Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? (And how to fix it?)

Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? Several factors constitute to bad battery life of gaming laptop for example, high refresh rate, graphics card etc. Continue reading the article to learn more about battery life of gamming laptops.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 10, 2023
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Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life

Gaming laptops are more potent than standard laptops, and they stand out for their durability, high-end specs, and primarily thin bodies. But why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? To answer your question effectively, I decided to write on it. Keep reading the article till the end, you will know why their battery drains so fast and how their specs are responsive in this case.

Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life?

Talking about the bad battery life, high-end processors along with graphics cards use ten times more amount of power than the standard laptop components. Also, other features like good audio, display quality, and RGB keyboard take a battery. So, you know why do gaming laptops have bad battery life?

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Gaming laptop average battery life

If you are unaware, business laptops publicize long battery timing for using it as a selling point in the marketing strategy. That’s because they already know their customers are finding good battery life.

However, if you see the gaming laptops’ description, there is almost no discussion about the battery timing if it is terrible. However, some companies do offer quality battery life, and so they mention it as a highlighted point because they know how much it matters. So, this is a marketing technique of gaming laptop manufacturers to keep the terrible battery life hidden.

Also, a sad fact is that standard or office laptops can run up to ten hours efficiently. (This is not an unfortunate fact, of course, but the next one is!) However, gaming laptops hardly manage from 3-4 hours while you are still gaming! How is the bad news now?

Of course, there are reasons for the poor battery life, and I will discuss why do gaming laptops have bad battery life below:

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Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? One of main reasons

Now, you may know that your gaming laptops can’t operate for a long time on their limited battery life alone, so you always need to plug the AC adapter while using your computer no matter where you are!  

There are many questions about leaving your charger plugged in even if your laptop is charged; let me explain. All the recent gaming laptops are designed and modified so that an all-time plugged-in charger doesn’t affect them.

Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life- Main reason

So, it is customary to charge your laptop and keep the charger inserted or plugged in after setting. Also, all new laptops have software that automatically stops charging the computer when it is complete.

Instead of worrying too much about leaving the laptop with the plugged-in charger, you must focus on keeping some of the battery saved so your computer doesn’t die.

This is more dangerous for your laptop battery life than plugging the changer in. Also, always use the correct charger for your gaming laptop battery because using different chargers also destroys your battery life.

What is typical battery life of a laptop? The life of an average laptop battery is almost four years. After that, you will start facing battery issues once you have used the laptop regularly.

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Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? Laptop Battery cycles

Every gaming laptop comes with 500 cycles of charges. So, when these cycles are complex, the laptop battery fails, so you must be careful with those 500 cycles of charging. The best way to avoid that problem is to avoid getting your laptop battery from getting too drained. And so, this keeps your laptop ongoing for the long run.

To do this in a better way, you can avoiding overusing your laptop or avoid opening too many unnecessary apps when they are not in use.

Improve battery life on gaming laptop by keeping the battery in zone

If I talk about the ancient times, people commonly suffered from the battery problem called “battery memory” which used to cause nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries to forget charge capacity and give charging at a lower level every time.  However, this problem is solved now due to the modern lithium-ion batteries.

However, there are more problems now compared to the past about the battery life. Currently, there are many false assumptions, and I will get into that too while discussing why do gaming laptops have bad battery life?

In contrast to some suggestions, you should not regularly discharge your laptop lithium-ion battery  and reboot it or calibrate it; this is the horrible concept that people mostly believe is the most destructive thing for your battery.

However, there Is also a concept of removing a laptop battery once or twice a year. But, there are still confusion about it and I don’t believe that is true. But, overall, there is an agreement to remove the battery or discharge without taking it out entirely and aiming for a 20% charge. And you can later charge it whenever possible.  

One reason why do gaming laptops have bad battery life is that your computer is not placed on actual voting, or you don’t let the computer take them out from the bottom. By putting it on a surface where air does pass out, the system picks the heat fast, and the fans have to run to vent the heat. So, you can see the situation that the fans will take more battery to run as well.

The display quality also matters a lot in the battery life. If you set the graphics settings high from the display settings, the battery will drain faster. And, the audio is equally responsible too.


So, now you know why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? You can take care of the battery and not drain it entirely and take safety measures and not involve yourself in battery life myths.

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Why do gaming laptops battery drain so fast?

Gaming laptops have a high-end graphics card, speedy processors, heavy-duty RAM, and high-end display settings that take too much battery life.

How to save your laptop battery life?

You can save your laptop battery by turning it off or keeping it on hibernate mode when not in use. The extra tabs slow down the performance and drain the battery. Preserving the graphics setting at low will also save the battery. So, does the low brightness do?

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