new 12th generation processor. This Alder Lake processor is also foreseen to be of a higher rate in 2022. And, along with that, other laptop brands may also rise high. At the same time, there is a rumor about NVIDIA Geforce and APU’s Ryzen 6000 debut for RTX 3080 Ti GPU. Let’s see where the prices head the gamers to?

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