Why Does PS4 Turn On By Itself? Here Is How To Fix It

There are many reasons for it including hardware issues, software problems and faulty power connection etc. Below are a few steps that you can take to avoid this problem.
By Laptops Crunch Team | Updated On May 28, 2023
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Why does PS4 turn on by itself

Imagine playing PS4, and you finally shut it down after playing for hours. But what if the PS4 turns on by itself? Because this is what happens with many players. This is not the PS4 ghost haunting your house at all!

Why does PS4 turn on by itself?

PS4 turns on by itself due to numerous reasons:

  • Hardware malfunction problems.
  • System software updates.
  • Faulty power connections.
  • Faulty ports.

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Fixing the power connecting problems on PS4

If it is about the power problem, here is how we will fix it:

  1. First of all, you will turn off the power button and keep pressing it for 7 seconds so that the game will turn off.
  2. You will hear two beeps one after the other before the game shuts off.
  3. Take your power cable out from the port as well.
  4. There can be problems with the ports or power cable cords. So, you can check if there is a problem or not. And, you can change the cord simply if there is any problem with it. Also, you can change the ports if the ports cause any problem.

The ports or cracked cords are also a reason for your PlayStation to turn on or off. You can follow these steps to get rid of this problem if your PlayStation turns-on automatically.

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Turning off the auto-updates of the PlayStation

Sometimes the auto-updates are also responsible for the PlayStation to turn on or off on its own. Now, when the auto-update is on, your game will auto-download all the updates, and this will result in lags or auto turn on or off. So, here is how to deactivate the auto-updates on PlayStation.

  1. Go to the home and select the settings icon.
  2. Select the system by going to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now, select the automated download option.
  4. You will see a system automated update files box. There will be a tick in front of it. Uncheck it, and that will stop the auto-updates in the future.

However, make sure not to cancel the application files update. Because this is what your system will need. And it will update the PS4 operation.

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How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself

Find your Wi-Fi alternative for PlayStation

Another main reason PS4 turns on by itself is the poor internet connection. When your Wi-Fi is unstable, you game will do random stuff by turning automatically on or off. However, mainly it goes off when the internet is poor.

Any disruption or any short circuit can result in a poor internet connection. You can use an ethernet cable in such cases. This might result in a stable internet if the problem was really about the Wi-fi.

However, you can also try connecting your router to the PS4 via a LAN, and this will also be helpful for the Internet. Once this method succeeds, you don’t have to use the Wi-Fi connection entirely. Here is another reason to look for once you are done with the internet issue.

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Check PS4 firmware updates

The firmware updates are also necessary to check if your PS4 randomly turns on. Here is how to check it:

  1. Go to the settings icon on the home screen and select the settings icon.
  2. Press the X button on the remote control and select the system software update option.
  3. Now, you will see the updated information there. And, if the update is already installed, you will see the version of the software, or if the update is not installed yet, you will see the update available there.

So, update your firmware and see if the issue is solved. Otherwise, the problem can be with the hardware. Let’s check about that as well.

ps4 keeps turning on by itself

Check your hardware thoroughly

To check the hardware components, you must first turn off the system. Now, press holding the power button for 7 seconds and the system will give two beeps and then turn off.

  1. Now, remove all the cords connected to the system and make sure no cables are connected to it.
  2. Now, remove the hard drive cover that looks shiny.
  3. So, check of the system hard drive is nicely attached to the system or not? If it doesn’t work good, you have to take it out and replace it with a new one. That’s it!

This will pretty much solve your problems due to which your PS4 keeps turning on by itself. However, if you still got the same issue, you have to recreate your database. Check below for to do it!

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Recreating database

Ps4 database recreation is the base to solve all the minor failures your game has been going through. So, if any of the above given solutions have failed to solve the issue due to which PS4 automatically turns on by itself, this method will definitely solve it.

Now, the best thing is that, it will keep your data saved in the game, and it will just take from minutes to hours for creating the database again. Here is how you can get a new database for PS4.

  1. Turn off your game entirely. You will go to the screen and select the power button from there. You will click it (obviously) and turn off your game.
  2. Now, from the game, you will also turn it off by the power button because it is even safer to turn it off both ways.
  3. Once you hear two beeps, you can connect your USB cord to the PS4 controller.
  4. You will click on the PS4 button on the controller and then select a database rebuilt by clicking the X button.

Once the database is restored, you can turn on your game and play. See if the error is gone now. However, just to aware you, some of your saved games will also be gone after the rebuilt.

So, you can recover them by going to the game settings, then account management, and then license restore button. This will recover all your purchased game. So, no data loss at all!

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In the end I hope you’ve learned why does PS4 turn on by itself and with the techniques mentioned above, you can now solve this irritating problem and play more!


What is the basic reason for PS4 to turn it on by itself?

The most basic reason for PS4 turning on or off is the power supply that may be weak or cracked. So, you have to change or fix it.

Why does the PS4 keeps turning on?

This can be due to the weak power cable, ports, outdated software or several typical reasons like automatic updates.

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