Why does my laptop die so fast? Here is how to fix it!

Enjoying a game or doing important work, but your laptop battery is already drained? I can understand how it does feel to be hanging on between your task and then charging.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On June 2, 2023
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Why does my laptop die so fast

Enjoying a game or doing important work, but your laptop battery is already drained? I can understand how it does feel to be hanging on between your task and then charging. But, if you notice that your battery is draining faster than usual, there can be different reasons for that.

So, if you think, why does my laptop die so fast? I know some particular reasons, and this article is all about that. And, if you skip this article, you may skip any reasons for your laptop battery health and will keep complaining about the battery drainage. So, keep reading so you can get the answers to this question.

Why does my laptop die so fast?

There can be many reasons for your laptop dying earlier than usual, so you cannot pick one reason. And, talking about the battery drainage, the main reason is an older battery or discharged battery. And, too much charging or overcharging can also cause problems.

Apart from all the reasons, these are the most abrupt reasons for sudden battery drainage. However, we will also get into more details and these are here below:

  1. Too many apps running in the background are also a reason for instant battery drainage.
  2. If you are playing a heavy-duty game, you are more likely to lose battery instantly.
  3. High graphics settings are also one main reason for battery drainage.
  4. Too many network connections or online networks can also drain the battery quickly.
  5. If your installed firmware is corrupted, this may also fail to secure your battery timing, and your battery will drain fastly.
  6. If your system is connected to too many peripheral devices, or if the graphics driver is corrupted, you are more likely to face a battery failure.

These were some reasons for what can cause a laptop battery to die. And, now I will tell you how to fix these issues whether on Windows 10 or any other windows.

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How to fix the laptop battery draining issue?

Before I tell you the fixing methods, please remember that if your laptop battery is old or drained, the only solution is to get it replaced quickly without any further solutions.

Note: These solutions will work wonders for HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and Asus laptops. So, if you have a problem with the laptop battery draining fast in windows 10, these methods will work for you. And these solutions are particularly regarding firmware failure or faulty firmware issues.

Check the display brightness

How to fix the laptop battery draining issue

Checking the display brightness is the foremost thing I will also do because everyone knows that the display affects the battery timing the most. So, go to the settings on your system and go to the system, then brightness and adjust it to the medium or low. This is also safe for your eyes and your battery.

Another way to set brightness is to go from the taskbar of your system and set the brightness. Or, if you are extremely lazy like me, you can set the brightness from the function keys.

As I already told you in another article, you can increase or decrease brightness from the function keys, and there will be a sun icon on them too. So, you can easily find them. On some keyboards, these keys are also on F5 and F6, so you have to find them.

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Backlight keyboards

Now, almost all of us have backlit keyboards in our homes because we all love to type in the dark. Working at night has somehow become a trend now. And for that, we use backlit keyboards that are extremely helpful.

However, even if they are helpful, they also consume a lot of battery. So, if you want to use backlighting and want to save battery, you can set the backlighting brightness to the low.

For setting brightness, you can go to the control center, then go to the mouse, and then keyboard and go to the keyboard backlit and you can set the brightness from there.

Disconnecting all the peripherals

Most of the time, you have connected different peripherals and several devices to your system. Sometimes it is a big screen to mirror the bigger display.

Or, sometimes you want other devices to conduct their USB cables and charge them. So, these devices or connections also result in draining batteries.

what can cause a laptop battery to die

Unnecessary background apps

The battery also drains due to unnecessary background applications that run in the background. So, if you don’t need them, you can close them from the unnecessary settings and then go to the privacy and background. And, you can also turn off the background app settings for good.

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Turn off the unwanted features

Sometimes there are different processes or features that are running in the background and they often cause a problem. So, you can turn off those features and can open the task manager for doing so. And, there you will press Ctrl+Alt+Del+Shft+Esc.

From the task manager, you will be able to cancel the function that you don’t need at the time. Just click on the end task button there and cancel the function for a while.

CD or Disk drive

Sometimes your system battery dies because the CD you inserted in the disk drive is connected. So, you can take it out by pressing the eject button and this will save your battery.


So, now you won’t think why does my laptop die so fast? And you can now avoid such problems by following the steps above and this will help you save your laptop battery more than ever.


Why does my laptop battery charges fast and die fast?

Your laptop battery charges fast and dies fast because your battery is already drained and it needs to be changed.

How to fix a laptop battery that dies fast?

You can close the background apps and set the graphic settings to low it medium if they are high. And, you can also take out your CD from the CD Drive and disable the function settings.

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