Where is the insert key on HP laptop? (Solved! 2023)

Some HP laptop models have insert key located near the backspace key. However, some models do not have an insert key at all. Users think where is the insert key on HP laptop?
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 14, 2023
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where is the insert key on hp laptop

Some HP laptop models have insert key located near the backspace key. However, some models do not have an insert key at all. Users think where is the insert key on HP laptop? That’s because the manufacturers keep on changing the style of the keyboard. And, they also want the users to experience different keys in combination to each other. So, the insert key, that is also called the INS key, is a shortcut key.

How to use insert key on your HP laptop?

Now, if your HP laptop model had an insert key, that’s a plus point. You don’t need to struggle to press different keys together for work. And I will later tell you precisely the function of an insert key. And, what you can do if your HP laptop model doesn’t have any insert key.

For now, if you want to edit a text; you will take the cursor and click on the insert key to enter text or changes. And for creating an internal link, you will click the exact word. Then, you will press the insert option and paste the copied link.

Also, if you want to paste a text, you can press Shift and Insert keys together. So, these are the uses of the insert key. Now, I will tell you what to do ifyou have no insert keys on a laptop? But, let me first tell you why there are no insert keys on HP laptops. 

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Why do HP laptops have no insert keys?

Now, I know this has been a question for a long time now. But, if there are no insert keys on the HP laptop keyboards, there are other shortcuts. And the manufacturers of HP laptops have come up with different models and keyboards layouts. This has happened for some of the HP models but not all.

So, people are often astounded and consider it a flaw. However, this is not a flaw but a change. And most of the time, there is 0 key replacing the insert key for specific tasks. So, here are the shortcut keys that you can use instead of the INS key.

Shortcut keys to use instead of Insert key

If your HP laptop has no insert key, you can use the  0 digit key instead. And you will find this key near the bottom of the number pad. However, as all users know, the number keys only function with the number pad on. So, if you want to use the 0 key as an insert key, press the number pad off and click on 0.

You can now insert the links, edit the text, remove the text, etc. Also, if you press the 0 key with the Shift key, you can change the capitalization of the letter. Now, you can use this shortcut key with the caps lock on. Also, you can press the Fn key with the blue text key and do your job. So, these are the shortcuts to use if you don’t have an insert key.

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How to activate the insert key?

Now, the method I’m going to share with you works for all laptops and PC.

Here is how you activate the insert key:

  • Go to the file first of all.
  • Now, reach out to the word options and then the advanced option.
  • Now, check the box that indicates, “use insert key for controlling overtime mode.”

Where the insert key is located on my HP elite book?

Unfortunately, like other HP models, the 2018 model G5 of Elitebook has no insert key. And, instead of that, there are three new keys on that keyboard. However, these keys are not very useful as they turn screen sharing on and off. Even if there are several other techniques of screen sharing and mirroring, but is quite strange that all the three keys are for the same purpose. However, the shortcuts mentioned above will work as insert key.

where is the insert key on hp laptop 2022


Now, you learned where is the insert key on the HP laptop if there is any? And the above-discussed details also made clear what shortcut keys you can use on HP laptops or EliteBook in this case. So, no worries about using the substitutes at all!

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