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How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button? 5 Best Ways

Turning on your laptop without a power button seems to be impossible, right? You’ll get familiar with many ideas & tricks on this topic by reading this article
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 25, 2023
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turn on laptop without power button

When you push a power button on your laptop, the laptop’s battery allows electricity to power up by establishing a circuit connection. When a power button stops working anymore, then this “initial connection establishment” is disturbed automatically. The power button optimizes the current flow in the laptop to sustain regular activity. But in case it prevents working, then what will be the consequences? 

There are some alternative ways to turn on your laptop without depending on the power button entirely. Let’s dive into this article on how to turn on a laptop without a power button?

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How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

(Five Adaptable Solutions)

There are enormous ways to turn on your laptop without a power button. But the following ways are filtered out after nerve-shattering research to let you get the best of the best:

With Wake-On-Lan

It is a modernized feature to give your laptop a signal to get back to work! It can shut down your laptop & then restart it again to accomplish various tasks. Turning on your laptop via the internet is secondly named “Wake-On-Lan.” According to your laptop model, the steps will be varied in utilizing this method.

For MAC, you need to go through the following steps for turning on your laptop via using the internet:

  1. Go to the system preferences application.
  2. Dive into energy saver.
  3. By going further into it, select the option, “wake for network access.” 

Being a Windows (10) user, take assistance from the following steps of this measure:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Look for updates and security.
  3. After finding it, click it instantly. Then, click recovery. 
  4. You can find here the “Advanced startup” section. Go there.
  5. Click the button there, “restart now.” 
  6. By clicking on troubleshoot, you’ll move further onto advanced options. 
  7. Move on Firmware settings & end the process by clicking the restart button.

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Utilizing Wall Socket/Extension

This method gives the vibe of difficulty by its name. Let me clear your doubt that it is as easy as playing a game! There is no rocket science in it. You have to follow the beneath-given steps that are described & there you will go:

  1. In the first step, you need to detach a cable connecting the power button with the motherboard. 
  2. Then, eradicate the laptop battery. 
  3. Plugin the laptop into a wall socket & see it’ll power on!
  4. You can put back the battery into it if you want to end the wall socket power. 

By Keyboard

Have you ever thought that you could turn on your laptop using an external keyboard? Well, it may sound strange, but you can try this if you are facing the problem of a damaged power button. It is not a tedious task to turn on a laptop by pressing an external keyboard’s key. In actuality, it is effortless to do by carrying out it appropriately via the following mentioned steps: 

  1. At first, you need to enable the BIOS of your laptop as a backup power button. 
  2. Once boot up your laptop & then access your laptop’s BIOS by pushing “F2”, “F10”, or “del” key.
  3. You need to keenly understand the structure of your BIOS that is precisely according to your laptop. 
  4. You can search for “power management “(settings) that will vary depending upon the laptops.
  5. After finding an exact option there on your laptop of “power on by keyboard,” you need to turn it on.
  6. Configure it according to appropriate and easily workable aura, & then save your settings. 
  7. After shutting down your laptop once, try it with a new mechanism that you have adjusted.

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Using Motherboard

If your power button is completely defective, you can use the motherboard as an alternative to starting your laptop. It is an easily adaptable method for every laptop. Go through the following steps thoroughly, and let’s work on the laptop without getting worried about the power button:

  1. At first, you need to unplug the charging cable. 
  2. Next is to open the case of your laptop. Find the power button.
  3. Take it off with care. 
  4. Look for three to six pins that are rightly under the power button. 
  5. Use a conductor (e.g., screwdriver) to short circuit pins located at positions 1 & 3. 
  6. Connect these short-circuited pins with a wire.
  7. Wait to see the magic by letting your laptop turn on after a while.       

By Using Laptop Lid

A laptop’s lid can turn on and off your laptop. It can help you if you cannot switch on or off your laptop by pushing a power button. You can observe it usually that a laptop goes to sleep mode once its lid is closed. It happens not in all the laptops, as in my case, I am lucky because my laptop stays in the same working mode even if its lid is closed. 

You can do according to the steps that are given below to get quick assistance in turning on the laptop without using a power button:

  1. BIOS settings are essential in this step. Go to these settings via pressing “F2”, “F10”, or “del” keys.
  2. You can see there an advance tab. Click it and go further to power management. 
  3. In this section, search the option, “power on while open lid.” 
  4. After finding an exact option on your laptop of “power on while open lid,” you need to turn on this option. 
  5. There you can quickly turn your laptop on/off using this quick solution.

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What is an appropriate way to install a new power button?

If you face difficulty with your currently installed power button, you don’t need to get worried. You can remove it and install a new one to enhance functionality. Following is the best way to get rid of your frustration about the poor working of the power button:

1. Take your laptop’s battery out. You should pull out the back panel & AC adapter of your laptop as well.
2. It is better to remove the hard drive and RAM next before stepping further. 
3. The removal of keypads and keyboard bezels is integral also.
4. After setting all these things aside, remove the top frame carefully. 
5. Then, observe the power switch keenly.
6. Take the older one out and insert the new one inside. 
7. Reunite all the parts together, and there you are, perfect to go!


If the power button of your laptop stops working, you can turn on your laptop by picking various alternative and intelligent solutions until you get it repaired.

You can select the best way from all of the above measures to make your laptop turn on without power button. Your laptop will run again when you adopt any of these instant and authentic solutions to eradicate your issue of a damaged power button.

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