What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop? Complete guide 2023

What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop? Here is complete guide in how to pawn your laptop and what you can expect in return.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 6, 2023
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What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop

Pawn Guru is on of the best platform for your technology bidding because here, pawn has the latest data about technology. Particularly if we talk about the laptops, this platform will pay you the best rates. But, what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop?

If you are thinking about this question lately, I have got you covered!  Because is one of the most active platforms where technology gets.

What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop

So, you can compare your technical devices to others on that platform and can do bidding.

If you are new to planning and thinking what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop, first learn what a Pawn shop is, and  keep reading because I will tell you how it works. Also, you will learn how much of your laptop will get paid from pawn broking.

What is Pawnshop?

A pawn shop is any store that provides you a loan or where you resell your any kind of stuff. I will explain it in a bit. Pawn shops give you loan in exchange of your valuable.

So, when you think what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop, you compare your valuable to other similar valuables. You can do that both online or offline and take rates for loans.

 Then you do bidding with the shop owner.  And if both parties agree with the amount, you give your valuable into their custody for a specific period. After that, you can take the loan from them. And, once you have fulfilled your need you will pay them back the amount and take your valuable.

However, please keep in mind that this amount will also come with monthly interest. Also,  that, you have to pay monthly interest until you pay them the real amount back.

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What laptop will get the most money?

To explain this point, let me give you an example of a car. If you want to sell a used, second-hand car, bidders will offer you rates according to the car’s condition.

If your car is in good condition, you will get a good amount of money. Similarly, if your car has scratches, you will not get good enough rates.

The same is the case with your technical objects. If your laptop has scratches and cracks on the screen, you will not get good rates. So, when you think, about what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop, you have to learn first what brands will earn the most cash.

If I talk about laptops, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, and Sony are the most high-paying laptops. And, if I talk about tablets, you will get the most cash with Chromebooks, Samsung, Amazon, and Apple.

And, I will not skip computers here. That’s because they are never out of trend for gaming. And so, MSI, Origin, and Alienware are the first choice for bidding on pawn stores. Also, many people ask do pawn shops take laptops? Then yes, not every, but many pawn shops take laptops and computers.

What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop?

Your laptop worth depends on the brand, condition, and the laptop  model. For example, the most selling HP laptop can give you from $5 to $500 on a standard basis. The average loan that Pawn guru users can have is $90. So, you can get more details from them about what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop?

Now, I will also tell you how you can get a good pawn shop laptopsamount. You just have to keep in mind some technical points but, before that check this chart below to learn what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop in 2022.

pawn shop price guide

Now, this chart has all the answers about what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop?  And, the above discussed pawn shop price guide is what you will get the rates on every pawn shop this year!  I can not give you can exact rate about pawning for several reasons that affect the price. I am going to discuss the reasons below as I said earlier. However, if you are looking for any of the above-mentioned brands planning, you are good to go now!

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What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop -facts to consider

Before you directly head to learn what do pawn shops pay pawning  laptops? On any pawn shops or pawn guru, you have to consider some factors below.

Learn more about your brand name

You will know the worth  once you know what your laptop brand and model is. And, also keep in knowledge that is your model still in trend? Because only latest laptop or computer models are more likely to pay high.

And, by saying this, I do not mean to say that older models won’t pay! But, older models will also pay if they are in a good condition. However, as I’m talking about pawn shop laptop the latest models are worth it.

Now, as I talked about the condition of the laptop, this is another important factor. And, let me get into it too.

What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop ( 10/10 condition)

After the brand name, the thing that the bidder will notice the most is the laptop condition. And, if your laptop has scratches, bumps, cracks or flags, you won’t get a good rate.

 I know I said that above also but, you cannot miss this point at all. So, you know now how much my laptop worth at pawn shops. Also, here is the third important point to notice before going to the pawnshop.

Check if the shop deals in laptops

Before you head straight to bidding your laptop at a pawns’ shop, make sure that the shop deals in electronic items. Because many shops don’t do that due to the warranty and other stuff. They consider it a lengthy process so they don’t deal with it.

And, so, you can get a good rate by bidding on the exact place where the shopkeepers know the worth of laptops. And so, if your laptop has a flaw or battery timing issue, post the picture on Pawn Guru. While learning what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop for bidding, Pawn Guru will help you track the exact pawn broker who are interested in pawning. And so, you can now even deal with a lot of the electronic items and get loan.

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What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop- the technical stuff

Understanding the product or device that you are bidding is the most important thing. You can get the best rates by convincing the clients. Also, this will help you in using the device by yourself as well.

For example, you just know the hard disk size of the laptop. And, the processor type that your laptop has will add to the value of the laptop.

Similarly, the screen size along with RAM and model will increase the bidding and you can get a good amount.

So, when you think about how much my laptop worth at pawn shop, consider all aspects. Also, this a must-know in 2022 so you should not miss it!

Secure your laptop data

Before you give your laptop away pawn shop laptop bidding, make sure to create all the back up of the data that you have in the laptop. Also, get the data in your USB and reset the laptop. This will clear your laptop from all type of data and you are good to go!

What is worth of my laptop at pawn shop after cleaning the laptop

Before going to the shops with your laptop, make sure you clean your system nicely and it gives an aesthetic look. Again, your laptop’s condition adds to the rate of the laptop so you can’t neglect that!


So now you know what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop? By following above points carefully, you can easily bid your laptop at pawn shop or Pawn Guru.


How to check my laptop’s worth?

You can just visit eBay and see what are the prices of the same model as yours. You have to check at which price is the same model and there. And, add a little more or less to the price and there you are!

What percentage does the pawnbroker give?

Whether it’s your jewelry, furniture item, or technical item, the pawnbroker will give you a rerun of 25-60 percent. Also, you can get a loan of an average amount of $75-$100.

Is it worth it to pawn a laptop?

Yes, it is worth it to pawn a laptop. And, it is best to pawn the latest model to know what is worth of my laptop at pawn shop or the model that the shops are still selling under good brands.

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